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The Secret World of Alex Mack is an American television series that ran on Nickelodeon from October 8, 1994 to January 15, 1998, replacing Clarissa Explains It All on the SNICK line-up.
Alex Mack is an ordinary teenage girl, living with her parents and older sister in the corporate town of Paradise Valley. Alexandra "Alex" Mack (Larisa Oleynik) – Alex is an average teenager in Paradise Valley. Anne "Annie" Mack (Meredith Bishop) Alex's older sister, and a scientific genius in her own right. George Mack (Michael Blakley) and Barbara Mack (Dorian Lopinto) – Alex's parents, neither of whom know of her powers up until the series finale. Dave Watt (John Nielsen) – The dim-witted truck driver who was driving the truck that dumped the GC-161 chemical on Alex. Vince Carter (John Marzilli) – The maniacal head of plant security, he makes it his obessesion to find the GC-161 kid. Hunter Reeves (Will Estes) – Appeared in the show's fourth season, Hunter comes to Paradise Valley with an agenda concerning the disappearance of his father in relation to GC-161.
Jessica (Jessica Alba) - Appears in the show's first season, via a handful of episodes, as Scott's first on-screen girlfriend and Alex's rival. Scott Greene (Jason Strickland) - A friend of Alex's, as well as her secret crush, during Junior High. GC-161 is a chemical compound of golden color that was being developed as a weight-loss miracle drug by chemical plant owner Danielle Atron.
Much of the series' plot hinges on Danielle Atron's desire to capture the GC-161 kid (Alex) and study its effects on "him" (she and many others assume it was a boy who got soaked in the chemical).
Later in the series, Alex meets with one of the original researchers of GC-161, who reveals that the chemical was first developed in the late seventies, and that he knew of the danger it possessed (having tested it upon himself and gaining temporary powers).
In the series finale, Louis accidentally learns of Alex's powers, but agrees to keep them a secret. Afterwards, Alex's father George develops a special antidote that can restore Alex's mutated state to normal. The show's first season (consisting of 13 episodes on two discs) was released by Genius Entertainment (also known as Genius Products; a subsidiary of RHI Entertainment) on DVD on October 2, 2007. This was the longest running live-action show on Nickelodeon, with a total of 78 episodes total.
A recurring bird's-eye-view shot of the school parking lot, in which a Chrysler Corporation minivan can be seen.
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Being a pre-teen is a weird time in anyone’s life, and sometimes fictional characters can mean a lot. Probably what I think of first whenever someone brings up awesome 90s shows, So Weird played a huge role in my introduction to the weird and unexplained. Ahhh … the show that taught me it was okay, and totally not weird, to be a little in love with a guy that accidentally got stuck as a hawk … or was it a falcon?
Probably the only entry on this list that doesn’t come from Nickelodeon or Disney, Big Wolf on Campus was like a crash course in horror movies for kids. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of the amazing science fiction available to kids in the 90s, and only a tiny piece of some of the awesome shows we grew up with overall.
Tricia EnnisTricia is the owner and editor of this website, but it's not like she's holding that over anyone's head or anything. Lynch said he got the idea for girl who gets powers from a chemical accident from his own childhood. But GC-161, the chemical that gave Alex powers, was nothing he found amongst his father's chemicals. While developing "The Secret World of Alex Mack," Lynch said the network had only one note: make the title character Alex, who was originally written as a boy, into a girl. In order to make the show, Lynch needed an actress he could write for and screened about 600 girls. Oleynik doesn't remember much of the casting process, just that "The Secret World of Alex Mack" had a lot of hype around it amongst the community of Oakwood, an apartment community many young actors lived in.
One of the best things about the show, which Lynch said he can't take any credit for, is the way Oleynik interpreted the character.
Lynch has the iconic baseball hat the character wore when she was doused with GC-161, but Alex Mack and her hats did not always go hand in hand.
Over the years, Love and Oleynik both said the "Alex Mack" cast and crew became its own family. Oleynik said she wanted to finish out her school career and head to college and, at the same time, leave Alex Mack with some innocence. In real life, Love is in the running to star in a Tupac biopic and Oleynik has just completed an indie film, "BFFs," and has recurring roles on "Pretty Little Liars" and "Mad Men." But she won't -- and can't -- spill any "Mad Men" spoilers. Lynch is working on developing new pilots and just wrapped "Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures" for Nickelodeon.
While she has hesitant when talking about a reunion, Oleynik was quick to say she'd like to be involved with a possible reboot.
While we're very excited to see Busy Philipps and James Van Der Beek back together on the ABC comedy, a "Dawson's Creek" reunion is just not the same with the rest of the gang. No returns or exchanges, but item is covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab.

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After the chemical accident on her first day of Junior High, Alex must now deal with the pressures of having extraordinary abilities in addition to the normal struggles of her everyday life. Alex sees him as her brother, often sharing everything between themselves, including the secret of Alex's powers. George is a brilliant chemist who works for Danielle Atron at the Plant, while Barbara is a more down-to-earth woman who works in a public relations firm. Kelly is Alex's school rival and deviously discredits Alex at every given turn, much to Alex's dismay. She wants to market GC-161 as a radical new weight-loss drug, and has made it her mission to find the GC-161 child (whom she does not know is Alex) and capture her, as both a test subject and a threat to the secrecy of her plans.
Eventually, she severs her ties of friendship with him, after he lies to her about her photography talents. When taken in large doses, it has considerably dangerous side effects, including an ability to glow, telekinesis, electromagnetic manipulation, and the ability to metamorphose into a puddle of liquid. More importantly, Danielle Atron fears that if the media learned the truth of GC-161 through this kid, she would lose the billions of dollars GC-161 would stand to make and her reputation would be ruined. Though he tried to warn his superiors of the dangers of GC-161, Danielle Atron refused to listen, and so he fled to the woods to live as a hermit. However, when he blabs about them to Ray while on the phone, he is captured by Plant security and tortured into revealing Alex's identity. It is unknown what Alex chooses to do with the antidote afterward, for the last scene ends with an ambiguous shot of Alex smiling. The first and last books of the series were novelizations of the first and last episodes, respectively. However in 2011, this title was taken by iCarly, when it aired its 79th episode "iPity The Nevel". Likely the reason I became absolutely obsessed with The X-Files in college, this show had a lot of great things going for it, from the eerie stories to the fun teen spins on classic sci-fi tropes, and of course they did it all with an awesome female lead (in both Fi and Annie). The story of a group of teens who are given the power to transform into any animal they touched for two hours (lest they suffer the same fate as Tobias), Animorphs was my gateway to Canadian made science fiction, and what started my crush on the Ashmore twins. Full of werewolves and vampires, and all sorts of other cult movie fare, Big Wolf on Campus also served as an interesting allegory for high school and puberty. It was the intro to the space opera TV show (not to mention an early starring role for Firefly‘s Jewel Staite). Whether you’re looking for the latest news from your favorite movies and tv shows, are looking for a new web series to watch, or want to know what games and comics to pick up tomorrow, the staff of All Geek to Me speaks your language. Lynch and Ken Lipman, ran from 1994-1998 on Nickelodeon and was a cornerstone of the network's SNICK block of kid programming. As the son of a nuclear physicist, Lynch's father worked with radioactive material that was kept in his garage.
Lynch said he thinks he came up with the GC part of the name while doing DNA research, and the 161 came from the number eight.
With "Kids Incorporated" and "Night Tracks" on his resume, Lynch said Nickelodeon came to him about doing a series.
He was used to looking for triple threats, like Fergie and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who were on his previous show, "Kids Incorporated"; but for "Alex Mack," he needed an actress who could do drama and comedy. While prepping for the pilot, Lynch said Laura Slakey, the show's costume designer, put the hat on Oleynik while testing different looks for the character. However, she and co-star Darris Love praised Nickelodeon and said the network really encouraged the young actors to have a childhood. Lynch said he presented Oleynik, her mom and her manager with a package for a fifth season of the show, a feature film and "a ton of money" at a swanky Hollywood dinner and Oleynik turned him down.
The finale saw Alex's secret revealed to her parents with Danielle Atron (Louan Gideon) nearly triumphant, but good won over evil in the end and Alex's father presented her with a cure that would rid her of her powers.
According to Lynch, today Alex Mack is the mom of two teens, still using her powers when need be with a clueless husband a la Darrin Stephens of "Bewitched." Alex is still best friends with Ray, who just so happens to be a very successful entrepreneur and owns hotels and some casinos in Las Vegas.
If she had her wish, she'd get some scenes with her on-screen husband Ken Cosgrove, played by Aaron Staton.
I would definitely be open to talking about it with Tommy, seeing what kind of crazy concoction he has in his brain," Oleynik said about reprising the role of Alex Mack.

Van Der Beek, Jackson and Williams have been teasing a reunion for a while now, but Holmes seemed iffy. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
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She thinks Alex's powers are going to win her a Nobel Prize, and is the one who usually keeps Alex's unpredictable abilities in check.
Vince later gets fired in Season 3 as Danielle has become tired of his failed attempts to capture Alex, though he continues to hunt her in hopes of making up to Danielle. He has a tendency for picking mean girls as girlfriends, such as Jessica and (later) Kelly Phillips. Many of Alex's problems seen throughout the series are a result of her powers, usually caused through malfunctions or lack of control. Other test subjects, like a chimpanzee, several rabbits, and an unwitting test family, also developed lesser forms of Alex's abilities via small doses of GC-161. After having Alex and her parents imprisoned and with GC-161 ready to be sold within hours, Danielle Atron arranges to destroy her chemical plant with explosives, thus eliminating all evidence of her sinister activities.
The rest of the series consisted of completely original stories, tied into the main series through the mentioning of various plot points from the TV episodes.
You had the straight-up superhero with mutant powers in Alex, and you had the geeked-out brainy sidekick in her sister. It managed to be as compelling as Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, but curbed its horror content to be just scary enough to freak out kids, but not so scary that our parents wouldn’t let us watch it. Plus, Oleynik and Lynch reveal the fate of Alex's many hats and answer the series finale cliffhanger question. The final episode ended with Alex holding a vial of the cure, contemplating her future, smiling at the camera. Her sister, Annie (Meredith Bishop), is divorced, bitter, a little overweight and can't understand why Alex is so happy. However, after her divorce from Tom Cruise, it was reported that he was the one who didn't want the Capeside crew to reconnect. Wallpaper images in the The Secret World of Alex Mack club tagged: secret world of alex mack oleynik larisa oleynik.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. She now has the power of telekinesis, can shoot electricity through her fingertips, and morph into a silver puddle. She eventually goes off to college, leaving Alex and Ray to cope with Alex's problems arising from her powers alone. Fortunately, Alex's friends arrive to rescue the Macks, while Dave reveals the truth about GC-161 and Alex (having eventually learned her identity during Season 3) to the authorities, who see to it that Danielle is arrested in time.
It was even a jumping off point for Fox Family, which would soon become ABCFamily, home of teen dramas galore. Who among us didn’t wish they could sneak out of their homes, get together with their friends around a campfire, and tell scary stories until the forbidden hour of mid-night? Without first encountering this show, with it’s adrift space ship, rag tag crew, and alien characters interspersed with humans, would I have ever thought Farscape was something interesting, or just something very very strange? Meanwhile, George Mack (Michael Blakley) became a billionaire thanks to an invention and its patent, Vince (John Marzilli) is still searching for Alex in a crazed, underground sort of way and Danielle Atron is just getting out of jail and starting up an Internet pharmaceutical company. I think it's a vehicle that has to be resurrected and whether it's us involved or how we're involved, it doesn't matter. The series was produced by Thomas Lynch of Lynch Entertainment and was produced by RHI Entertainment, Hallmark Entertainment and Nickelodeon Productions.
For home video releases, it was released under the Hallmark Entertainment label, making it the first Nickelodeon show not to be released with Paramount Home Video. She confides only in her sister Annie and her best friend Raymond about her powers and must keep them a secret from everyone else, including her parents, for fear of what the chemical plant CEO, Danielle Atron, will do to her if she finds out.
I think the way to do 'Alex Mack' is to do it as a feature that goes into a series, I think there's a way to do it that will still be cool and interesting. Probably the only thing my Dad ever impressed upon me was a box set of The Chronicles of Narnia when I was 10. But my geek training started long before that with a TV and a handful of shows that set me on a course for my current, grown up geekdom. The is an American childrens television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 1998 and starred Larisa Oleynik as the title character who narrates the series.
Description: A teenage girl, just starting junior high and living in a modern corporate community is accidentally Show Full Description.
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While walking home after her first day of junior high school, she is nearly hit by a truck from a chemic. October 8: The is an American television series that ran on Nickelodeon from October 8, 1994 to January 15, 1998, replacing Clarissa Explains It All on the SNICK line-up. While walking home after her first day of junior high school, she is nearly hit by a truck from a chemical plant.

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