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With the movie Star Trek: Beyond hitting theaters in July and the new Star Trek TV series coming to CBS in 2017, these are exciting times for Star Trek fans.
In this episode: how I use SnapChat, video editing, new TV projects, flowers for pope Francis, my social media policy, Facebook blocking and irresistible Star Wars plush dolls.
In this episode: Saint Francis of Assisi, review of the movie Escape Plan, how to not be always busy anymore, what you need to know about Holy Week. This podcast was recorded using bossjock studio (iOS) and a Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB microphone. In this episode of The Walk I share with you my newest plans and projects and how I can realize them thanks to a newfound efficiency in dealing with email and with requests. Darth Vader in chocolate, climbing the tower of Our Lady of Amersfoort, the Academy Awards, Gremlins on Blu-ray review; Lent and detachment: how to let go of objects to which you feel emotionally attached? Let’s Talk is based on your contributions and feedback, so join the conversation today.

Extra: download this PDF by Annie Powell comparing our podcast predictions to the final movie. What makes Star Trek what it is today, and where will the movies and the television show take it next? Our experts have some tips for you. Our host Domenico Bettinelli talks with Zina Gomez-Liss, Michael Spellacy and Kathleen Kelly about the gifts and challenges of kids with special needs.
Also, Star Wars: The Force Awakens versus Star Wars Rebels, Amoris Laetitia and the F8 conference!
I share with you the fruits of my new-found assertiveness and my perspective on planning, working with joy and on taking quick decisions. Roderick analyze Star Wars: The Force Awakens and look for symbolism, archetypes, narrative structures and mythological themes in the first act of the movie. In this first episode of our new show, experienced writers and published authors share with you their tips and secrets!

In this first episode of our new show, experienced writers and published authors share with you their tips and secrets!
Jeff Nielsen discusses airline travel tips with seasoned travelers Lisa Hendey, Steve Nelson and Sarah Vabulas.
Robert Ballecer and Angela Sealana about the future benefits and potential pitfalls of wearable tech.

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