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We are glad to offer you a great way to decorate your house without having to spend a lot of money. A leak talked to Business Insider and claimed that yes, Yahoo has built its own mobile search engine and is testing it on 15 percent of mobile users. Following the leak’s directions, Business Insider was able to get mobile Yahoo results that differed from the normal Bing powered results. Yahoo was vague in commenting on the story and did not deny (or confirm) that a search engine is in the works. I personally would be stunned if Yahoo made its break from Bing so soon—although starting with mobile results is a good way to test the waters. Rachel Lindteigen recently penned a great piece on how to manage SEO for different local branches of a franchise.
As a business branches out it does make sense to create a separate landing page for each local branch, franchise or not. Rachel ran into a problem where users were searching from work—often in the city center—but needed to be connected to local results for their suburban homes. We have a large selection of tapestry wall hangings imported from France, Belgium, Italy and some other European countries.
According to a recent leak, the answer might be yes—and it may already be offering results to a small percentage of users. Most people think of Yahoo and Bing as separate search engines, which is true to an extent.
This raised the question of whether Yahoo is developing its own search engine and testing it on live searches. This presents a real problem for SEO because there are often individual websites, or pages on a single domain, for each location. This allows you to optimiz each page using localized versions of keywords (“Atlanta real estate” instead of just “real estate”). Her solution was simple and effective, creating one landing page for the inner metro that offered links to all the surrounding local branches. Optimizing local branches is in many ways no different from optimizing for one-location local businesses, and many of the same tactics apply. By “offsite” we mean all the local resource pages—mainly maps and review sites—that people often go to instead of the SERPs.

We collect the best wall tapestries from different European manufacturers and sell them at affordable price. Yahoo is its own company, has a search service and at one time was among the leading innovators in search technology. But by and large, Yahoo is going to rank for the same things: valuable content, strong links, social signals, and mobile friendly design. They all represent the same brand and try to rank for the same keywords—often in very nearby geographic areas.
That’s stronger than a single home page trying to cover every location, and a lot better than every branch fighting over the exact same search strings.
Priority one for optimizing local branches would be making sure that each individual location appears on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps and Yelp.
It lets local branches reach search users immediately, even while building up their local SEO chops. But it becomes particularly important when a number of local branches are all struggling to stand out, because these are tools that let you get around the keyword competition and reach local consumers. We carefully choose tapestry wall hangings from a wide variety of wall tapestry products presented on the market.
No one has expected the partnership to live forever: Yahoo will eventually double down on a comeback and either go independent or fade into obscurity. If you have good SEO today, you’ll still have good SEO in world where Yahoo and Bing break up.
We’ve found that different locations of any chain business can have similar problems, even if they’re not actually franchised. But for this to work it’s absolutely crucial to create non-duplicate copy on the individual web pages. We try to choose wall tapestries that are in harmony with the modern standards of home decor. Rachel used a mix ‘n’ match system where franchise owners could combine different paragraphs from a menu.
Since these resources are based more on geographic proximity than search strings, they offer a space where branches can become prominent without competing over keywords. Some of our tapestry wall hangings can be framed and fit well both traditional and modern home interiors.

We would actually go a step farther—that still leaves the possibility of duplicate pages and guarantees the use of duplicate paragraphs. The cost of writing individual landing pages is small and worth it to avoid a red flag with Google.
In our collection of medieval tapestry wall hangings you can find unique tapestry pictures.
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