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Madrid-based author and investigative journalist Daniel Estulin is a longtime watcher of the secret group. The Eye of Providence can be seen on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, seen here on the US $1 bill.
Former US President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as they pose for photographers on the patio outside the Oval Office, Washington, DC.
The Secret Government - The Constitution in Crisis Bill Moyers, 1987126 minutes After over 40 years in broadcast journalism, Emmy winning PBS host, author and political commentator Bill Moyers retired at the end of April 2010. While most researchers do not take these theories seriously, some scholars insist that they do deserve attention. Moyers hosted NOW and Bill Moyers Journal  for years on PBS, where he introduced the likes of Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly to the masses.
For example, " Council on Foreign Relations ", which was created in 1921 by American banker Morgan, and controls the U.S. Its purpose -"to establish a mechanism of global planning and long-term reallocation of resources." Or " Club of Rome " 1968, which has its own private intelligence agency and also "borrows" information from Interpol, the FSB and Mossad. If Soros central idea -it is a world currency, which should stabilize the financial situation in the world, Jacques Attali -world financial bodies, the armed forces of the world and world police, the Gavriil Popov at more radical measures -global birth control, Use this new biotechnologies, nuclear arms control and nuclear stations . We saw what they did to Milosevic: first long tried, then suddenly a strange death, when the need to hide their tracks.
It can not yet control the national nuclear forces and the national nuclear energy, but it is his goal. Does this mean that a world government controls some criminal things, such as drug trafficking?
No matter how we treat Gaddafi, the man defended his government as the country`s president.
And when acts of controlled chaos theory, there is no stability in the country, it is unclear whether or not legitimate leadership of the state -in this context national leaders become more dependent on international groups of ideologues.
But the crisis began to quickly leave the country, far from the West and the United States, China, India, Brazil, the Arab countries -such as Egypt.
Several financial-industrial groups were able to establish control or just grab his possession key American industries: steelmaking, tobacco, oil, etc. The situation changed in 1947 with the start of the "cold war" of the West against the Soviet Union. The last in 1933 as a secretary and was replaced by the future founder of CIA director Allen Dulles, who served since 1927 the position of one of the directors.
Director since 1949, vice president from 1950, chairman since 1970, Rockefeller became the main coordinating figure, possessing power that is constantly increasing with the expansion of the Council through the creation of new organizations -Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Particularly important role in the work of the Council play Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA and MIT.
In SMO members consist leaders CNN, BBC, CBC-es, "Free Europe", USIA, "New York Times", "News-Week", "The Washington Post", "YS WORLD News and report "and others, as well as the largest publishers and the Association of American Publishers.

It combines American analysts, politicians, financiers and intellectuals with their European counterparts.
In addition, the club has two "honorable Secretary-General": one -in Europe and Canada, the other -in the USA.
Organization of meetings and ensures the safety of participants is a country in whose territory the members of the club going.
Can not hide the arrival in one place a large number of famous people, among them -the presidents, kings, princes, chancellors, prime ministers, ambassadors, bankers, heads of major corporations.
Their task is to prepare public opinion before the project will be a world government widely publicized, since without pretreatment of the population it will inevitably encounter the powerful psychological resistance of the peoples and nations that do not want to lose their independence and identity. Earlier, June 1, 2010, Estulin was invited to speak at the European Parliament on this issue, where he said that the real aim of the club -"global empire" .
However, they are not, and will make the world "spin." The crisis has shown that today you have money, and tomorrow they are not ", -Estulin says. Current civilization has already passed it -during the "Black Death plague in the XIV century, when Europe became extinct 30% of the population".
There is no detailed agenda, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued,” the Bilderberg Meetings official website states. In his prior career, he was the assistant to and former Press Secretary for President Lyndon B.
But here`s the problem: many quite serious experts do not believe that the country is run by presidents, prime ministers, presidents and other "visible" officials .
For example, these famous people, world-class financiers like George Soros, Jacques Attali said that further development is impossible without a history of world government, no world parliament, without the armed forces of the world and without world police. World government controls the world process, a much more serious things: the future of the financial system, the future of international law, the future of peacekeeping operations, the future "humanitarian" global operations. In exchange for financial support for his campaign, President Woodrow Wilson agreed with their suggestions. This led to the design of some of the largest transnational structures, which the public about the existence of the West learned recently: Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission. There are a number of simple directors responsible for a certain line of work are more than 30. Rockefeller himself was still invisible ruler of all mondialist structures, coordinating and directing their activities. All Fed officials made at the Council on Foreign Relations and report regularly to its tip. The American side presented only members of the Council on Foreign Relations and is viewed as a continuation of the international. He was secretary of the European Movement, through which money was transferred to a secret operation in Europe. The first Bilderberg documents referred to the establishment of a new international order and the implementation of long-term planning of foreign policy activity in the West against the Soviet Union and the Third World.

Nevertheless formed the backbone of an asset of the club that unites 383 people, 128 of them, or one third -the Americans, the other -the Europeans.
Moreover, that each of them comes with a retinue of secretaries, cooks, waiters, telephone operators and bodyguards. They believe that the true power -powerful, unshakable, but hidden -is concentrated in the hands of someone other. Especially by the rebels core was "Al-Qaeda" and various Islamic Sufi Order, which the international community is struggling as terrorists. They did not do anything with derivatives, on the contrary, have released more than before the crisis of virtual money.
His goal -to exit from the crisis in Europe and the United States by creating an even greater crisis in the Third World . It this group during the twentieth century managed, controlled using a series of world conflict to control the course of human history, in order to achieve world domination . During this period, members of the Council, including many generals of the Pentagon and NATO officials of the CIA and other intelligence agencies. He was also a key figure in the organization of work on the development of methods of the Council.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in fact the Federal Reserve and its constituent main parts: Boston, Atlanta and Cleveland -leads major functionaries SMO. In fact, the first meeting of the Bilderberg Club in May 1954 was carried out through the efforts of Retinger who played a major role in the organization until his death in 1960. Although the last opportunity to participate in the preparation of important political decisions, the biggest gain from the creation of the Bilderbergers got the U.S. This powerful informal group that does not recognize national borders, controls the banking, insurance, coal mining, industry, -they call a world government.
In the context of this chaos eroded national sovereignty, it is unclear who is the leader of the country.
Initiative applying "pre-emptive" nuclear attack on the Soviet Union also elaborated in this organization. Instead, to bring order to the banking system, they have invested in it huge money again sprayed by offshore companies.
In its ranks, including all of the most important leaders and ideologists of subversive activities against our country from Allen Dulles from 1933 to 1944 -Secretary of the Board, from 1945 to 1950 -President of the Council, to Zbigniew Brzezinski Director of the Board from 1972 to 1977, Henry Kissinger director of the Council from 1977 to 1981 and Richard Pipes . On the Libyan crisis can be clearly seen that the UN has become such a tool in the hands of a world government.

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