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The evil DeGraff - enemy of The Secret Zoo- is holding Noah's friends captive in the off-limits section of the secret zoo, a never-ending maze of aquariums. The scouts are determined to save their friends, but each tank they travel through takes them farther from safety. On Halloween night, Noah and his friends must battle terrifying sasquatches that have attacked their own elementary school. When DeGraff captures three of Noah's friends, can the kids ally with their rivals in order to save every person and animal in the zoo—all while dodging the town's police? Noah, Megan, Richie, and Ella are the Action Scouts; friends whose tree house overlooks the Clarksville City Zoo. But will the scouts be able to fight against the dangerous sasquatches who have escaped the zoo and threaten their town?
Only weeks after their return from the Secret Zoo, Noah and his friends must go back—and face their biggest challenge yet. Noah, his sister Megan, and their best friends, Richie and Ella, live next door to the zoo. One day Megan disappears, and her brother and their friends realize it's up to them to find her. I strongly believe that this is one of the best, if not the best, recently published book for middle readers that I have read! The author provides intricate details to his story that will have readers not being able to put the book down. My eight year old son loved your first Secret Zoo book since you came to his school last year. My son recieved a signed copy of your book for Christmas this past year, and I just wanted to let you know how much we have both enjoyed reading your book.
My 7-year-old just finished the novel The Secret Zoo and was completely excited and enthralled with it, begging me to find the next book in the series.
I have visited more than 200 schools and talked to over 50,000 students since I first introduced The Secret Zoo series. During my visits, I share my unique experience of writing The Secret Zoo, how my ideas were inspired, and how I formulated the story. So exciting to have Bryan come to my two elementary schools last week to talk with our kids for "March is Reading Month".

It is with utmost enthusiasm that I recommend Bryan Chick to any school who would like to witness a learning experience presentation by a talented children’s book author.
Mr Chick came to my son's school last week and my son hasn't stopped talking about him and his wonderful book. I wondered what it would be like if zoo exhibits had secret passages that allowed kids to get in and animals to get out.
When I'm not exploring the worlds in my head, I spend time speaking to likeminded peers at elementary schools across the nation. When three friends link a girl's disappearance to unusual activity at their local zoo, they discover that each exhibit holds a hidden passage to a secret zoo kingdom.
Batu Secret Zoo is a zoo with the main concept of attraction that is packed with modern nuances.
At the end of the round trip to see the collection of animals, you will go to the Savannah area. If visitors have only treated to a variety of dead animals, of course they could watch the animals are still alive.
Knowledge of wildlife is presented through descriptions are each diorama, both from the animal types, habits of animals and also the origin of these animals. Repertoire of knowledge and fauna as a place of learning through quizzes and riddles about animals. Trees lodgings and Ferris Wheels, Meanwhile Ferris Wheels (windmills) have a diameter of sufficient length, which is 30 meters. When they discover a magical world hidden within the zoo, they are swept away on an adventure in which penguins can fly, a mysterious figure lurks in the shadows, and the scouts are enlisted to help Mr. There’s only one way to find out if the four friends training as Crossers can help save the Secret Zoo.
With monstrous sasquatches freely attacking the denizens of the zoo and the evil Shadowist at large, the fate of the world is at stake. A fast-paced mix of mystery and fantasy [with] enough action and suspense to keep the most reluctant reader entertained.
It’s like walking into the butterfly exhibit at my local zoo; everywhere I look, there are splashes of brilliance. I am planning on using them as read alouds in my classroom as well as having several sets available for students to read independently.

He has read the book front to back numerous times and would like to know when the next book will be coming out.
It is her favorite book and she falls asleep reading it every night (she is on her third reading of it).
I encourage the students to use their imagination, and discuss how no writer ever gets it right the first time. Over twenty years, this idea matured in complexity and length until it had become an epic story, to be told in several full-length novels. To rescue their friend, the children must band with the animals, enter this mysterious world, and embark on an exciting adventure in the first book of an epic series for middle-grade readers. But once inside, will they discover there's much more to the Clarksville City Zoo than they could ever have guessed?
I feel that elementary students are his "true peer group."  Additionally, I make the author experience very affordable. The teachers were especially impressed with his description of how much effort it takes to get to a "final copy"!!
Interestingly, animals living in the Batu Secret Zoo most unique animals that you rarely encounter in other zoos. The types of insects such as sentadu grasshopper (praying mantis) and unique pink orchid which you can see here. If you do not want to tired to walk, you can take an alternative hire vehicle with a tariff of IDR 100,000-200,000 for 3 hours. A hotel giant tree that shades the forest and surrounded by live animals can certainly be a fitting choice for you. Presenting hundreds of dioramas of animals from around the world, which is visualized according to the habitat. It was so nice to get such quality for an affordable price, tough to come across these days! Thank you so much for writing such a captivating book that both boys and girls would enjoy!

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