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I did not realize when I began Tom Rob Smith’s The Secret Storm that I was reading in medias res. The Secret Storm begins in Moscow in 1949 as White Priest Lazar, his wife Anisya, and his followers are betrayed from within. The plot and plots within the plot build from a web of secrets, subservience, and massacre. A cautionary warning of cautionary literature: The Secret Speech is not for the squeamish. The Secret Speech (ISBN 978-0-446-40241-5) published b y Grand Central Publishing is available in book stores and online. The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. The product featured in this post was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. In this third book in the series that began with The Indian in the Cupboard, the action picks up where The Return of the Indian left off. Meawhile, back in the Old West (this synopsis sounds more and more like a B-movie) Patrick himself has shrunk down to three inches tall, and with the help of a Texas tart named Ruby Lou he tries to take care of the body Boone left behind when his spirit went to the future. Inevitably, all these risky games with history, and little people, and boys locked in trunks, and magical keys, become too much for Emma and Omri to keep secret. Like the earlier books in this series, The Secret of the Indian is an adventure that combines magic (toys coming to life), science fiction (people traveling in time), and an appealing yet realistic glimpse into the lessons that three children learn, on their way to becoming adults. Lines Of Ink by chemicalflashes [1st-2nd Years] May 14, 2016Dean Thomas is numb with shock.
Here at BookPage we are loving debut romance novelist Nina Rowan and her new book A Study in Seduction. Rowan expertly casts secretive mathematician Lydia Kellaway in the role of the leading lady, who may have met her match in complicated nobleman Alexander Hall.
I’ve always been interested in Russian history, and I knew I wanted this book to be set during the Crimean War because of the story possibilities and the conflict between Great Britain and Russia.
We liked five of the books from our debut novel roundup so much that we got in touch with the authors. These five novels range in time period and setting from 1850 in Egypt to 1943 in Berlin to 2004 in Dallas. For answers to these questions and more, read our interview with Sylvia Day, author of Bared to You—the newest sensation in erotic romance. Bared to You tells the story of Eva, a young woman making her way in New York City, and Gideon, the billionaire entrepreneur who pursues her.
Robert Goolrick, the author of the hugely successful A Reliable Wife, dropped by the BookPage office a couple of months ago to talk about his new novel, Heading Out to Wonderful. The premise of Heading Out to Wonderful is fairly simple: A stranger comes to a small Southern town in 1948 and changes its residents irrevocably.
I think that writers do have an essential truth they’re trying to get across in their work.
I’ve said this before, but to me childhood is the most dangerous place of all and very few people escape unscarred.
One note: Whereas I do think that Heading Out to Wonderful will appeal to fans of A Reliable Wife, I also know that some readers found Goolrick's debut novel to be a bit sensational. We had a special treat at the BookPage office this week: YA authors Jen Calonita (author of Belles), Elizabeth Eulberg (author of Take a Bow) and Jackson Pearce (author of Purity) dropped by to say hello! I chatted with them about the books they were obsessed with as teenagers, embarrassing moments, character BFFs and more. The authors were so much fun to talk to (as you can tell from the video!) and I am excited about reading all three of their novels. Belles is about a teen girl who is forced out of her comfort zone when she moves in with preppy relatives. Just for fun, I'll ask you a few of the questions I asked the authors: What book were you obsessed with when you were a teen? I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Laura Lippman's smart thrillers, so any book that she recommends with a blurb is naturally going to catch my eye.
I stated reading Alison Gaylin's And She Was with high expectations, and I was not disappointed.
Brenna's sister disappeared when she was a child, and that's what triggered the disorder to kick in. Having a pretty good memory myself, my first response was, “That must be awful!” I honestly think that the ability to forget—to let the past fade into soft focus and recede in your mind—is one of the great tools of survival. Our February Mystery of the Month, Defending Jacob by William Landay, taps into a parent's worst nightmare. BookPage chatted with author William Landay about his third novel, the Greatest American Novel & much more in a 7 Questions interview.
He had come for her, Clarinda thought, her treacherous heart leaping with hope as she met Ashton Burke's gaze for the first time in nearly ten years.
In those dark hours after he had first left her behind while he went off to chase his dreams, her spiteful imagination had supplied her with hours of entertainment by conjuring up countless scenarios during which they might once again come face to face. There was the one where she alighted from a gilded carriage drawn by six snowy white horses only to find his wasted figure huddled in the gutter outside her father's Mayfair town house. Those vengeful fantasies had been the product of a young girl's bruised heart, hardly befitting the mature woman Clarinda had become. Which didn't explain the malicious twinge of satisfaction she felt as she came face to face with Ashton Burke while she was cradled in the muscular arms of a devastatingly handsome Moroccan sultan and wearing little more than an enticing collection of veils.

As their gazes locked in the shadows beneath the brim of his hat, Ash's familiar gold-flecked eyes narrowed without betraying so much as a trace of regret or yearning. She had to blink more than once to dispel the image of the beautiful boy she remembered from her youth.
Don't you love when an author's backstory is just as interesting as his or her fantastic new book?
Self-employed spy Munroe has the difficult task of infiltrating a religious cult called "The Chosen" in order to rescue her best friend's kidnapped daughter.
It just so happens that Stevens was born and raised in a very similar cult, the Children of God. So before you check out The Innocent, read what Stevens had to say about the Children of God in our 7 questions interview. The final installment in Tom Rob Smith's Child 44 trilogy comes out this Thursday, January 5!
The first book, Child 44, introduced readers to Leo Demidov, Soviet war hero and rising star within Stalin's State Security force, who must stop a serial killer the State refuses to admit exists. Read all about what to expect in Agent 6, the final installment, in our review and in Tom Rob Smith's Behind the Book. This is an odd, but enjoyable, ?girl power? novel set in a tiny country located in the crease of all the maps. Part of this may be that the chewing gum is exclusively imported by one man, who uses special ingredients and his influence with the government to make sure that only the rich and powerful can afford to chew it. Caught in the middle are a spoiled young princess named Pauline and her nearly-as-young, orphaned lady?s maid, Lucy Wickwright. Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. Patrick and Omri have to explain the aftermath of a burglary they thwarted with the help of the magic key, the cupboard that brings little plastic people to life, and the trunk that sends full-sized people back in time. But they have to make a costly deal with Emma’s nasty twin sister Tamsin, who had better not find out about the little people from the past.
If you are a romance enthusiast with a little bit of closet nerd inside of you, then this novel is the perfect fit for you. One day I was just surfing the internet, looking up information about both 19th century Russia and Victorian women. I especially like to read about their various inspirations (from an over-the-top halftime show at a Dallas Cowboys game to a beloved English teacher). Day (an established romance novelist) self-published her novel in April, but the Penguin Group scooped up the rights soon after.
Though both characters have painful pasts and are wary of starting a new relationship, their magnetic attraction is undeniable—and their love scenes are scorchers. The interview appears in our June issue, and I am so excited that readers can finally get their hands on this book! Since this is a Robert Goolrick novel, though, you know you're in for more than just a simple story.
There is a theme to writers’ works, and I think that you finish a book and you look at it and you think, 'well that’s not quite exactly what I want to say.' So you write another book and you hope that the second book or the third book comes closer to saying what you wanted to say in the first place—which is usually, in most writers' cases, something very simple.
And I think it’s also something about the nature of the innocence of childhood and how easily lost that is. I think that my work has to do with the ramifications of that and the result of a childhood in which innocence was lost too soon. And in A Reliable Wife it’s the story of three people, each of whom was abused as a child in one way or another: physically, emotionally, sexually. Take a Bow takes place at an elite performing arts high school (we interviewed Eulberg about it for Children's Corner!). Even better when that book is delivered to BookPage inside an over-sized milk carton (read this blog post to see what I mean). First of all, the thriller has an interesting hook: Missing persons investigator Brenna Spector has Hyperthymestic Syndrome, a rare, real-life condition that causes a person to have a perfect autobiographical memory.
Do you remember exactly what the receptionist said to you, exactly what the waiting room sounded and smelled like, exactly what you wore? As an adult, she is called to investigate the disappearance of a woman named Carol, and that case is connected with the disappearance of another young girl that happened years before, and to Brenna's past. They sat, thirty-odd men and women who had not been clever enough to find a way out of serving, all crammed into those school chairs with a teardrop-shaped desk for a chair-arm. It heats up the desert with the tale of a notorious adventurer sent to rescue his brother's fiancee—who happens to be his first love from long ago—from a sultan's harem. Favoring him with a pitying smile, she would pluck a farthing from her purse and toss it to him before blithely stepping over his rag-wrapped form and proceeding into the house.
Even her bountiful imagination hadn't been able to whip up such an unlikely—or delicious—scenario.
On the contrary, he looked more inclined to step over her body as she lay gasping her last in some filthy gutter. Take Taylor Stevens, for example, whose second Vanessa Michael Munroe novel, The Innocent, is featured in our January Whodunit column. Smith's debut made the longlist for the Man Booker, and it certainly caught our attention --  read our interview with Smith about Child 44.
Khrushchev has come to power and promises major change in post-Stalin Soviet Russia, and a mass release of prisoners unearths feelings of revenge toward Demidov. It takes place in the present day (or recent past), yet because the Barony of Cant is so isolated and tradition-oriented, the people there have but little experience of things like TV, T-shirts, tennis shoes, and video games.

Serving her spirited mistress is never easy, and the charismatic Arden Gutz makes a tempting offer…but when Lucy senses danger to Pauline, look out! Lucy makes better choices than you would expect, while the people around her behave in an appalling and often absurd manner. Time to check my travel bag–cosmetics, toiletries, meds all there especially my Colgate regiment. And as the friendship develops between Omri and Emma, and as Patrick learns from experience what it’s like to be a pigmy in a land of giants, you will learn to care about them and thrill to the same wonders and terrors.
After an arranged marriage forces her into an impossible situation, Minerva does what she must to survive. Aside from Her Majesty, I found the histories of women writers, poets, travelers, scientists, nurses and artists. Interested in why authors choose to self-publish versus publish with a traditional publisher? The writing is pristine and the descriptions beg to be re-read, read out loud and underlined. It’s a very simple thought that you build these elaborate structures around to try to indicate what you’re trying to say.
And how they try to deal with that as an adult and how they try desperately to get back to the innocence they lost as children.
Well, Brenna can remember details like that from her life, no matter how insignificant, important or tragic. The truth was not going to be found, not with evidence this stale and tainted, not after everything that had happened. The country is going to wrack and ruin, while the noblemen chew, chew, chew, and raise taxes on their citizens to buy more gum.
With steely determination, moving loyalty, and self-sacrifice, Lucy becomes a surprising heroine.
As you navigate through this book, you always feel a bit wrong-footed because you feel like you?re in different centuries from one page to the next.
One of the most interesting things I discovered is how drastically the study of mathematics has changed since the Victorian era. I was fascinated by Sofia Kovalevskaya, a Russian woman who had an early talent for mathematics and eventually sought a university education at a time when many such doors were closed to women. Ever wondered how romance novelists keep the romantic chemistry between their characters interesting?
The story includes love, violence, heartbreak and miracles, and the setting will come alive in your mind.
How can you truly be with the people around you, if your mind is full of everyone who is no longer in your life? Grand juries serve for months, and they figure out pretty quickly what the gig is all about: accuse, point your finger, name the wicked one. It is an investigation and in theory a check on the prosecutor’s power, since the grand jury decides whether the prosecutor has enough evidence to haul a suspect into court for trial.
It had been over a year already — over twelve months since the body of a fourteen-year-old boy was found in the woods with three stab wounds arranged in a line across the chest as if he’d been forked with a trident. Wind, sand, and time had polished away all traces of youth and vulnerability, leaving him lean and hard and infinitely more dangerous than the boy who had walked out of her life all those years ago. Vlad Orloff, the sinister chewing gum magnate, is determined to become the Regent, controlling the Baron?s young heir. But it?s an appropriate feeling, mirroring the confused, unsettled time in the lives of Lucy and Pauline.
And Patrick’s mother is growing frantic about the disappearance of her son, who has gone back to the wild west to visit his cowboy friend, Boone. Sofia persisted and eventually became the first woman in Europe to earn a doctorate summa cum laude and a full university professorship.
Would you really like to have every memory from your life automatically playing on loop in your mind?
If there is enough evidence, the grand jury grants the prosecutor an indictment, his ticket to Superior Court. Flecks of sand clung to his sun-baked skin, catching like powdered gold dust in the rakish hint of beard stubble shadowing his jaw and upper lip. We chatted about hot guys, some of her favorite characters from The Lord of the Rings movies and much more! And a handsome anti-chewing-gum activist named Arden Gutz is prepared to stage a revolution to ensure that his party (not a gum chewer among them) gets control.
Only in a case of magical crossed signals, Boone gets sent back to our time (in miniature form) and gets critically injured along the way.
She unfortunately died at the age of 41 of pneumonia, but her ground-breaking work paved the way for future discoveries in mathematics. As a public school teacher now retired, I have always been and always will be a child advocate. Play the game the same way it’s been played the last 500-odd years, use the same gutter tactic that has always governed cross-examination — lure, trap, f*ck.
My interests in traveling, photography, camping, reading, writing, and doing volunteer work keep me on the go.

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