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Apasionado de todo tipo de cacharro, amante del deporte en general y de la ensenanza bilingue en particular.
With World of Warcraft noticeably losing the interest of its players, dozens of MMOs have come out trying to dethrone the mammoth.
There were other players I encountered that helped me out with quests and obtaining certain items that I wanted. The Secret World is different in many ways but the major factor is the fact that this game is set in modern day where every myth and legend has come true. While I’m talking about the missions, it must be said  that the missions are very unique and very tough. There is still experience points for taking out enemies and completing quests but instead of a number increases, you just get ability points to level up and unlock new abilities and skill points to upgrade your core skills. Combat works well with animation being serviceable but everything feels a bit floaty and the impact of the weapons are lacking. The Secret World is a breath of fresh air in a genre that may feel like it’s going through a transitional period with games not knowing what to do to become the new king of MMOs. Honestly there is just so much to talk about in each one, and there’ll always be one aspect that players care about.
I was surprised that they didn’t want anything in return, they honestly just wanted to help out.

So tough in fact that the game has a built in , but modified web browser that allows you to search Google to figure out some of the missions. It’s a deep and customisable system that allows freedom on a scale never really seen in an MMO to date. The Secret World features easily the nicest and most helpful community I have ever encountered.
It’s a great change of pace to other MMOs that I’ve played where even though I was playing alone, I truly felt alone in this social world. A lot of the missions will give you clues to figure either the next destination or to overcome whatever is in front of you.
Players choose the weapon they want to use whether it be guns, swords, and others and can have seven active abilities and seven passive abilities equipped at any one time. The feeling of having a silly number beside your character is still sadly missed as it has just been embedded into our heads from years of RPGs and MMOs. It’s different, filled with pop culture references and a game that truly feels connected to life today, utilising things like Google into the core experience as well as a modern day world to explore. Filled with mystery, conspiracy, and dark atmosphere, is The Secret World the change the genre needs, or does it just not make an impact?
You may see dozens of players running through the world but the music especially, along with the visuals make you feel uneasy and at times quite anxious.  The little chimes in the music is powerful, and when exploring a new area or mission may make you second guess just how ready you are for it.

You can choose back and forth between two weapons when you want allowing more choice as you go along. I spent two hours playing with a random player because we both established that we were new to the game. They are so unique in this genre and who doesn’t love a bit of adventure in your online adventure.
If there are any powerful or important loot, an indication will pop up asking if anybody really wants said item.
If one person really wants it then they can have it, instead of it being a manic race to the item. It’s something I appreciated as other MMOs I’ve played have been filled with selfish players.

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