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For all the technology, conveniences, and advantages we experience in today's world, many of us struggle just to get through each day. Joyce Meyer has been teaching the Word of God since 1976 and in full-time ministry since 1980. After coming through what seemed like a lifetime of abuse, hardship, and oppression, Joyce Meyer has come to live every day in victory and joy. In her new book, she spreads the word that an exciting, enjoyable life is available to everyone!

The breakthrough for Joyce came when she started to look at herself through God's eyes. Joyce's ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE radio and television programs are broadcast around the world, and she travels extensively conducting conferences. There, she not only saw the truth about herself and changes she needed to make, but came to know His unconditional love. Joyce and her husband, Dave, are the parents of four grown children and make their home in St.

Joyce has packed this book with biblical principles and practical application revealing secrets she has discovered for living a full and joyful life.
After reading this informative and entertaining book, you will be ready to ENJOY TODAY and EMBRACE TOMORROW.

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