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Geisha use a variety of skills to entertain clients, including dancing, and even playing drinking games.
Before graduating to become a full-fledged Geisha, known as Geiko, theA Maiko must study music, dance and how to maintain a flowing, comfortable conversation with customers. The trainees must learn the old customs and give up the trappings of modern lifeWhile some elements may sound frivolous, the training and life of a Geisha is far from easy and it is considered a great honour and achievement to become a Geiko.A At the start of their training, the young women are expected to do housework day and night in the Okiya. A The young women train for years as a Maiko after being accepted into a Okiya - a Geisha house - where they will live and are taught how to be a Geisha by an Okasan (Japanese for mother).
They must share a room with other trainees and established Geiko - who they must also help to dress and get ready. Such is the way the customs have been maintained over the years, the pictures wouldn't have looked that different had they been taken decades ago.
Both Miller and Takeyama estimate that the area holds around 200 clubs, “which means that there are roughly 2000 to 7000 male hosts working in the vicinity,” according to Takeyama’s mathematical projections.Although there are seemingly many venues and chances for employment, “the host club business is incredibly competitive,” states Miller. They must always show the utmost respect to their elders, kneeling on the floor when they return to welcome them home.The National Post reports that many of the women quit before the end of their training as they struggle to live away from home comforts and from the trappings of modern life. A year ago, she was a regular teenager playing trombone in a community band, but now has a new instrument – this traditional drum. White powder, cherry lips, a dazzling robe, and flirty eyes—the geisha wins the audience’s attention in the hidden ochaya, a wooden teahouse tucked down a Kyoto back alley.

While geisha performances are vetted and contracted through an elaborate system of bookers, hosuto deal directly in their own economic gains by earning commission on the items they sell at their club.New hosts are paid very little and encouraged to “watch the behaviors, gestures, verbal tricks, strategies, and tactics of successful hosts,” states Miller.
Graceful arm gestures are the prelude to a carefully crafted joke, then, suddenly a low voice bellows from the geisha’s mouth. Most clubs invest very little in their employees, offering no more than one evening of institutional training. Louis.The rich history of the male geisha dates back to the 13th century, when jesters advised feudal lords on practical matters, and entertained the court with various artistic performances. She says the experience makes her feel like she is Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, and that people forget she is training to be a professional entertainer. Their roles gradually changed over the years as Japan’s royal needs abated until finally the job description of a geisha, or ‘arts person’ was that of a comedian.Female geisha only made their first appearance in 1751.
Clients are also billed for a convoluted cocktail of additional items like table fees, service fees and taxes, and, through an even more complicated system of payment, senior hosts generally pocket 40 to 50 percent of their tables’ proceeds. Patrons are expected to pay for a host’s consumption as well.One of the most crucial facets of host club culture is what Takeyama calls the “eternal designation system,” which binds a female client to the male host of her choosing. Stylists are traditionally men, because working with the heavy kimonos requires a lot of strength. It includes a broad spectrum of establishments from local bars to business ventures that are more obviously underpinned by a desire for carnal pursuits.In the ever-expanding universe that is mizu-shobai, and its myriad ways to skirt the strict prostitution laws prohibiting the outright exchange of sex for money, the iteration of ‘water trade’ that is most easily be conflated with the art of the geisha is that of the hosting club.

The service they are rendering is the care of a woman, with the strong possibility of making large sums of cash.”And unlike geisha, who ostensibly use performance to fund their continued study of the arts, it’s the lure of the almighty yen that brings these young men into the fold. Extreme self-grooming, an occupational byproduct of a career in entertainment, takes up much of a host’s day when he’s not cajoling his clients to visit the club through phone calls and emails.The epitome of hosuto beauty is approached with rigor—“slim figure, no facial hair, and longer stresses” says Takeyama. But maintaining their coveted youthful glow can often prove rather difficult, as the hours are long, and the constant barrage of cigarettes and alcohol can speed up the aging process. It’s common for male clients to hire male hosts as veritable wingmen while trying to impress a date (usually a hostess) by throwing down a lot of money.
And although a career as a host burns fast and bright, whereas that of a geisha matures like a fine wine, the number of traditional geisha—eternal students of art and culture—continues to dwindle as Japan further globalizes.With the practices of taikomochi verging on extinction and the prominence of geisha culture on the slow decline in general, the underworld of the male host may one day be the ironic vessel that preserves the deep-seeded traditions of intense personal grooming, feminizing, and elaborate costumes.
However Sakuragawa notes, “The true desire to entertain remains but a part of the taikomochi soul.”READ THIS.

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