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The intensity of LSD work is low to moderate, so your pace should feel relatively easy and relaxed when doing these workouts. If you can’t speak, you are working too hard, and if you can speak continually, you are not working hard enough. Continuous High Intensity sessions typically involve moving for 15-20 minutes without stopping at a pace approximately 90-95 percent of the maximal pace you could hold for that duration. Your intensity or pace should be slightly faster than the pace of your most recent 1.5-mile run or 500-yard swim. For swimming, your 100-yard interval pace should initially be 2 seconds fast than your base. If you have a low level of fitness, it may be necessary to begin with 4-5 intervals per session. When you can complete 10 intervals in the prescribed times, work on gradually performing the intervals a little faster each week.

Every 4th or 5th week, it may be beneficial to increase your intensity using shorter, more frequent intervals.
In The News – History Orders Navy SEAL Drama Series ‘Six’ History is making a push in original scripted series with two follow-up series to its breakout Vikings.
If you can, seek advice from an experienced professional at an established running store, or a Sports Medicine professional. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the greatest effort possible, the workout should feel like 8-9. When performing more than one repetition, allow sufficient recovery between repetitions so you can maintain the desired intensity of 90-95 percent of maximal pace. Work on consistency, trying to keep little variation between your fastest and slowest interval and pacing yourself to be fastest at the end of the workout. To increase your running speed and distance, you can do three types of training: long slow distance, continuous high intensity and intervals.

If you are exceptionally fit, you might perform 40-90 minutes of continuous movement in one session.
Allow enough recovery time to maintain the proper work intensity, without taking excessive time or wasting time. You should be able to talk comfortably in short sentences or phrases while training, drawing breath between phrases. During this time, keep moving at a low intensity – slow jog, brisk walk or easy stroke.
To promote faster, more complete recovery, use some active recovery, such as brisk walking, easy stroking or slow jogging for part of the time between intervals.

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