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It had the same ocean(not tessellated ofc),i think someone posted a screenshot from the crysis in that old thread. Tessellation is used to create new geometry on the gpu to produce realistic looking objects.
To wait 'till both architectures are even -- ideal playing field -- if one can't handle the fidelity setting - then it's not worth doing -- how the hell does one move forward with that idealistic view? All gamers have to enjoy it and if the other architecture or software isn't up to speed -- none at all. The most prime example of a game which uses a ton of compute shaders, is Battlefield 3, where Kepler still manages to crush their GCN counterparts. My point to your thinking is on target: If it doesn't enhance for all then it's not really worth doing. Publikovani ci dalsi sireni obsahu techto webovych stranek bez pisemneho souhlasu vedeni internetove redakce serveru je zakazano.
Considering it wasn't tessellated then it probably didn't incur too much of a performance hit.

But some while ago it seems that they decided that screwing over people using products from their competitors is much cheaper and works to the same effect. I said I was keeping it simple for the purpose of easy explanation with the rectangle reference. How about adding tessellation because they were paid too and the person paying the bill didn't care where it was added?
If something is a simple rectangle (just drawing a simple mental image) then you only have 12 edges to define as fixed (weighted 100%).
Do the tessellated barriers and concrete walls look that much better to warrant the horrid performance penalty? Do the lightning effects in Showdown are that much better than what you see in other games? Kepler just don't like complex codes, on the other hand GCN is designed for these situations.
Then you can tessellate the 12 polygons (2x 3 sided polygons per side) to your hearts content.

I'm all for graphically demanding games even though I currently run on pretty poor hardware, if that means substantially better visuals. It won't make bugger all difference in the look of the model, but it'll jack the poly count, if that's all you are trying to accomplish. Instead, we're getting barely noticeable effects that cut your framerate in half to sell you videocards.
The best places to apply tessellation are on curved surfaces to smooth the outline of the model and remove the faceted look that models made up of straight edge polygons. You then adjust the level of tessellation on the model depending on distance from the camera.

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