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2012 y?l?nda BBC taraf?ndan yay?nlanan bu belgeselde bir hucrenin sakl? dunyas?na ad?m atacaks?n?z.
Professor X died at the hands of a Phoenix-empowered Cyclops at the culmination of Avengers Vs. We know that Scott Lobdell slipped the burning down of the X-Men’s Westchester mansion in Teen Titans #1.
Which, yes does mean, that in order to hide, he’s browned up and is wearing a hastily-drawn on beard and moustache.
DC does a video each Monday that showcases what’s coming up for that week on their TV series.

Game publisher Yalla Games and Na3m have had the title Saudi Girls Revolution in development for a little while now, a Middle East-Meets-Fury Road driving game. Andy Diggle has teamed with Angela Cruickshank and artist Andrea Mutti to create the new six-part miniseries Control for Dynamite Entertainment.
Viruslerin insan vucuduna nas?l girdigini ve milyarlarca y?ll?k evrimleri ile birlikte bir hucreyi nas?l ele gecerdiklerini ogrenebileceksiniz. Since iZombie, Lucifer and Supergirl have already wrapped up, the latest video focuses on the Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. But before that is released, it looks like we may be getting a comic book, as the publisher have just registered the name as a trademark for comics.

And aside from his brain being used by the Red Skull, his ghostly aura used to invert heroes and villains, and his son conjuring up a version of him before retconning himself out of existence, it’s stuck.

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