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Krasnow interviewed more than 200 women for her book, "The Secret Lives of Wives," and dug up some surprising truths about long-lasting marriages. The bestselling author explains that the best marriages are those in which wives drink, vent and travel with their girlfriends, flirt shamelessly -- with boundaries, and are attracted to their partners from the get-go. With 20 years of marriage under her belt Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is the perfect person to give advice on having a successful marriage.
The sexy mom of four spilled her secrets to a successful marriage while speaking to Kemi Asefon on The Love Haven. If you want to be successfully married, they have to take time to be so close to each other that every other thing does not matter. Schreiben Sie eine Kundenbewertung zu diesem Produkt und gewinnen Sie mit etwas Gluck einen 15,- EUR!
It really does take a lot of dreams and love, great excitement and effort, as well as many sacrifices to save money, in order to achieve a wonderful goal of having your own dream home.
If you are still debating deep in your heart and trying to weigh all pros and cons of buying versus renting, you will find the answer in your heart. Homeownership Pride is not just a purchase but a long-term commitment that will sure bring you pride. Buying your dream home now  and taking advantage of not only low home prices, but also historically lowest mortgage rates will definitely become a perfect recipe for a home appreciation once the market rebounds. If you home is your main residence, you get a very nice property tax deduction as well as mortgage interest deduction every year which can make a huge difference on your taxes and save money for many years to come.
So, what is the best way to save money to get to this so much desirable goal of owning a dream home? With this kind of investments you definitely have the benefit of safety and protection from risk of losing your hard-earned money; just like you have when you keep your savings in your bank that offers FDIC insurance. Whether you decide to invest your saved money in fixed rate bonds to ensure longterm savings or other forms of investments, always keep a close look at your investments. The post Fabulous Winter Adventure Travel Destination You’ll Love appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful. Nobody likes cold and gloomy weather, and many of us try to take a little vacation to make our winter season more fun and exciting.
So, if you are thinking about fun adventure travel after the holiday season, there are so many fabulous winter travel destinations to choose from!
If your adventure travel plans call for plenty of sun, fantastic hotels and resorts, lots of outdoor play time and tons of hiking opportunities –  Scottsdale, Arizona, is the place to go. Thus, no matter what time of the year you visit, you will have a great opportunity to enjoy lots of fun outdoor activities and adventures under breathtaking blue skies. There are 101 things to do and places to see in Scottsdale, but I wanted to mention at least a few that I like the most.
This park has something for every kid, big or little,  and will provide fun times for the whole family. Salt River Rafting offers guided raft trips in Arizona’s spectacular Upper Salt River Canyon which is close to Scottsdale. Experience the beauty of Arizona golf with perfect playing conditions and truly affordable rates. Troon North Golf Club is one of the most beautiful in Scottsdale and offers two magnificent courses with breathtaking views and unique design –  a must place to play.
The park itself has a nice large playground with multitude of swings and slides and lots of places to climb and explore. How about 600 (!) fantastic restaurants to choose from serving up regional and global specialties? No matter what type of cuisine you are craving for, you will find plenty of flavors to savor in Scottsdale, Arizona. Alto Ristorante at Gainey Ranch Resort will give you one of the most memorable dining experiences of all.
It is located in a breathtaking place with the view on the lake surrounded by Saguaro cactuses, beautiful waterfalls, pools and a winter garden.
Add to all of the above the outdoor activities, sporting events and concerts and most people don’t ever want to leave. Elena Moiseenko is the author of Adventure Travel Blog dedicated to providing people with optimistic outlook on life. The post Save Your Marriage: Six Steps to Setting Off a Loving Chain Reaction appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful. When a married couple begins having relationship trouble, they usually turn to counseling as a first line of defense against divorce. Although couples counseling can certainly help repair a rocky union, recent studies suggest that relationships improve even when just one spouse seeks out professional help.
According to a University of Denver study cited by The Wall Street Journal, marriage counseling is most effective when both spouses are on board with it.
Unfortunately, it’s all too common for one partner to be less than enthusiastic about seeing a therapist. In the University of Denver study, the results were the same for spouses who attended counseling without their partner versus couples who received counseling together.
For couples with just one participating spouse, the research also suggests that counseling is more successful when the female partner attends the sessions. From solving problems to handing out compliments, the gender divide is broad when it comes to conveying thoughts and feelings.
Whereas men tend to communicate via action, women typically express their feelings through speech. This explains why female partners get much more out of marriage counseling than their male counterparts.
Women who attend counselling alone generally learn tactics for how to cope with various problems that arise in a marriage.
Each one focuses on ways women can modify their behavior to have a positive influence on their relationships. After all, your husband won’t know if something is bothering you unless you tell him. If you have children, it’s easy to treat your husband as just another child to look after. Instead of hiding your anger behind a cold shoulder, address marital problems as soon as they occur. Trained family law attorneys, such as the domestic relations experts at Irwin Mitchell, can assist you in mediating serious disputes. With just a few small changes, you can make a big difference in your relationship and save your marriage. Whether your marriage is just a little unsettled or headed for calamity, positive change can rescue it from the brink of disaster.

Whether you follow the latest fashion trends or not, it is important to keep yourself well-groomed and quite stylish in order to make a good impression. In such tough economic times, disposable income is very tight, but it is possible to look and feel like a million bucks even on a budget. The post Fake it to Make it: Sneaky Fashion Tips appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful. Whether you follow the latest clothing trends or not, it is important to keep yourself groomed and pristine in order to make a good impression.
In such tough economic times, disposable income is in short supply but it is possible to look and feel like a million dollars even on a budget.
When it comes to fashion and beauty, it does come at a price tag however, there are a few sneaky fashion tips that will help you to fake it to make it. For every expensive hair product, skin range and makeup accessory there will be a secret fashion tip which will give you the same result at a cost-effective rate. Highlights can frame the face and you can do this yourself with a home highlighting kit which can be found at a supermarket.
Moisturizers, creams and overpriced serums can have a hefty impact on the purse strings, but there is a way to have flawless skin and the tip is a $2 tin of Vaseline. Makeup can be costly but the key is to use the right colors for your skin in order to save money. Every person’s skin tone will require a particular shade that is best for them so one way you can cut costs is to find a foundation that matches your natural coloring. Another fashion tip is that it isn’t necessarily the makeup that makes you look immaculate, but rather the way in which it is applied. By having the right tools, you can apply your blusher and eye shadow in a way which appears professional.
Beautiful manicured nails can set you apart and show others that you take great care in your appearance. But it can be expensive to get your nails done professionally at a salon every 4 weeks, so practice painting your own nails to perfect your craft.
You can buy nail files at regular supermarkets for a couple of dollars so you can keep them in perfect shape. If you don’t feel that confident in doing it yourself – why not make an evening of it and invite your friends round to do each other’s nails?
What are your fashion tips on how to save money and look gorgeous, stylish and fashionable on a budget? This article was provided by Hershesons, the specialists in clip on ponytails and hair extensions. From our seemingly automatic functions like breathing and our heartbeats to our emotions, how we move and how well we are able to think and process information – it all comes back to the brain.
This is why it is imperative that we take good care of our brains as well as the bodies that house them.
Of course, the best way to treat brain ailments is to do your best to keep them from happening in the first place (which, believe it or not, is sometimes something you can control) and that means keeping your brain as healthy as possible. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which encourages the release of endorphins, those handy little hormones that elevate our mood and help us maintain an emotionally healthy stasis throughout the day.
Physically speaking, the increase in blood flow helps the brain grow new blood vessels and neural pathways. One example used by the NIH is that foods rich in Omega-3s help maintain the brain’s synaptic function and plasticity.
There are also foods, particularly those that contain artificial hormones and chemicals, that can induce the production of certain hormones that dramatically affect how our brain produces hormones like serotonin, etc. Dark chocolate, for people with a sweet tooth (if dark chocolate can be called sweet) is also great for your brain’s health. Wearing head gear during certain sports like boxing, contact sports, etc is also vital to your brain’s health. Beyond this, keeping an eye out for potential obstacles is seemingly common sense, but is definitely worth mentioning. As we mentioned in our introduction, injuries like these can lead to extensive and invasive surgeries, surgeries that can cause more problems than they solve. We have already talked about how important physical exercise is for your brain’s physical, mental and emotional health.
By now everybody has heard that doing crosswords can reduce a person’s chances of developing Azheimers. Going out and learning new things has also proven to improve the neural connections in your brain, no matter how old you are.
Getting a good night’s sleep (the amount of sleep needed for proper brain health will vary slightly from person to person) is incredibly important for your brain’s physical and mental health. The point is: as much as your brain controls you, there are things you can do to control it as well. The post The Importance of Respecting your Healthcare Team appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful.
Things have become so bad that the lanyards for those working in the NHS have had to be adapted to take account of the fact that staff are being attacked at work on a regular basis.
If a nurse or doctor is snappier than normal, take the time to ask if they are OK rather than snapping back.
The post 4 Reasons to Enter a Race, No Matter What Your Ability appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful. There are more and more options available for the casual runner – events open to a broad spectrum from the committed five-times-a-week trainer to the wheelchair user with no previous experience of racing and the toddler that wants to run with a parent. No matter what your level of physical ability, you’ll be able to enjoy not just the race but your training in the months before the event. Pull on your running shoes, or take your wheelchair out onto the local streets, and put your body through its paces. You’ll learn that you can break through your barriers, pushing yourself and achieving new things, and will enjoy a sense of exhilaration that comes from going a little faster than yesterday, or traveling a little further. If you’re an ‘I can’t’ person, then you’ll see your attitude change to an ‘I can’ alternative, with that new positive outlook spreading to other parts of your life.
There will be members of staff or volunteers that are there to support the very last person as they make their way around the course, and the crowds that gather to watch will make every runner feel like a star.
You can even further your achievement by asking family and friends to sponsor you, so that each step you take is doing good for someone else. Going at your own pace will provide you with an opportunity to improve your fitness, without relying on others for your success.
The post Five Simple Tips For Staying Safe On The Road appeared first on Happy-Healthy-Successful. People drive the whole year round and each season has its own array of dangers when it comes to the roads.

Seat belt use is considered to be one of the best ways to save your life in the event of a car accident. It’s not just important that teens and children wear them, adults should lead by example.
Part of not being a distracted driver is ensuring that you see the big picture when you’re driving.
RHOC star Heather Dubrow and her husband Terry have worked in reality television for a long time and she is sharing her secrets to keeping the spice to her 17-year marriage in a brand new interview.
Starr, your comment popped up while I was reading the thread, only Heather would come out with a comment like that!
Her secret to a good marriage is Terry has balls the size of peas because Heather is so over bearing he would rather give into her than be belittled every minute they are together. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Phil, who recently celebrated his 39th wedding anniversary, shares three of his secrets for a peaceful and happy marriage. That means you would need to save about $40,000 for a down payment and 3-4% for closing costs which is $6,000-$8,000 for a total amount of about $46,000-$48,000. If you are budgeting wisely, you should be able to save up to 15-20% of your pay each month. This way every single day will get you closer to the goal of having your own home, sweet home.
Check back later to find out more on creative ways to save money, make money, get out of debt and budgeting tips. In that case, therapy can still have a positive impact on a marriage if one spouse decides to go it alone. The following six suggestions are among the most common strategies female partners take away from therapy sessions. Properly implemented, these changes can create a chain reaction that enriches even the most troubled marriage.
Speaking up when you sense a problem can help you and your spouse communicate more effectively and save your marriage. In many cases, successful mediation preserves the marriage and teaches spouses how to communicate more effectively.
Check back later to find out more about top fashion designers, fashion news, fashion tips etc. There is so much more to come! Hrayr Shahinian, a surgeon renowned by the Skull Base Institute, says that old school techniques that have been hard wired into doctors as “the only way to go” can prevent physicians and surgeons from treating patients in the best manner possible. Exercise is vitally important for both the physical health of your brain and for your emotional and mental health. Scientists have discovered that the foods you eat have a direct impact on the physical health of your brain. Hrayr Shahinian is fighting to develop and perform much less invasive techniques to rectify physical brain ailments. The ability to allow your brain to roam and to give it a break when things get stressful is important for your cognitive and emotional health.
Use the tips listed here as a framework for making sure your brain is as healthy as possible. Getting the pain or fear under control helps you to calm down and stay in control of your temper. Even if you think of running as a form of torture – something that you were forced to do at school and haven’t done again since – you’ll find that a run with inflatable obstacles, paint powder points or muddy ponds to wade through will begin to change your perspective. Enjoy the silence with time to think about your life, come up with answers to your problems and block out all of your daily worries, or turn your music up loud and experience the joy that comes from some time alone to listen to your favourite songs at maximum volume. Many of the more casual races (and some of the bigger major ones) celebrate every achievement with a medal that you can take home. So here is a reminder of some of the most important basic safety tips when it comes to driving. In fact, it seems that using this safety device can cut down the risk of serious injury by a half in the case of an accident. Also, make sure that younger children are in safety seats that are correctly out into the vehicle. Anything that takes your eyes or attention away from the road is a distraction and has the potential to cause an accident. If you have children in the car, pull over if you need to turn and tell them to settle down or get back in their seat belts.
Your focus should definitely not be on the things going on in your vehicle, aside from the gauges on your dashboard of course. If you are seeing all lanes of traffic and continually aware of the road you are on you will better be able to avoid an accident even if it’s another drivers fault. Not only could you lose your license, have your car impounded, go to jail and be fined, but you could also injure or kill another person. If you have an accident, your lawyer can help you deal with medical bills, court battles, and if you are at fault they may be even more important to you. We ate dinner in Maestros ( sorry if I’ve misspelt) sat at a table very close to Heather, Terry and a large bald guy. These are thumbnail pictures that show up beside your name when you leave a comment on this blog and the rest of the blogs you visit!
If you want to save your marriage, remember: until you address your concerns, they will go unresolved. Showing your spouse you enjoy being together is critical to making him feel loved and appreciated as an equal partner in life.
If you can’t walk, wheel around or ask someone to push your wheelchair whilst you do a little dance in your seat.
While you shouldn’t text, talk on the phone, or check your Facebook while driving, there are other things to avoid as well. I couldn’t help noticing Heather and Terry looked extremely happy and very much in love. The minute it’s cracked and lizards start coming in, it will be hard to find that lizards and throw them out. When you don’t pay your tithe, you have not committed yourself and your home will not be put together. When that is taken care of and you are God-fearing, as darts are coming from every angle, you are already fortified.

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