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Funcom's projet (Age of Conan) called The Secret World aims to bring player into a contemporary world, 2012 to be precise.
Even if NDA is still preventing information from spreading, Funcom revealed each character will be playable as wanted, using different powers, fire-guns, swords, dark magic or even voodoo. Player can choose between three secret societies, the Illuminatis (USA), the Templars (Europe) and the Dragons (Asia). The Secret World of Arrietty is based on Mary Norton's acclaimed children's book series, The Borrowers.
Funcom and Electronic Arts have released a slew of new screenshots for the upcoming, Lovecraftian-MMO, The Secret World, showing off some of the game’s real-world locations.

The world we know has been shaken up by myths, legends, conspiracy theory changing our world into a dark and scary place. There are no classes, no levels and it therefore offers the possibility to live a complete free gaming experience with deeper and more detailed character personalization.
You'll have the possibility to use your new talents during wars between secret societies or against the promised amazing bestiary. To do so, simply go to The Secret World's website and join the Secret War, some sort of a marketing project where the last pictures and videos are published by Funcom and where future fights for world's conquest are to be shown.
With pre-order already possible, this title is one of the most awaited PC games for that summer.

Hero will fight against a bestiary grouping mythical creatures as well as demons, vampires and other minor gods who can show up anytime.
On the developers' website, one can discover settings, demoniac monsters and even unplayable characters that have been specially shot in motion to make it more plausible and easier to immerse themselves in for players. You will fight for your society, against legends, myths, or plots you've always wished were true.

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