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After recently helping a friend make a wreath, I noticed something that I think may be a common problem for many people. I have previously posted a wreath-making tutorial, so this tutorial is focusing on one particular step of the process, which I have noticed is often missing from tutorials - my own included. Continue weaving the burlap, twisting the ribbon once on the back each time you pull it through. Today, I'm here to share a trick that just may solve any of your frustrations with this seemingly-simple process!

While I have previously taught third grade and first grade, I currently teach reading skills to students of all ages, kindergarten through fifth grade, who display dyslexic tendencies that may inhibit their reading progress. I love helping others create their own wreaths, and I am so honored that my previous tutorials have been helpful to some of you. After this tutorial, I can sincerely hope that it really will be that simple for everyone to do this! I will use the plain burlap to create the wreath; the chevron ribbon will be used to make a bow embellishment.

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