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And at some time or another all of us are in that space -- we either don't know what we want because we are nursing some hurt or anger or holding on too tightly to the pieces of a broken dream of the past!
1) Start with gratitude -- if you read my book you'll find my GRABS formula which begins with Gratitude and then leads to sharing which starts the cycle of creation over and over. Surprisingly that's one of the mistakes many of my clients who are creating vision boards do -- they feel that the insight-- the guidance will only come once the board is PERFECT, yet many of my clients tell me that just by doing the grateful exercise, they clear out the old and yes, just as in the saying -- one door closes and a window opens -- they find a new outlook that gives them insight into 2009 opportunities. So by being open and sharing my concern I was able to create the financial stability that allowed me to finish my masters degree.
You can latch on to this same kind of creative power IF you are true to yourself and let go of the past. 1)Visioning and Vision Boards use images to activate your brain and encourage positive results! 2) As hinted at earlier, a resolution is prompted by something outside of yourself or your physical self -- not your inner self.
3) We live in a visual world -- as screenagers-- weaned on Sesame Street and raised on MTV we are easily influenced by pictures around us.
Thanks to Senior Life Solutions host Judy Mercer for featuring THE VISION BOARD and Joyce Schwarz on WNDB, Daytona on December 30.
Go ahead start visioning your best year ever today-- make 2009 a year of change and opportunity.
AND HERE ARE THE FREE TIPS that just appeared in my own hometown paper of Cleveland Ohio in THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER!
She accomplishes this by sharing examples of vision boards, multimedia visual renderings of dreams and life goals, from a broad range of people with wide and varied pursuits and intentions for their vision boards. The Vision Board is an interesting and engaging resource for people in search of a way to revitalize their goal setting process. Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life by Harper Collins Publishing will reveal how to change your life in 100 days during an interview with famed radio host Michael Ray Dresser on his acclaimed talk show DRESSER AFTER DARK. The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz, facilitated by Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching.
Hi, look what we found a chance for our readers to enter a contest being organized by one of the contributors to THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz.
In her 208 page, 4-color book Joyce re-introduces the powerful ancient practice of visioning your life and combines that with step-by-step advice and tips on how to create a Vision Board (a visual map for what you want to create and share in your life and relationships).
As a boomer herself, Schwarz can share the value of visioning the second part of your life. Wise people around the world are adopting Joyce's GRABS system (described in THE VISION BOARD) to design extraordinary lives through gratitude, receiving, acknowledgement, belief and sharing. ALWAYS NICE WHEN AN AUTHOR FINDS A POST BY A CONTRIBUTOR TO HER BOOK THAT is appropriate for reposting in the book's blog. The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life made a splash at the 58th Annual State University of New York at Cortland Recreation Conference – workshop participants were excited to buy copies, and to take the vision board concept back to their clients and organizations. More and more celebrities are turning to Vision Boards to attract the best in life and love. See this GOSS story about who is on Ben Barnes Vision Board-- so much fun to see these stories hit the headlines! People from all walks of life are using Vision boards-- here's a story about choreographer Joshua Klipp who has a vision board. Rick Barber, 850 KOA Denver to Interview Joyce Schwarz THE VISION BOARD author on Mon 1 a.m. Rick Barber, talk show host of After Midnight with Rick Barber, 850 KOA Denver, Colorado will do a 1 hour interview with author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD on how you can make 2009 your best year ever! Thanks for your interest, Joyce Schwarz, author, The Vision Board: the secret to an extraordinary life. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
Joyce says, “ As you open this book and begin your journey, the most important advice I can share with you is that your time is now. If that's not reason enough to read the book and learn everything you can about vision boards, definitely pursue it to learn how to use visualization to become a millionaire! OR you can move directly to a Vision Video Board that you can play daily when your Wanna is waining and your Why is fading and the Who of the How either hasn't shown up yet or is hiding in the near future or your past. Special thanks to all of the support and input from THE VISION BOARD BOOTCAMP #2 members and to associate director of the Vision Board Bootcamp, Marian Brown.
It is with great pleasure, that Joyce Schwarz, Founder of THE VISION BOARD Insitute located in Marina Del Rey, California announces the accreditation of new Certified Vision Board Coaches from around the globe.

To date there are more than 65 graduates of the Certified Vision Board Coach program which is known by the designation of CVBC.
She is a Hollywood career strategist and coaches people from all walks of life on how to create their future through visioning their best possible year ever! Once your in the state of gratitude you can begin to RELEASE some of your past expectations and hurts or regrets for 2008 and be ready to RECEIVE immediately! I was acting glum (see you don't even have to act HAPPY) and a pal of mine at the event I was attending asked me what was up and I said well I really need to get a job ASAP.
Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes" Carl Jung reprinted from THE VISION BOARD chapter on Visioning!
However, with vision boards and visioning you are not only writing down what you want to create you are visually picturing the desired outcome. You'll be looking for those pictures that encourage you to your goal realization versus distractions that get you off track from your resolutions. Schwarz's approach to goal setting, life transformation, or the dreaded but familiar resolutions of the New Year, lends itself to adaptation.
Vision Boards have been spotlighted on OPRAH and LARRY KING and The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz is making headlines on FOXBUSINESS NEWS, CHICAGO TRIBUNE. As the founder of The Center for Successful Recareering,in Marina Del Rey, CA, she is an expert in working with VIP's Celebrities, executives, retirees and people from more than 72 professions to guide them in creating multiple income streams. Joyce changed her own life again 18 months ago when after a brief hospital stay for a stress-related illness she decided to devote more time to writing and speaking, came up with the idea for The Vision Board book, got an agent and closed a $100,000 publishing deal all within a few months. Kelly Athena Richards wrote a review this week that I really HAVE to nominate as book review of the day.
The online book preview looks like a big budget movie trailer with dramatic music, flashing images, and key points scrolling over a fast-panning image of the ocean.
Here are just a couple of the stories we caught on Google about celebrities and vision boards. Call in and talk with author The Vision Board Joyce Schwarz on 850 KOA Rick Barber Show on Monday morning 1 a.m.
Along with how to use visualization to manifest goodness in every area of your life, Joyce shares in the book an anecdotal story about actor Jim Carrey who used visualization to amass a fortune in Hollywood.
There is so much in this best-selling book that it is an exemplary work in every way from book design to cover design to writing. The CVBC graduates are located in cities and countries around the world ranging from China to Singapore, to United Kingdom to across Canada and the USA.
He knew my background but instead of commiserating with me when I said that he excused himself-- I assumed to get another drink and maybe get me one and together we could drown my sorrows!
So that means that the image is activating your RAS (recticular activating system) of your brain so that it is instilled in your mind -- much stronger than just a wish or a resolution can ever be. When you are driven by resolutions it's too easy for outside images to distract your resolve. According to the Law of Attraction, each person creates their reality, the positive and the negative elements, via their thoughts and actions. Visioning is based on the GRABS approach to life, Gratitude, Release and Receive, Acknowledge and Ask, Be and Believe, and Share, which is a variation on The Secrets' principles, Ask, Believe, Receive.
If a person needs to add or modify a goal, the addition or subtraction of pictures, power phrases, and words can be made quickly and effectively with more positive results--no discouraging strikethroughs or long revisions to best laid plans.
Mark your calendars for January 21, 2009 -- The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is the featured book at the SF Coaches Book Club at Books Inc.
Schwarz is probably best known as the creator of the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON campaign. Her book features contributions from more than 75 wisdom leaders including 7 of the teachers in the acclaimed movie THE SECRET and artists from 38 cities and 9 countries. I wanted to find the answer for myself!When I received the book, I was immediately impressed by the rich appearance of the hard cover with its royal-looking embellishments matching those of the online book trailer. In 1987, when Jim was a struggling actor, he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars. Joyce has done a phenomenal job creating this book which by the way is published by HarperCollins. She is also a special feature on the DVD of BEYOND THE SECRET movie which also features Bob Proctor and Holli Walker.
Though perfectly true in relative terms, the concept's credibility fades in specific situations. Her holistic and visual approach helps inspire readers, while the tangibility of the end results brings their dreams that much closer to reality.

Throughout the book, there are beautiful images which excite the imagination and lure you into a state of dreaming fantasy. The unique way Joyce intertwines the GRABS into every possible desire from love to having a family to wellness and world peace.
She offers training and coaching on becoming a certified vision board counselor for those who wish to help others learn how to make their dreams come true.
In short, it presumes an understanding of the world and self that not everyone possesses or wields effectively.
Schwarz's adaptation emphasizes her belief that people, who want to change their lives, must appreciate what they have and share what they want with others in order to build their reservoir of supporting resources and community. Schwarz will show you that you can live the life of your dreams even if you were downsized, recently divorced or just haven't reached your true potential yet!
A stunning montage of visionary art is wrapped around the front, spine, and back cover.I felt warmly invited in to a new world as I opened up the book to read it. I was greeted by colorful photographs (I counted 107 photos throughout the book) and clear, how-to language about what to do to create a new vision and vision board of your ideal life.The first chapter was stimulating as it explored the ideas of group and individual visioning, the differences between visualizations and visioning, and clarifying your purpose in life. Although she shares and utilizes some of the exercises and tenants of The Secret, she effectively shows people how to envision, plan and pursue the life they want to live.
As a matter of course, after a career change, the birth of a child, the beginning of a New Year etc., people periodically go through the process of reflection, evaluation and goal setting. It became immediately clear that anyone with a desire to deepen the quality of their life can do so.
Then as I opened it up, I began to read the very first chapter which talks about visioning.
Each concept was infused with enthusiasm and a persuasive, you-can-do-it spirit.The second chapter helps you define the current vision statement of your life. Carrey has long surpassed his vision of $10 million by simply writing himself a check and using visualization exercises as his secret weapon. In each chapter, she also shares real-life stories from everyday people like Linda Boertjens on how to utilize vision boards to bring magic and the ultimate gifts that you've longed for into your reality. Instead of writing the usual list of goals and steps to attain them, The Vision Board helps readers create a life vision.
Well, this was enough to get my creative juices flowing as my own new vision statement appeared clearly in my mind.
They answer reflection questions, write power or guiding phrases and words, draw, paint, cut images, gather photos and paste their visions on posterboard, walls, headboards or other objects.
If you are unfamiliar with visioning and have never taken part in a visioning exercise, this chapter alone is well worth the cost of the book alone. This chapter continued its inspiring tone with how to choose the most powerful images and words and how to make physical, visual, and auditory reminders of them.By this point I was writing fast and furiously in my journal as idea after idea flowed to me.
The answer was YES, this book lived up to its hype!I picked up a pair of scissors and flipped through magazines, cutting out my defining words and images as they lept out at me. The visioning process is used by economic development groups such as VISTA, the United Nations and The World Bank. I grabbed some glue and added the pieces to my vision board, which enlivened and expanded the concepts I already had.So I was just in chapter two and Joyce Schwarz’s book had already sprung something open in my heart and changed my life, as Jack Canfield had predicted it would on the cover!The following chapters presented more key elements about the process of making a vision board. I found the many personal stories of people and their vision boards to be inspiring and motivating. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California who is credited as being the originator of the visioning process. Creating vision boards as a couple, a family, with an organization, or for a special event is covered.
She also shares the stages of visioning, the process, and secrets that she uses to teach thousands of clients around the world. Effective affirmations and Law of Attraction principles are expressed.It is not a simplistic book, as it presents the values of gratefulness and embracing the unknown, ambiguous qualities of the human experience as well as the straightforward decisions you can make to empower your life. Again and again, the book coaxes the reader to define and refine their core values and choose action that would best support those values.The book was so rich and meaty that it took several days for me to digest it.
I plan to head back to it many times in the future for fresh ideas.I found The Vision Board to be a convincingly powerful catalyst to revise and re-vision your evolving life.
More than a nudge, it’s a loving kick-in-the-pants to start directing your own life rather than haphazardly drift along.

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