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You may remember getting invites to one of three secret societies -- the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templar.
The Secret World is a MMO for PC where players are given total freedom to create their characters, without the restriction of classes or levels. The Secret World takes place here, on Earth, as it would be if myths and legends were true, and magic and science held a place side by side in reality. Upon firing up the login screen, the now familiar theme music began playing, and I can’t lie, I got excited. Once out in the world, I will have to say that I was pretty impressed with the rendering of the enviroments around me. This game mimics a very WoW way of doing combat, as you mostly just stand and button smash things to death, occasionally moving out of a telegraphed enemy ablitity, but it just isn’t fun right now.
The Secret World is a game that is trying to build a unique corner for itself in the MMO market by presenting a setting and story that are unlike most everything else available, and there are those of us who would play it for those reasons. The MMO Gamer is your source for independent, in-depth coverage of the online gaming industry.
Perhaps you took the quiz  "Which secret societies do you belong to?" on Dark Days are Coming. In the game, you will join one of three world-famous secret societies and journey the world to locations such as Egypt, New England, London, New York, and Seoul.
2007 – User-posted content, unless source is quoted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain License. TSW has been on my radar for quite some time now, and although I’ve had some ups and downs in my excitement levels for the game as different features began to slowly be revealed, I have waited patiently for my chance to dive into what, for me personally, is the most intriguing setting to come along in the MMO genre for quite some time. That music has been the soundtrack to many great trailers that helped draw me into this world, and before I could even login, the mood was being set. There were a few options to be had, but for the most part everyone in beta looked pretty similar. Again, no spoilers here, but the means by which you find yourself in possession of these abilities is, well, lame. It was unique and exciting to see real-world buildings in real-world towns rendered into a virtual playground for me to explore. The Secret World runs on the same game engine as Age of Conan, another Funcom MMO, and honestly the character models show a little age because of it. There are lots and lots of different powers to choose from in The Secret World, and the skill wheel is one of the most unique and interesting ideas to come around in a while, but the act of participating in combat is dull and completely uninspired.
If an MMO dev does not want to re-invent combat with every game, and chooses to focus instead on making other aspects of their game the main draw, that is fine by me, but a combination of animation changes, particle effect updates, and ability function tweaks should help make combat more enjoyable.
Each quest tells you which tier of the quest you are on, and how many tiers the quest contains. You advance by gaining points to unlock new abilites, and acquiring new stat items to improve your character.

But that doesn’t mean that other aspects of the game can be forgotten and left to collect dust. The Secret World subscription changesWhat is now required to be able to play The Secret World?Everyone who has purchased (or will purchase) the game can now enjoy the full game without being required to sign-up for a monthly fee. This ingenious way to get people interested was set in motion by Funcom to promote their game The Secret World a few years back.
Gear Live graphics, logos, designs, page headers, button icons, videos, articles, blogs, forums, scripts and other service names are the trademarks of Gear Live Inc. The fact that the game takes place on a version of our world gives the developers the unique opportunity to tell stories that take place in familiar locations and touch on our sentimental side, while allowing them the freedom to change certain details, as well as create locales that are unique and flow well with the stories of dark magic and mystery.
Music is one of the most important aspects of any game, movie, or show, and it put me into the proper mindset while I was still trying to remember what my freaking Funcom login password was. Once I made my way to Kingsmouth, the first real questing area, the foreboding enviroment did a great job of telling the story of a darkness descending upon the area before any NPC had a chance to tell me. The animation issues stated above come into play here, but there are also issues with particle effects, ability timing, and NPC reactions to being attacked. Quests are tiered events, often beginning with a simple task, which leads into other tiers that often include more unique and interesting activites. Completing quests given to you from an NPC can often unlock a new quest, and many quests are repeatable after a 24 hour wait period.
The skill wheel requires you to unlock abilities with certain restrictions as far as having to unlock one thing to get down the chain to another ability, but you are free to spend your points in any specialization you want, and once you have abilities unlocked you can mix and match those in pretty much any way you want on your action bar, the restriction there being that you can only have 7 activatable abilities, and 7 passive abilities on your bar and usable at a time. Funcom has developed a game that has an opportunity to really stand out from the crowd and make a name for itself, and at this point they have plenty of time to tweak and adjust the needed things that can add that level of polish that we are all looking for. This means that all of the heralded story-line and all of the game content available right now can be played as you please without requiring any additional payment.Are there any restrictions to what a free player has access to?No. No spoilers, but you end up becoming empowered, and are recruited by one of the three factions who are attempting to control the chaos, determine its cause, and put an end to it. Other than that the opening scenes do a fair job of explaining what you’re going through, and where you are going next.
Coupled with what is currently stiff, stilted, and often awkward animations, especially during combat, player characters look to be 4-5 years past their prime. You might start out with a quest to kill a few zombies, which leads into finding where they are coming from, which leads into fighting a big ugly monster that literally froze me in place for a few seconds when I first saw it, conviced I was about to get roflstomped into the ground and wondering if I should try to get a group together. The Secret World made a positive impression on me and it is on my list of games I would be interested in playing, but there is still some work to be done. This is still early beta, and I’ve heard word that there is definitely more planned for the character creator, but as a review of what I saw this past weekend, it has to be mentioned. While questing you will also be sending updates to your given faction, and also receive rewards and sometimes further instructions from them. For me there is a lot of enjoyment to be had in creating and experimenting with different builds, and this feature alone could entertain me for hours.

This clickable item increases experience gain for defeating monsters by 100% for 1 hour and has a 16 hour cool-down. Not every game can have multiple storyline choices presented on a conversation wheel for you to choose from, but we’ve pretty much come to a day and age where if you are going to do dialouge scenes, player characters should be voiced and have opinions about what is going on around them. These reports are updated from the quest objective tracker and your rewards appear instantly in your inventory, preventing you from having to run back to your faction’s home city every few minutes for a debriefing. As a Grand Master customer you receive everything that Membership customers get, every month, lifelong.
In addition to that we have increased the Item Store discount to 20% for everything in the Item Store except Content Packs or other Packs.I already bought an Initiate Pack in December 2012. Why was that not free?Anyone who has purchased the Initate Pack in December 2012 before the offer was launched, will be reimbursed with 1800 bonus points to their game accounts.What will this discount in the Item Store be valid for?What used to be a discount of 10% discount to only social items in the Item Store has now been extended to be a discount on everything in the store. As Members are getting a 10% discount to everything in the store, Grand Masters will receive 20% discount to everything in the store!When are items-of-the-month given out to Members and Grand Masters?If you are a Member or a Grand Master you will receive the items on the first patch day of every month (currently the first Tuesday of every month). If you are playing the game without a Membership, the item will be given to you immediately when you sign up for Membership or become a Grand Master.
However, by completing 30 missions you unlock the similar level of Bonus Points ? so there?s a motivator to play. The client fee includes the full game (including issue 1 through 4) as well as 30 days of Membership. Until the end of December issue 5 will also be included for anyone with a registered full account.Are there other motivators for new players?Yes, in addition to the 30-mission reward, there is also the challenge of taking down the Ur-draug. He is the final boss of the first dungeon in the game, and being able to complete this challenge yields a special reward called ?The Whispering Demon Ring?. This powerful ring gives a fixed XP gain increase for new players and is a great way for new players to get a feel for what is in store deeper into the storyline.What happens with my remaining Subscription time?Your current subscription will be automatically transferred to the new Membership program. As such your account will be credited with 1200 bonus points, you can immediately claim the Time Accelerator item and your Membership gift of the month. After that you will get 1200 points every 30 days from your renewal of the Membership.What about future content updates?Periodically we will release packs of DLC (Downloadable Content).
These packs are fully optional and can be purchased for the Bonus Points that are included in the optional Membership, as well as with the points offered with Grand Master Lifetime service.
Players without a Membership or a Grand Master Service can of course as well purchase new DLC content in the Item Store.When can the first DLC content be expected?The first DLC will start selling in January 2013, and is the main storyline of Issue #5. However, this content will already be fully unlocked for anyone who has a full game account registered before the end of December 2012.Besides DLCs, will there also still be regular content updates to The Secret World?Definitely! Regular patches with free content and updates and enhancements to the core game will continue.

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