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For years the secrecy surrounding the Rhydymwyn Valley Works Site, near Mold, served only to fuel rumour about what, if anything, could still be hidden in underground tunnels that once housed thousands of mustard gas shells during the height of production in the war years. And speculation has been rife for the last few decades since it was revealed that the works played a role in the research into the first atomic bomb. Production rooms were constructed to make mustard gas but, said the experts, this didn't happen.
Today, the site is considered historically important and in summer 2008 some of the uninspiring brick buildings were given protected status by Welsh heritage society, CADW. Rosina Parry, 90, is the last known person alive who worked at Valley Works as one of 50 on-site weapons inspectors.
Instead, mustard gas shells were made on-site with all the components brought together to make the shells and bombs. There my father never went out except to work, I can only remember him staying at home in Mold, playing chess with me and learning some Russian.
Many of the scientists who worked on Operation Tube Alloys worked on the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bomb.] But specialists from Birmingham University, who surveyed the site, released their findings in May 2006 - saying there were no more secrets lying hidden in the underground tunnels as they were empty. More than 60 species of bird have been identified, including kingfishers, 150 species of flowers, including the bee orchid, and signs of an otter on-site led to an articifical holt being created. His only social activity I remember was evenings at a house called Maes Alyn where I once went and met some foreign people with strange names.

What the experts did uncover, however, were some interesting archaeological finds after being commissioned by site owners - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) - to help provide a greater understanding of the site's history and how it came to be used during World War II. Well, apparently, leading experts were sent to the site by Churchill to follow up on a scientific research paper that showed how, in theory, a massive explosion - a chain reaction of explosions fractions of a second apart - could be triggered by splitting and using components of a certain chemical. The academics found that the site had been used from the mid 1700s for a range of industries which left behind remains of foundries, waterwheels as well as mine workings.
Those same experts went on to play key roles in the US in the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bomb. We learned about his work at 1pm on the day the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima was announced, when my father although a very un-dramatic man, told us that that was what he had been doing - he had been working on the atomic bomb development at Rhydymwyn. In turn, this led to the building of a main road and a railway in the 1800s which made it a prime site by the time war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill called on chemicals manufacturer ICI to find a secret location to begin production of chemical weapons. What he and others did there precisely was never clear to me though there is a paper in the Kew Archives which he wrote at the time on molecular weights and gas density - something to do with gaseous diffusion of uranium probably - what we call enrichment today.
We returned to the north east when the work was transferred to the USA with the results we know. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
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I remember the main entrance to the works being a few yards from the train station before they moved it to its present position and diverting the river. He had many stories about that time, but being young and not very attentive I have forgotten most. He also told stories of tunnels with dividing lines down the middle, personnel in grey overalls walked down one side because they worked with toxic chemicals and other personnel kept to the other side. He told of very harsh working conditions such as operating arc welding equipment whilst up to his knees in water down long dark tunnels that had enormous steel doors.
When I was a kid living in the Antelope Hotel, we used to get several men staying who worked there.
However, they were not your average run of the mill workers, these men were from London and were obviously from the Ministry. They used to wear the traditional long black overcoats and trilbies, and would come home from work, have their evening meal, have a few pints in the bar and then to bed.

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