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And Don’t Forget to check out CPB ~ A FREE Crochet Pattern Directory With Over 5,000 Crochet Patterns & Tutorials! It is also to Garth Ennis’ credit that he chose lung cancer as Constantine’s downfall over a more supernatural curse as it both humanises and undermines his place in the world. Ennis also allows Constantine to show off his expertise as a con-artist, as the final stages of the story arc culminate in potentially one of the most badass displays of arrogance ever witnessed in comic form. As mentioned, Dangerous Habits marks Garth Ennis’ entrance into the series and it is heralded by a bang, as he systematically sets up the title character to die, exploring Constantine’s own demons, while allowing him to battle some monsters as well. With the forthcoming release of Street Fighter IV: Wages of Sin in Hardcover, all of UDON’s Street Fighter comics will be in print in a beautiful oversized format!
And finally, as a reminder, all of UDON’s in-print Street Fighter comics are available digitally through ComiXology! Get UDON’s Art of Capcom 2 in Hardcover PLUS 3 Capcom Summer Special Exclusives for just $39.99! It’s the pulse-pounding series that put UDON on the map as one of North America’s most original comic book publishers!
In stores now is Street Fighter IV Vol.1, collecting the 4-issue Street Fighter IV mini-series by Ken Sui-Chong and Joe Ng! In the conclusion to Chun-lia€™s prequel miniseries, the strongest woman in the world comes face to face with the king of Muay Thai! The World Warriors battle across Hong Kong, Japan, and America to secure their spots in the ultimate competition a€“ the Street Fighter Tournament! Keep reading to discover our favorite games of the week: Angry Birds Action, Spectrum, Zer0, Zombie Frontier 3, Versus Run. It deals with all elements of his flawed character: his hard alcohol and cigarette abuse, his exploitative use of friends, and his con-man status to the many ethereal beings of our universe, from both heaven and hell. Known for his drinking and smoking habits, as well as his dry wit, he has been a mainstay of Vertigo Comics for well over twenty years. Constantine’s quest for redemption with what little friends he has left sees him backed into a corner as he fights for what little time he and his dying allies have. Here is a man who deals with some of the most powerful beings in the universe, only to be taken under by one of the most basic of diseases. He manages to pull off the most impressive cons I have seen in potentially any medium, and it leaves the series in an interesting place by the arc’s end. On one hand, William Simpson’s drawings can be equally weird and fitting, as Constantine’s world is one part disgusting to two parts dark. While Simpson’s art may not be up to par with the writing; the Dangerous Habits storyline manages to create not only a powerful part of John Constantine’s own story, but a classic in comic books overall.
Featuring story by Ken Siu-Chong and the artwork of Joe Vriens, Eric Vedder, Alvin Lee, Mark Brooks, LeSean Thomas, Skottie Young and Joe Ng.
And to check out the stellar Omar Dogan artwork for Street Fighter Legends: Chun-li, just scroll down! In addition, short stories appeared in various one-shots, special issues, and magazines, and they have been shuffled into the final order presented in Street Fighter Classic Volumes 1-3.
This is the perfect chance to spoil those UDON fans on your holiday list – including yourself! Sales starts at midnight Friday, some offers have limited quantity available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Get UDON’s amazing art tutorial collection VENT in hardcover PLUS 10 assorted UDON comics for just $39.99!
Based on the video game that birthed the fighting game genre, Street Fighter features timeless characters, gripping stories, and the dynamic artwork that UDON is famous for.
New challengers like mixed martial artist Abel, Mexican wrestler El Fuerte, sexy spygal Crimson Viper, and chunky Kung Fu fighter Rufus cross paths with Street Fighter mainstays like Sakura, Dan, Charlie, and Akuma!
Also included in the book are the 4 SFIV backup stories featured in SF II Turbo #2-5, as well as a 12 page bonus story, originally only available by buying the Street Fighter IV game at target! Ryu, Chun-li, Guile, Ken, and the rest of the worlda€™s greatest fighters arrive on Shadalooa€™s secret island as the Street Fighter Tournament begins!

Fan favorites Ryu, Chun-li, Guile, Sakura, Cammy, and dozens more compete in what might be their final fight!
Collecting all the hard to find backup stories from the monthly Street figher and Street Fighter II comic series, this long-awaited TPB contains full-color tales from Joe Madureira, Hyung-Tae Kim, Salvador Larocca, Kaare Andrews, and over a dozen more of comics’ biggest names.
If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. Once again, we've complied a run down of the biggest and best stories from the tech, mobile, and app world.
There has been a huge overhaul of how it looks on the inside as well, with a simpler, more minimalist design that puts more focus on your photos and videos. It also shows the progression of the often morally grey anti-hero, as he deals with coming to terms with his eventual death at the hand of one of his many vices: his much loved pack of silk cut cigarettes. Dangerous Habits marks the entry of Garth Ennis to the series in 1991, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest Hellblazer storylines since the series’ inception.
From the liver cancer-stricken Matt, to his old friend Brendan Finn, each allow Ennis to delve into the tortured mind of our anti-hero as he comes to terms with his mistakes, and all the friends whose deaths he blames himself for.
It allows Constantine to reflect on one of the of the most interesting issues faced in life:  this is not how, and when, I planned to go. On the other hand, certain panels that focus solely on characters look plain bad – their distorted faces resemble closely those of demonic caricatures, as odd angles and stretched faces lead the reader to often be looking up the nostrils of Constantine. Don’t miss this chance to check off your UDON wish list – the deals only last until Sunday, November 25th!! In Volume 1, Chun-li and Guile team-up to bring down Bison and the terrorist Shadaloo organization, while shotokan fighters Ryu and Ken seek out their master’s murderer – the deadly Akuma.
Expect plenty of knock-down, drag-out action as the newest generation of world warriors proves they’ve got the skills to fight with the best!
Expect plenty of knock-down, drag-out action as the newest generation of world warriors proves they’ve got the skills to fight with the best! Contains Street Fighter II Turbo #1-6, plus the 6-page Turbo story from Street Fighter Remix #0. This collection also features a special foil-enhanced cover, in honor of the property’sA upcoming 20th anniversary in 2008. Duel Monsters is the world's most popular collectible card game-but to Yugi Mutou, whose body contains the spirit of the world's greatest gamer, it may be the most dangerous game he's ever played! On the island called Duelist Kingdom, a battle royale is taking place to determine the greatest "Duel Monsters" player in the world! The diabolical Player Killer, a collectible-card-gaming assassin, challenges Yugi to a duel!
Can Yugi and Jonouchi escape the subterranean maze of the Meikyu Brothers, or will they be buried with their cards? There's a new game shop in town, peddling a hot new game, and things look bad for Grandpa Mutou's family business!
Trapped inside the Black Crown Game Store by his family's sworn enemy, Yugi must win a game of 'Dungeon Dice Monsters' or lose the Millennium Puzzle forever!
Yugi fights Pandora, a duelist who uses one of Yugi's own favorite cards, the Dark Magician! Duels rage around Battle City as fish monsters, sea serpents, and dark beasts of the underworld are unleashed from their decks! On an airship flying high above Japan, Yugi fights for his life against Bakura's fiendish occult deck! The quarterfinals are over, but not without casualties: Mai and Rishid lie in the infirmary, and if Marik isn't defeated in 24 hours, Mai will never wake up! It deals with Constantine’s newfound knowledge of his terminal lung cancer, and as he says goodbye to the ones he loves, he formulates a plan that will at the very least, see him die swinging. John Constantine is a person hiding behind the con-man persona – too afraid to get close to anyone he cares about for fear of their safety. 1, Chun-li and Guile team-up to bring down Bison and the terrorist Shadaloo organization, while Shotokan fighters Ryu and Ken seek out their mastera€™s murderer a€“ the deadly Akuma.

A mysterious videotape sends Yugi and his friends to Duelist Kingdom, the island home of super-rich American game designer Maximillion Pegasus. Yugi's friend Jonouchi has finally learned some strategy, but will it be enough to beat sexy Mai Kujaku and mean "Dinosaur" Ryuzaki? In the shadow of the "Castle of Dark Illusions" card, an army of lurking monsters hungers to steal Yugi's life points and, if he loses, his actual life!
Bandit Keith, the cutthroat American gamer, drags Jonouchi into the corpse-filled catacombs for a match with "Ghost" Kozuka, master of the undead. Maybe they'd be safer underground because Kaiba, the world's former greatest gamer, is back!
In the final battle of the tournament, Yugi faces ultra-rich game designer Maximillion Pegasus with the soul of his grandfather at stake!
Using one of his brainwashed pawns to fight for him, the mysterious Marik traps Yugi in a deadly cage match against one of the most powerful cards in the world - Slifer the Sky Dragon!
Locked in combat with the Egyptian duelist Rishid, Jonouchi watches in shock as his opponent summons the terrifying Sun Dragon Ra! As the airship speeds toward its mysterious destination, Bakura and Marik end their sinister alliance and fight a vicious duel over the Millennium Rod.
On the Tower of Alcatraz, Jonouchi faces Marik, the evil Egyptian duelist whose grudge has smoldered for three thousand years. This story breaks down Constantine to his bare minimum: a man who despite his sins, wants to leave with having done more good in the world than wrong.
There, Yugi must compete with the world's greatest Duel Monsters players for the honor of fighting the man who made the game! A fight with fisherman Ryota Kajiki is just a warm up for Yugi, the only person who's beaten former world champion Kaiba. Trapped in the tunnels beneath Duelist Kingdom, Yugi and Jonouchi must conquer the maze of the Labyrinth Brothers in a two-on-two duel. On the towers of Pegasus Castle, Yugi and Kaiba fight their third Duel Monsters battle, with everything at stake. As cards fly, Yugi and Pegasus turn to the darker side of their decks, unleashing sinister monsters of the netherworld. Then Marik's henchmen, the Rare Hunters, force Kaiba and Yugi into a tag-team duel on top of a skyscraper! As the tournament narrows down to eight finalists, the stage moves to the sky, to Kaiba's private airship. Even though Kaiba has an Egyptian God Card, Ishizu has the Millennium Tauk, which gives her the power to see the future! Meanwhile, the four semifinalists get ready for what could be the last duels of their lives.
Can Jared, the Shadow Mage, and his allies stop the evil which threatens to engulf the world of Magic: The Gathering?! But this time, Kaiba is fighting for more than his own pride; he's fighting to save his brother.
Kaiba's only hope for victory may lie in the sands of time, in the secrets kept for centuries by the mysterious Egyptian Tomb Guardians. Jared the Shadow Mage, orphaned as an infant and haunted by his past, discovers a secret that may threaten all life on Dominaria. Back to reclaim his fortune, back to get revenge on Pegasus, and back to make sure that this time when he fights Yugi, he wins! Bandit Keith, the unscrupulous American card shark, prowls the dark castle with his own evil plans.

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