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You know, for people that aren’t as obsessively inclined to read all of the comics in the history of ever. So here it is – the fast track guide to the Modern Marvel Universe, giving you all the essential story lines in 25 trade collections.
Since this is the fast track, there are oodles of additional stories and comics that will not be covered here (including Marvel Cosmic!). Nearly everything we know and love about the X-Men today can be traced back to Morrison and Quitely’s excellent New X-Men run. Of course, there’s much more than that, and New X-Men sets the stage for all X-events to come. Despite the pedigree Frank Miller brought to the character, I can understand some skepticism surrounding the man without fear’s impact on the Marvel Universe as a whole. A note here that unlike New X-Men and Fantastic Four, the Daredevil issues in this collection overlap several of the trades and stories to come. Aside from being one of the best comic collections of the decade, featuring stories from Avengers director Joss Whedon, Astonishing X-Men goes a long way to explaining the pre-House of M state of the X-Men. You didn’t really expect that Avengers: Disassembled thing to ruin things forever, did you?
I’m a sucker for alternate universe stories, and House of M is right in my wheelhouse. Civil War is the most popular Marvel event of all time, so it only makes sense to include some preliminary reading to set the stage. Brubaker & Epting are back with more Cap, although the story title here is a clear indication that things might not be going so well for Steve Rogers.
Of all the major stories and creations from Brian Michael Bendis in the 2000’s, the Illuminati might be my favorite.
Although Civil War gets all the accolades for sales, Secret Invasion is actually the climax of the mystery and intrigue set in the pages of New Avengers and the Illuminati.
The aftermath of Secret Invasion leads to Dark Reign, a Universe-wide change in the status quo of the Marvel Universe. Alors que Brian Michael Bendis travaillait sur les series Ultimate (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men) Alias et Dardevil, Marvel lui offre l’opportunite de raconter une mini-serie impliquant les plus grands heros Marvel. Le recit eparpille en flashbacks est ecrit par un Bendis en pleine forme qui arrive a maintenir le suspense tout en developpant une ambiance sombre et mysterieuse.
Il faut dire que la serie a accuse de nombreux retards, ce qui a donc palit a sa notoriete malgre la popularite de ses heros. Vous desirez en savoir plus a propos de MyScreens ou vous souhaitez contacter l'un de ses administrateurs.
Starring Wolverine, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America, Black Widow, Luke Cage and more! Even universe-wide events like House of M are fairly reliant on details on developments from within this series.

For starters, any guide to the Marvel Universe without Marvel’s first family is flat out going to feel incomplete. These are great, thought-provoking superhero stories, and Alex Maleev’s shadowy lens on crime make them some of the most interesting books to look at on this list. It doesn’t take much beyond the story title to make it clear the impact these issues will have on the Marvel Universe as a whole, but the actual story is even more devastating than it sounds. Aside from revitalizing Steve Rogers, this Captain America omnibus also gives us some of the most monumental character deaths, resurrections, and mysteries of the decade.
Admittedly, Astonishing X-Men is more essential in terms of excellence, and less so in terms of story.
New Avengers starts putting the band back together, although in a way Marvel’s never seen before. Quite possibly my favorite Marvel event from the decade, and one frequently referenced throughout the remainder of the decade. The story here has played a pivotal role in all three Iron Man movies, as well as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. The Road to Civil war trade explains Spider-Man’s connection to Tony Stark, and brings back a few old friends in the pages of the Fantastic Four. This is another really fun series with major ramifications on the Marvel Universe as a whole. Iron Man is led to create a new Avengers team, giving us the Mighty Avengers in their first ever adventure. At its weakest point, the Marvel Universe faces a full infiltration from one of its deadliest rivals. Une nuit, certains super-heros sont attaques chez eux par des ennemis qui leur declarent se venger.
Brian Michael Bendis, the most popular and acclaimed writer in comics, reveals the darkest chapter in Marvel Universe history! And aside from best-in-class characterization and plotting, Waid & Wieringo also give us major developments for the Fantastic Four family. For the curious, here’s my detailed guide to tie-ins and issues in Avengers Disassembled. Nonetheless, you won’t regret reading, and in many ways, Astonishing begins laying the groundwork for themes explored later in Avengers vs.
A note that the New Avengers omnibus includes the Avengers Disassembled issues as part of its package. Even cooler, the trade introduces Marvel’s Illuminati, the clandestine meeting of the minds that shapes the Marvel Universe. Of course, things don’t go smoothly, leading to the return of Ultron, and setting the stage for future Ultron related dealings. While you certainly can dive head first into all of Dark Reign, the simpler solution is this variety of issues collected in trade form.

Le scenariste arrive egalement a cerner tout de suite ses personnages et les implique dans cette histoire d’espionnage sans les trahir. When Nick Fury discovers a disturbing connection between many of Marvel's deadliest villains, he assembles a ragtag team of the MU's most misunderstood heroes for a secret mission to do what the U.S. On his back rests billions of tons – enough that even his nearly infinite strength is stretched to its breaking point.
These are the trades most essential to giving you the major plot lines and story threads that drive the Marvel U. Most importantly, a certain Doctor you may know and love becomes entangled in a certain kind of Doom that will come into play in later Marvel events.
Additionally, you will want to start New Avengers #16: The Collective after reading House of M. Stephen Strange, Black Bolt, and Namor, meeting in secret to decide the fate of the universe. Seul Nick Fury a la reponse, car un an auparavant, il a envoye secretement une equipe regroupant Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine et la Veuve Noire accomplir une tache que le gouvernement ne cautionnait pas mais qui etait pourtant la seule solution a un acte terroriste imminent. En nous rappelant que chacun a une dette envers Fury, raison pour laquelle il les recrute, il depasse le cote artificiel de cette equipe regroupant des pointures de l’univers Marvel et rend credible leur mission que tout diplomate aurait refuse. Car la fuite de Fury se ressentira ensuite jusqu’a Secret Invasion en passant par Civil War.
An additional note that issues #23 through #25 and the Winter Soldier one-shot from the omnibus tie into Civil War. Fortunately, it also produces one of the best Incredible Hulk stories in years and sets the stage for the return of a whole new kind of Hulk. It’s the absolute coolest, and of course, it sets the stage for so many major storylines to come. Aujourd’hui, sans le savoir ils en payent le prix et doivent livrer une bataille epique aux abords de New-York qui ne sera pas sans consequence. Si la dynamique des cases n’est pas son fort pour le story-telling, on reste tout de meme bouche-bee devant certaines planches exposant de nombreux heros en pleine bataille. Featuring the American debut of the stunning, fully painted work of Italian artist Gabrielle Dell'otto.pCollects Secret War #1-5 and From the Files of Nick Fury. As the dust of the massive battle settles, however, he discovers a strange, alien machine that appears to generate a new costume, and he rejoins his fellow heroes sporting a wild new look.
Meanwhile, Magneto and the X-Men keep watch over mighty Galactus, alert for any hint that he has begun the deadly process of destroying the very world on which they stand.

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