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Sometimes the only thing separating this world from the legion of unholy horrors is a spray of hot metal and a deafening boom. The Secret World and The Ultimate Edition are 66% off, only on Steam!DLC packs such as the Fall of Tokyo pack (includes Issue #9, #10, #11) and the Collector's Editions of Issues #9 through #13 are 50% off!Offer ends April 25.
Hey, all!I’m Andy “Odonoptera” Benditt, your Community Manager, and I’m here to write about some of the upcoming content and features included in the Issue #14 update. The Park [official site] is a short horror game, a spin-off from Funcom’s MMORPG The Secret World [official site].
MMORPG specialists Funcom have revealed more details about their ominous theme park-set single-player outing The Park [official site]. Today's Deal: Save 50% on The Secret World!*Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam.
You know those games that you can never really> get into, but you keep dipping back into, time and again?
These events will be triggered if the input does not match any other event for the current room. DOUBLE AP Week* arrives in The Secret World.Any time you gain an Ability Point during this event, you receive 1 extra point!Double AP Week lasts March 23rd to March 29th. The Secret World + Ultimate Edition are 66% off at Bundle Stars, plus check out huge discounts on The Park, Longest Journey, AND Dreamfall!Note: Bundle Stars provides Steam versions of each product. For as long as people have been talking about the modern myths and conspiracies of The Secret World, there has been a desire for a singleplayer experience set among its mysteries and horrors. However, the MMO-focused studio have revealed a single-player horror game which seems to have a little of that TSW tone.
Whether they call it Winter Veil or Frostfell, it’s a chance to deck the hubs with bonus XP and let everyone from elves to orcs don Santa hats and hand out treats to the good little wizards and barbarians. The Park [official site] is a spook ‘em up about a mother who takes her child to a theme park, then terrible things happen. It visits a fine setting: the headquarters of a sinister megacorp whose supernatural experiments went awry. It’s a game that ticked every one of my boxes when it first came out, save the one about actually having fun with it.

Is there something cool happening in one of your games that you think folks would find fun?
Give me control over the elements, the power to reshape the very building blocks of the universe according to my every whim, and if at all possible, a cool hat. Sorry, that metaphor seemed to be going in a better direction at the start of the sentence.
That's how I feel about The Secret World, a game whose every fault comes straight from its need to be an MMO and to adhere to that genre's rules.
It's overcomplicated, it's not particularly pretty, it's janky, and the presence of other people tends to detract more than it adds, moreso here in a world where you're meant to be solving puzzles and investigating mysteries but will usually see someone standing around just plain demanding to know the answer so they can get the points and move on.In many ways, it's the perfect failure of the most damaging trend to hit the genre over the years - the personal quest. With a personal quest, designers are freed from the need to design around players and their willingness to work together in the 'right' way, they're spared the times when the content simply dries up and leaves the player with nothing to do, and they ensure that the lore and story is pushed at all times, even if the heroes hacking through it are talking about Star Trek as they go. The obsession with these quests, with everyone being the hero, is that multiplayer has inevitably been sidelined to the point that other players are only really needed to help beat up tough bosses and descend into dungeons to grind for loot and call each other rude names, if they even bother talking at all.
The remade Final Fantasy XIV on the other hand also scores some marks for having the guts to enforce group play - to progress on the personal story, you have to complete three basic dungeons and a surprisingly challenging introductory boss fight pretty early on.
Both approaches are fine by me, as while I naturally favour solo play, I'm not against a multiplayer game insisting on, well, multiplayer.
Though I do prefer people to know their place in most MMOs, as wallpaper to breathe life into the otherwise static world)The Secret World is of course far from the only game that has suffered here, but it is - even more than The Old Republic - the one I've most enjoyed while able to enjoy it. The writing is still some of the best the genre has to offer, particularly from characters like Illuminati faction-handler Kirsten Geary (who I remain convinced is former PCG-writer Kieron Gillen's otherkin self) and every appearance of Jeffrey Combs. His performance as Montag, the emotionless headteacher of Innsmouth Academy, is a game-stealer, to the point that his fine establishment really needed some kind of spin-off set in better times. Very slightly, ideally.What's strange about The Secret World is that its major problem remains the one thing you'd expect a game so rooted in storytelling technique to understand - pacing.
Like many MMOs, it's set to be a slow, slow process intended to take months to unpick and finish even though inevitably the hardcore players will have finished in about three and a half minutes. Every mission is a million-tiered operation, every step designed to drag things out as long as humanly possible whether you're beating up monsters or looking for mushrooms. Arguably the worst individual case is when you arrive in the first zone, Solomon Island, to be told that your first mission is eighteen steps long and by the end of the first zone you're only seven or so into them.

This kind of lingering assignment is obviously meant to feel like an epic quest, but instead it just feels like a prison sentence. I love that, for instance, it doesn't just have you look at the abandoned theme park on the Savage Coast, but lets you ride its haunted roller coaster via-cutscene.
I adore some of the staging, like the haunted Black House on the same level, and the way that story elements are reinforced by everything from child's drawings in abandoned notebooks to the casual way that everything you think you're discovering is just business as usual to the guys back home. I particularly loved finding out that the Illuminati base is in a real district - how much effort Funcom put into trying to create a baseline for all the madness to be neatly layered on top of. As it may be.)It's just such a wonderful world, as Louis Armstrong might have commented had he been into computer games. Every new area you go to feels fresh, every character is so lovingly written - and sometimes overwritten, yes, though it is a game from the creators of The Longest Journey. The sheer attention to detail and worldcraft puts most other single and multiplayer games to shame, even if it does diminish a bit after Solomon Island (I can't speak for the new areas added after it dropped the subscription).
It feels solid in a way that's very unusual, and all the more impressive for having to create a world where Lovecraftian horrors, vampires and friendly sasquatches are supposedly something that we missed for the many years before we accidentally swallowed a bee and got magic powers. Time to join the Templars!" Your trashed apartment has a story of its own, and the walls don't need to talk to tell it.
It's just the right mix of scary and uplifting, even if the justification is a little bit silly.Now, as ever, I can't play The Secret World for long. That's largely what keeps me reinstalling it every few months; less for a fresh chance to play it, then to remember the high hopes I had for it before release.
That might not sound like the warmest thing to say, but it's a hell of a lot more than I've done for, say, APB.

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