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The Secret World e un MMO in sviluppo presso gli studi dei Funcom che pesca palesemente dall'universo dei racconti di H.P. Iron Man #11 reveals that Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is the product genetic manipulation by aliens!
In fact, he wouldn’t have been born at all without the help of an alien robot named 451. An ultrasound shows genetic modifications such as a cognitive ability boost to the theoretical maximum but not all the changes are upgrades. Even Ultimate Iron Man recently jumped on the superpower bandwagon with the introduction of a sidekick: Anthony, a talking tumor that controls technology!
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The most shocking alteration is an input sensation enhancement that gives him an addictive personality and explains his long battle with alcoholism. He gave Stark increased intelligence to provide humanity with a technological leap in order to defend themselves.
Eccovi quindi le prime immagini in-game del gioco, che si sta rivelando un interessantissimo prodotto.

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