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The Dark Knight puts Superman into a magically induced coma after he assumes absolute power over the Earth. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Batman snaps the Joker’s neck while driving him to Arkham Assylum for the umpteenth time. Guru Rinpoche, the a€?Precious Mastera€™, is the founder of Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet and the Buddha of our time.
Their invocation is known as a€?The Seven Verses of the Vajraa€™, or a€?The Seven Line Prayera€™.

He immediately goes to the police station presumably to turn himself in but don’t expect him to do any real time.
He accidentally kills both Lois and their unborn child but Batman warns him in time in Superman’s dream. The Clown Prince of Crime explains that all the mayhem he causes is for Batman but he wants to play with Superman some more. Nevertheless, the so-called boy scout is still furious so much so he unintentionally reveals Batman’s secret identity. Superman tells Bruce to stand aside and let him interrogate the Joker about the location of a nuclear bomb hidden in the Metropolis.

The Joker contemplates killing Superman’s baby but Batman snaps his neck before he can finish the sentence. He appears to turn himself in so it won’t be an inverted plot where Batman goes rogue instead of Superman.
The question is whether the experience of seeing Batman kill will open his eyes or losing his family for a second time will strengthen his resolve.

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