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Storyline: The secret World War II role that scientists and engineers played on each side in various rivalries of military technical innovations and countermeasures. Po zalozeniu konta otrzymujesz mozliwosc oceniania materialow, uczestnictwa w zyciu forum oraz komentowania artykulow i aktualnosci przy uzyciu indywidualnego identyfikatora.
Rowniez nie lubie kiedy gra zmusza mnie do korzystania z fb, ale co poradzisz, osobiscie udzial wzialem tylko po to by jako iluminata odbic Polske, dobra motywacja jest dobra, czy cos.
IT’S HARD TO IMAGINE TWO FILMS MORE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED THAN RESCUE DAWN AND BOMB HARVEST, BOTH OF WHICH HAD THEIR AUSTRALIAN DEBUT AT THIS YEAR’S SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL. The Australian documentary, Bomb Harvest, starkly depicts the ongoing human and material cost of this protracted campaign, while Rescue Dawn is a Hollywood drama that takes America’s ‘we were the victims in Vietnam’ line to new heights of self-congratulatory delusion and historical whitewashing. Herzog has never been overtly aligned with the left nor concerned with politics in the manner of fellow New German Cinema directors like Fassbinder.
Throughout the film US military personnel appear as simple, straight-talking, likeable men of action who never question what they do. More troubling than the cliched nature of the characters, however, is the fact that Rescue Dawn seems to unambiguously endorse—or even glorify—a political and military culture that saw the US carpet bomb a largely defenceless Third World nation for nearly a decade without the knowledge of Congress, let alone the American public.
The uncritical celebration of one military culture generally requires the denigration of another, and Rescue Dawn serves up stereotypes of the crazed Asian ‘other’ in spades. To understand the degree to which Rescue Dawn provides an American-centric view of the war in Laos, audiences at the Sydney Film Festival needed to look no further than the documentary Bomb Harvest, by Sydney-based filmmaker Kim Mordaunt.
The film follows Laith Stevens as he instructs a group of Laotians in bomb disposal techniques at the country’s National Unexploded Ordnance Training Centre.
In the course of clearing the area, Stevens’ team is forced to evacuate several villages, and the film’s most moving sequence unfolds around one old man’s refusal to leave his house. Bomb Harvest is an emotional look at the horrific aftermath of one of the Vietnam War’s lesser known atrocities, but coming at a time when the US and the West generally are increasingly enthusiastic about military interventions, it also lays bare the hypocrisy of concepts like ‘just war’ and ‘precision bombing.’ The ongoing suffering in places like Laos makes a mockery of our supposed ideals, especially when films like Rescue Dawn continue to focus exclusively on the tribulations of Western servicemen while denigrating the people of Indo-China.
Oscar winner Paul Newman stars as Harry Frigg, an upstart young soldier with all the answers and the know how to turn the war effort on its head and leave it spinning.
Choc do premiery gry pozostalo jeszcze troche czasu, rywalizacja pomiedzy tymi organizacjami moze sie juz rozpoczac. Wraz z postepami w zabawie gracze beda wspinac sie coraz wyzej w hierarchii swojej organizacji, zdobywajac kolejne rangi i odblokowujac nagrody. Rzeczywiscie, arsenal i bestiariusz to najbardziej rozpoznawalne elementy serii, ale jak zmienialy sie przez lata? THEY EACH DEAL WITH THE SECRET BOMBING OF LAOS BY THE UNITED STATES BETWEEN 1964 AND 1973 AS AN ADJUNCT TO THE WAR IN VIETNAM. What’s really surprising is that this politically extremist film was written and directed by Werner Herzog, a filmmaker usually known for his complex, politically ambiguous cinema.
From the beginning of his directorial career, Herzog’s obsessions have revolved around the epic struggle of tortured men (his protagonists are invariably male) to assert themselves in the face of societal structures, the tide of history or the forces of nature. The film dramatises the true story of German-born US navy pilot Dieter Dengler who was shot down while bombing Laos in 1966, a tale Herzog has already explored in his documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997).
The secret nature of the bombing campaign is only referred to fleetingly in the film, and is never interrogated.

With the sole exception of a simpleton dwarf on the prison camp staff, the Laotian characters are primitive, violent and completely alien. This film centres on Laith Stevens, an Australian bomb disposal technician attempting to clean up the mess left by 580,000 US missions over Laos.
Much of the screen time is taken up following the students through the second half of their training, as they deal with live bombs in the province of Ta Oi, where the Ho Chi Minh Trail once crossed into Vietnam. However much we comfort ourselves with self-serving myths about the Vietnam War, the fact is the US and its allies slaughtered untold numbers of civilians in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, while their grandchildren continue to be maimed, deformed and killed by the legacy we left behind. A public relations nightmare presents itself when five allied generals are captured in Italy during WWII and held in a castle. Przy okazji sprawia tez, ze siejacy postrach Olgierd von Everec z Serc z Kamienia wydaje sie malym, niegroznym poroncem.
NINE YEARS OF AERIAL BOMBARDMENT SAW THE US DUMP MORE BOMBS ON THE COUNTRY THAN WERE DROPPED BY ALL THE ALLIES IN THE ENTIRE COURSE OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR. From his 1967 debut feature, Signs of Life, to classic dramas of the 1970s such as Aguirre, the Wrath of God, to recent documentaries like Grizzly Man, Herzog’s thematics have remained remarkably consistent.
Dengler endured harsh conditions in a primitive prisoner of war camp before escaping into the jungle and suffering even greater depravations as a fugitive. Dengler’s fellow prisoners, for example, are introverted, emaciated types hoping that peace talks in Paris will bring about their release. If anything it only adds to the ‘boy’s own adventure’ feeling of the opening scenes in which the pilots are briefed for their mission.
The guards in the camp are shown to be inexplicably cruel and irrational for abusing the prisoners every time US jets scream overhead.
It is estimated that as many as 30 per cent of the US bombs failed to explode, leaving an appalling legacy across the country. The area was subject to some of the most intense bombardments of the war as the Americans tried to sever North Vietnamese supply lines. Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!" With those words began an era of change rarely rivaled before or since as an awesome entity set heroes and villains against each other, only to learn that the difference between the two was not so clear-cut as it seemed! On his back rests billions of tons – enough that even his nearly infinite strength is stretched to its breaking point.
Refusing to take orders from each other, their haphazard escape attempts have been foiled by a lack of cooperation and incompetence. Mam na mysli "nazwijmy to gra i nie ludzie spamuja nasze materialy promocyjne na fejsbuku!". He managed to evade capture, survive disease and fend off starvation to be eventually plucked from the jungle by a passing US helicopter.
After Dengler is finally rescued from the jungle, he is whisked into hiding by shady CIA operatives who are portrayed as dubious, secretive characters, partly because of their unmanly appearance (well-tailored suits, ties and spectacles as opposed to fatigues and army boots), and partly because of their propensity for talk and analysis. No connection is ever made between the guards’ attitude and the murderous payloads being dumped on their country, or the fact that the prisoners were dropping these when they were shot down. When Stevens and his team arrive in their base village, they are greeted by a line of amputees—peasant victims of unexploded ordnance.

Loyalties, loves, and line-ups change in the mini-series where one world's battles shook a universe! Widzialem pare gier przegladarkowych, wiekszosc jest badziewna ale to co zrobil funcom nawet sie nie kwalifikuje jako gra. Rescue Dawn contains all the elements of a classic Herzog narrative: a crazed individual pursuing an impossible dream, an unwilling group press-ganged into following him, and the overcoming of enormous physical hardship.
Military action is exciting work, while CIA intelligence is the realm of feminised intellectuals.
When Dengler’s limbs are placed in stocks upon his arrival at the camp, he protests “What is this, the middle ages?” Primitive cruelties, it seems, offend American sensibilities—modern weapons of indiscriminate destruction, like napalm and cluster bombs, are the civilised West’s preferred means of inflicting pain.
And with the weight of an entire mountain range above them, how do they go about their desperate fight for survival? Enter Harry Frigg, a restless private who has escaped the military stockade over a dozen times and is looking for a way to redeem himself, before the war ends. But the director’s great features of the 1970s and 80s depict man’s often selfish and destructive attempts to assert himself in the face of overwhelming odds with detachment, humour and a sense of tragedy. In one of the film’s more stomach-churning moments, we see a photograph graphically illustrating what these tiny ‘bombies’ can do—the head and upper torso of a young boy lie virtually untouched, while his arms and lower half have been shredded into a bloodied pulp. The sequence is illustrative of the way Bomb Harvest skilfully weaves together the drama of the team’s work, stunning archival footage and the locals’ experiences to explore how the trauma of the bombing lives on 35 years later. All the answers can be found in the book that takes you deeper into the classic events of the Secret Wars, and pulls the lid off stories that were left untold!
As the dust of the massive battle settles, however, he discovers a strange, alien machine that appears to generate a new costume, and he rejoins his fellow heroes sporting a wild new look. Promoted to Major General he is ordered to be captured by the enemy, infiltrate the castle and exert his influence to get the generals out of their embarrassing predicament once and for all.
In contrast, Rescue Dawn unequivocally celebrates Dengler’s heroic posturing as the epitome of US military culture and white American manhood. Around 12,000 Laotians have been killed by unexploded weapons since the bombing ceased in 1973. Meanwhile, Magneto and the X-Men keep watch over mighty Galactus, alert for any hint that he has begun the deadly process of destroying the very world on which they stand. From the director of Harper and Midway, The Secret War of Harry Frigg is a comic treat that fires off the laughter in regular bursts, always one step ahead of the enemy. The stridently masculine histrionics climax in the final, horrendously cliched scene in which Dengler is welcomed back to his ship with a chest-beating all-male group hug from the entire crew.

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