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Maybe you’re working towards some personal goal, like getting in better shape or developing a new habit. Or maybe you’ve got a big project in the works, something that takes a lot of time and dedication to complete.
Or maybe you’re just dealing with daily activities like school and chores and spending time with God. If you can learn to do this your productivity will skyrocket, you will start finishing more of what you start, and you will find new reservoirs of motivation to carry you through hard tasks. With all the adversity, I struggled to find motivation — until I sat down with a sheet paper and wrote out WHY I needed to finish this book. And there were all sorts of really good reasons… Reasons I’d totally lost sight of… Reasons I just didn’t think about on a day-to-day basis. That 20-minute exercise propelled me into three months of extraordinary productivity as a writer — and all because I reconnected with “why” I was writing my book.
You see, when we’re doing hard things, we won’t always feel excited about the hard things themselves. We may not feel like writing, but we can look forward to impacting other people with our words. So the next time you run out-of-steam on a project or goal — sit down and reconnect with what is at stake. Photo courtesy of pangalastic gargleblaster and the heart of gold and Flickr Creative Commons. I read this post while stalling for time, trying to avoid for just a little longer a huge paper that I need to work on, a small debate that I need to study for, Greek lessons that I need to complete, and lots of reading. Yes, I’ve found that actually writing things down is far more effective than just thinking about them. I think sometimes the little things like doing school or cleaning my room can take more motivation than projects. Parents are especially helpful with this because they have the life experience to know what consequences might be waiting for you down the road. My dad always told me that how I kept my room clean as a teenager was the best prediction of how I would keep my dorm room, office, home, etc.

My dad’s perspective helped me see that my relationship with future roommates, employers, and my wife would all be directly affected by how I managed my bedroom as a teenager. No One Is Too Young For Love, Because Love Doesn’t Come From Mind, Which Knows Your Age, But From Your Heart, Which Knows No Age. It is often the difference between obedience and disobedience; between giving up and following through. He is married to his best friend, Ana, who suffers from a severe case of chronic Lyme Disease.
I’ve been struggling to stay motivated in studying-I need to step back and gain some perspective. I hope my comment above didn’t sound like I was totally not encouraged or helped at all. This is one of my biggest issues–I start into a project with a ton of motivation but after a while it dies and I have a really hard time finishing it. Projects can be exiting and I feel like you do look at the end products of those things more. I got the book 5 years ago when I was 15, my youth pastor wanted our youth group to read through it. Get rid of something, commit to something, do something that will force you to get outside your comfort zone and stay there.
A couple awesome classmates have enthusiastically agreed to join me, and right now we’re all excited. I just happen to be in an insanely intense week of school and I had just been trying to ignore all that I have had to do in order to not go insane with stress levels and such (horrible logic there I know). It was practice for how I would manage the space that belongs to me for the rest of my life. I think motivation often not only causes action but also comes as a result of it – and sometimes we need to make the choice to act in the first place. The only thing that really makes me push on is knowing that there is a deadline and that I just have to get it in by that deadline.
I also wrote that comment last night right after getting off work and realizing I needed to do homework next, yet feeling totally unmotivated because I had already had a long day.

My dad was able to tell me this because his poor habits in this area as a young person became a problem early in my parents’ marriage. I have already committed to myself and to God about getting rid of a couple things as well as personal things that i will start such as focusing on my prayer life more than ever. It was neat to come to the Rebelution and see an article on intentionally staying motivated even when initial enthusiasm begins to fail us. With that being said, your post was encouraging, and by God’s grace I was able to find the strength and motivation to pluck away at my paper, which is weighing most heavily on my mind at this time.
And the more I do it, the more I want to do it – and the more I can see the purpose behind what I’m doing. Also since today is Sunday I plan on talking to my pastor and seeing how I can serve the church on my days off (which is Sunday through Tuesday) I’m also going to see if i can start helping in the youth ministry as I also agree with your idea of how this generation can and will change the world! It’s a way of living your life so that even the hard, painful things are viewed in light of the reward, and ultimately in light of eternity. I have also considered starting a Blog for MEN from ages 13 and up about the struggles and the necessity of remaining pure until marriage, even if they haven’t in the past. I know as a man that is my greatest battle in this world now a days and I think that when I was younger I would have done better if I had the support of others to guide me and encourage me to remain pure.
I never took any responsibility as a teen so once I graduated High School I had no clue what to do with my life, I had no goals. It’s high time I got out of my comfort zone and made a difference in my church, community and in the lives of my friends and family. But I will take the challenge of doing things that I’m normally not comfortable with and see where God leads.

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