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In 1970, President Richard Nixon changed the White House Secret Service’s uniforms most dramatically.
What I find most striking is that one of the Secret Service guards, the one closest to the camera, is a dead-ringer for Elvis Presley.  After all, Elvis did make that infamous nearly-unannounced trip to visit Nixon.
With American flags fluttering, the Presidential State Car—since 1983, a Cadillac limousine—is a national icon and an emblem of power.
A report released today raises concerns about inmate cancers and other serious health ailments at a state prison that sits next to a massive Fayette County coal waste dump full of toxic fly ash.
The preliminary report on the ongoing investigation by two human rights organizations into prisoner health at the State Correctional Institution Fayette in LaBelle, found 11 prisoners died from cancer between January 2010 and December 2013, another six have been diagnosed with cancer and eight more have undiagnosed tumors or lumps.
Also, more than 80 percent of 75 prisoners responding to the investigators experienced respiratory problems, 68 percent said they experienced gastrointestinal problems and half have skin rashes, cysts and abscesses.
Dave La Torre, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, also declined to comment on the report but expressed concern for the union’s members.
She said the organization’s volunteer prison visitors have been aware of the inmate health concerns for several years. The 2,000 bed, $125 million maximum security prison where all of the state’s vehicle license plates are made, opened in 2003.

The Canestrale site is not accepting shipments of fly ash at this time, according to John Poister, a state Department of Environmental Protection spokesman.
But FirstEnergy has asked the state for permission to ship 3.5 million tons of coal ash from its Bruce Mansfield plant in Beaver County by barge 90 miles up the Ohio and Monongahela rivers to the Canestrale waste site. The fly ash is a fine particle material with the consistency of talcum power and containing sometimes high levels of carcinogenic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead and mercury.
A 2006 report from the National Academy of Sciences found 24 potentially hazardous metals in coal ash. Unlike reports of health problems at other state prisons, the new report found that most of the symptoms and health problems experienced by prisoners at the Fayette facility emerged after they arrived at the prison. And in the case of President Obama’s edition (every president gets a new ride), the machine is also an absolute beast.
Twelve percent, nine of the 75, reported being diagnosed with a thyroid disorder at the prison or having their existing thyroid problems get worse.
It is based on a year-long review of prison medical and mortality records, interviews with prisoners, former inmates and residents of LaBelle, and correspondence from more than 40 inmates. Those and the other illnesses show a need for a more thorough and systematic study of this situation,” said Bret Grote, legal director for the Abolitionist Law Center and one of the authors of the report.

It was built on part of the old strip mine site that has been used for coal combustion waste disposal for 60 years and has been owned since 1997 by Matt Canestrale Construction Inc. It does have the required state permits that allow it to do so and is in compliance with those permits, he said. Those tiny airborne particles can be breathed deeply into the lungs and be transported in the blood to other organs, and peer-reviewed health studies have linked the fine particles to the four leading causes of death in the U.S. Many of those same toxics also were present in dust samples taken from window sills, garages and an apple tree in the community of LaBelle, Luzerne Township, where between 2000 and 2008 residents died of respiratory diseases and heart disease at rates 20 percent and 25 percent above the national average. The Beast has its own air recirculation system to protect the president in the case of a chemical attack.

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