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The newest Victoria's Secret Very Sexy® For Her 2, $49, is a sexy, floral and fruity scent that embodies an effervescent smooth blend of: green apple, black plum, blackberry, lily of the valley, freesia, pink peony, white patchouli, jasmine and lotus. This daring, and distinctive pink scent is strong - but it's definitely not one of those over the top aromas that will give you a painful and dulling headache. Last night, November 16, 2015, aboard the International Space Station astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted this photo.

In the upper right of the photo you can clearly see a UFO which appears to be very large and constructed. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed!
It has been a VERY long time since i’ve had anything but a solid black or white desktop wallpaper, but tonight the Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding octopus crest is up!

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