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Being a World Class Networker who understand the law of attraction means we focus on our accomplishments and not on our "negative" thoughts and self-doubts.
Before attending any mixer, think about what it is you want to leave with: 20 business cards or 1 or 2 people you actually connect with.
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How do you become a World Class Networker using certain basic principles of "The Secret" and "Law of Attraction?
What separates regular networkers from World Class Networkers is that World Class Networkers act on the positive thoughts and attitudes they have about themselves and others.
World Class Networkers know that no matter how many clouds there are, the sun is ALWAYS shining!Networking is more than just "showing up." The three most important attributes of a successful networker are: Attitude!

As a Law of Attraction and Life Coach she has assisting thousands of people become financially successful, find fulfilling relationships and live their dreams. Attitude!Attitude about yourself: Entrepreneurs are innovators with courage, vision, perseverance and passion.
You're not the only one.Remember as a World Class Networker you have huge potential for growth, both professionally and personally.
Exude the confidence it took to get you where you are today and the confidence you will go even further tomorrow. Everyone remembers someone who really listens to them and is interested in what they have to say and who they are. Whatever it is you have to offer, it is vital to other people and important that the community knows about it.
This will attract what you are seeking as a business professional and in your personal life.

There's something special about everyone.Before attending a social or business networking event, or seminar, be sure you have a short, interesting "presentation" of your business. You only get one chance to make a first impression and the first few seconds of meeting someone can make or break an interaction. It's the positive attitude that attracts the right relationships in business and all areas of life.

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