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My colleague Michelle Goldberg has written about the way mindfulness meditation morphed from a spiritual to a self-help practice, one that businesses use to make workers more productive and boost profits.
Mindfulness is a secularized approach to Buddhist meditation in which practitioners learn to observe their thoughts and feelings and, if things go according to plan, achieve more control over them.
Because there is no single group or institution overseeing mindfulness in education, nobody knows exactly how many teachers have incorporated these techniques into their classrooms or how they’re doing it. Many advocates are concerned that mindfulness can provide cover for disciplining children rather than providing them with relief from stress.
It’s fairly intuitive that a moment of quiet and reflection during the day would provide some benefit to stressed-out children. When I talked to experts, though, I realized that at least some of my skepticism is misplaced. Many advocates share my concern that mindfulness can provide cover for controlling or disciplining children rather than providing them with relief from stress. So if one day my son comes home and tells me about the new mindfulness program at his school, I’ll be fine with it. No matter how my son responds to meditation, I’m going to make sure his day affords him enough free time to figure out whatever it is that will bring him feelings of calm or grace. An informal gathering "Life Coaching" session, of maximum 8 ladies (for now) to discuss the basics of life-coaching how to make the most of your life in Qatar regardless of your profession and any obstacles you may be facing. In a recent Harvard Business Review survey of over 4,000 executives most participants, male and female, agreed they couldn’t compete at a high level if they lived a life with the classic idea of work life balance. I don’t pretend to have the answers, nor do I claim to have achieved total success in this category but I have given it thought, done some research, and attempted to practice some of my findings. For a number of years I have attempted to live what I call a “blended life.” Taking into account the life phase I was in — my career building and wealth accumulation years, vs. The question I always had to ask, “What are the proportions?” If I wasn’t vigilantly mindful of risk, one would always dominate the other and I would feel guilty in both locations.
I prescribe to what the psychoanalyst, DW Winnicott, called the “good enough mother.” The mother who wants the best for her child but admits she is flawed as a parent, makes mistakes, and rather than despair, tries again and again, mostly loving, sometimes hating, the child and herself. Filed Under: Work Life Balance About JaneCranstonJane Cranston is an executive coach, career coach and management consultant based in New York City. Achieving some form of balance in our busy lives and work is a challenge for all, even those of us who talk about it regularly as I do with my coaching clients.
A few of his classmates were acting especially rowdy that day, and their teacher was trying to calm them down before handing them over to their parents. In recent years, schools have increasingly turned to mindfulness as well, in order to improve children’s behavior and ability to pay attention.

In order to teach children mindfulness, teachers will instruct their classroom to spend a short amount of time sitting quietly and observing their breath and the pitter-patter of their minds. Still, I suspected that mindfulness was just a symptom of how we overprogram our kids, not a corrective to it. Although the evidence on mindfulness remains relatively scant, there’s enough of it to suggest that some school-based meditation is far more likely to help my son than hurt him. And as ridiculous as that might sound, we all have had a boss, who if they did not say it, thought it. Rather, they believed focus, on either work or home, at any given time, was more effective. So, as I commute home, I intentionally focus on what I want my mindset and behavior to be when I enter that apartment and I monitor myself so as not to be distracted by the sound of another arriving e-mail (I turn off the alert) and do just the same (alert on) as I travel to the office . Earlier in my career, when I travelled extensively for business, I knew home and I were getting the short end of the stick even though I tried hard to make the most of every off work hour. She shares with success driven executives and professionals, techniques, skills and goal setting strategies that accelerates their career trajectory, increases people management skills, and assists them in career change or job transitions. Considering you multi-faceted work and life and how much you give back it seems to me you have achieved an enviable balance. If you ever feel like sharing your thoughts on this topic or another I always welcome your comments on this blog . We should be subtracting things from our kids’ days before we start adding things in. Zakrewski said that good programs balance the self-control side of mindfulness with its more prosocial aspects. I always remove my work clothes as soon as I get home and I never wear casual clothes to work. My husband and I had dates, I had “no fly” days on my calendar, we even had a television commitment where we’d choose one weekday program per week and enjoyed it together, religiously — even if I was lying in my hotel bed and he was home on our sofa, each of us with a phone to our ear. I decided to be the good enough wife, child, parent, worker, friend, neighbor, executive coach, citizen, and all the other roles I play. Thanks, Jane, for zeroing in with thoughtful ideas as I struggle to not be the Dilbert cartoon! Having managed many, many people in my career I know the workplace that honors its people’s out of work lives get the most from them when they are at work. I decided to look into how exactly schools are using mindfulness and whether I could free myself of the worry that this cult would shape my son into a shiny, corporation-ready humanoid. Also, while some children might eagerly await an opportunity to observe their minds, others are bound to resist it.

Perfect for those who have recently moved to Qatar, as well as oldies who are stuck in a rut and in need for positivity and motivation! No wonder the US ranks 28th out of 36 developed nations in getting these two aspects to balance. I’ve always had a career (more than one actually) and have almost always been in a committed relationship.
It sets a tone — this is where you are and this is what you need to do — limit the conflict. On the other hand is there the possibility that home can be the enhancer of work and the office the enhancer of home?
One of the largest to date looked at the effectiveness of the Mindful Schools program on around 400 low-income, mostly minority elementary-school students. I rarely talk shop outside of the office, yet I am forever curious about the talents and choices of others. The point is I knew this was not the ideal but it was conscious compensation for being apart. I often don’t succeed and generally need to get something from it to make me content and fulfilled. It found that after five weeks of regular mindfulness sessions, teachers reported that students became more focused, participatory, and caring.
I regularly ask, “How does this fit?” into my vision of a well-lived, complete and rewarding life.
Another study from the United Kingdom found improvements in the mental health of students enrolled in a mindfulness program. When I step back, I see both aspects, but where the moment’s focus is would never be in question. It also requires an ability to say “no,” a sense of dedication and wonderment, and a willingness to walk away when the people and things that mean the most to you are threatened. The big winner in all of this is not your company, your family, or your friends — it’s you.

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