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A somewhat different take on this phenomenon of familial non-disclosure can be found in "Un Secret," French filmmaker Claude ("Alias Betty") Miller's elegiac memory film set between WWII and 1985. Our visual perspective is also disrupted by Miller's color scheme — the present (1985) is black-and-white while the past (both the '30s and '40s of the war and the '50s and '60s of the peace) is shown in saturated color flashbacks. Young Valentin Vigourt, who strongly resembles the equally young Lukas Haas of "Witness," is exceptional as the youngest Francois. These two excellent actors are not well known here as yet, but after "Un Secret" they should be. One aspect of that secret deals with Maxime's refusal to identify as a Jew in an anti-semitic country to the point of seeming anti-semitic himself. With all its time and color shifts, the film also plays like a mystery as Francois unravels the secret of his past. Ova socijalno-psiholoska drama izvrsno je reziran film; djelo poznatoga francuskoga redatelja Claudea Millera (najpoznatijega po turobnoj drami La classe de neige).
Du roman au film Le documentariste cambodgien Rithy Panh dirige la comedienne Isabelle Huppert dans une adaptation du roman eponyme de Marguerite Duras.

Yoga Hosers: Johnny Depp et Kevin Smith aux cotes de leurs filles Lily-Rose Depp et Harley Quinn Smith! Top Celebrites : Jules Sitruk, Booder, Francois Damiens, Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikita Lespinasse , Colin Firth, Olivier Marchal, Isabelle Adjani, Josephine Japy, Lorene Scafaria, Andre Dussollier, Naomi Scott. Miller's non-linear film adaptation recounts the first person story of one Francois Grimbert, as his memories fling us back and forth in time.
A sickly, inhibited lonely child with a vivid imagination, he imagines he has a brother and is definitely not the apple of his father's eye.
Cecile De France easily graces her character with a natural cool elegance; little wonder that young Francois romanticizes them and their relationship. The Nazis and the extermination of French Jews are pivotal plot points yet the film is as much a family saga as a holocaust movie.
Rijec je o adaptaciji romana pisca Phillipea Grimberta, koji je u njemu opisao svoja tuzna sjecanja na djetinjstvo pod ozracjem zidovskih problema krajem cetrdesetih i pocetkom pedesetih godina u Francuskoj. Ce roman d'inspiration autobiographique signe par Marguerite Duras en 1950 a ete adapte des 1958 par l'auteur de Jeux interdits et de La bataille du rail, Rene Clement, en un film a gros budget avec Silvana Mangano et Anthony Perkins intitule Barrage contre le Pacifique".

Francois provides a running narrative (the book is all narrative) about his boyhood self at ages 7 during the war and at 14 during peace-time. Rounding out the uniformly excellent cast is Julie Depardieu as Francois' honorary aunt‚ a gay photographer who knows and finally tells him the dark secret that marked his life so deeply. Ludovine Sagnier is also a huge part of that secret which I choose not to divulge in this review. En plus, Monsieur Cousteau etait present en personne pour parler de son film et de son metier!
Je ne suis pas critique de cinema, mais je peux vous dire que c’est absolument un film a voir, et pas juste pour les geeks de plongee. Par exemple, saviez-vous que le plancton est une des sources d’oxygene principales de la planete?

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