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At left is the Temple Floor Plan transformed into a figure of the Levite High Priest; and within the figure are 13 red numbers briefly explained below. 10.A  TEN LAVERS a€“ Five bronze water lavers were on the north and five on the south side, by the Porch.
The illustration below at right shows how the metals of the Templea€™s interior reveal the Metallic Messiah. Because their type and order parallel those of King Nebuchadnezzara€™s metal statue below, which itself symbolizes an unholy, secular messianic world ruler. For the interior gold plating of the Templea€™s Holy of Holies, Holy Place and Porch, see I Kgs. However, we remove the western cells a€“ also silver plated inside a€“ that form the turban (as shown at right) because we are viewing a nude man who is the counterpart of another nude man, Nebuchadnezzara€™s metallic statue, below.
Nebuchadnezzara€™s Metal Statue - The account of the huge metal statue that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon saw inA a dream is found in chapter 2:1 - 35 of the Book of Daniel,A  but our focus is primarily on vv. The four metals of Nebuchadnezzara€™s statue depict four successive world empires, symbolizing Mana€™s ungodly earthly rule until the Last Days, Daniel 2: 34, 35. Concerning the information directly above, someone wrote to another website claiming there was no proof that Solomon overlaid any walls with silver, totally ignoring I Chronicles 29:4.
The silver sockets on the south, north and west side formed a horseshoe like foundation on three sides of the Tabernacle a€“ as did the priestly cells of the Temple, compare Fig.
Finally, I have shown that the Temple wasalso in the hidden form of the Levite High Priest; and by law all priests were of the tribe of Levi.
3A Based on Ezekiel 41:6, Jewish bibles prefer 99 cells (3 floors x33 cells each), most others 90 cells (3x30). Notice: Verse citations used on this website are from the World English Bible online or some other public domain work. The purpose of breaking down the shieldz of the original 8 black-greek fraternities and sororities is an ital piece in the investigation of our claim that they are anti-Afrikan. For anyone who wants to dispute our claim that they are anti-Afrikan, I pose the question, this is not the early 1900s where blatant Afrikan groups were best to remain hidden, we are in a new millennium!
First, let's breakdown another name BGLOs (Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz) go by, the Pan-Hellenic Council. During this era, Greek culture was enforced over non-Greek people mainly through the direction of tyrant Alexander the (Not So) Great who called it the 'Hellenistic Civilization'. It must be noted the term 'Pan-Hellenic Council' used by BGLOs reflects the rooted deedz and barbaric lifestyle of both ancient and modern Greeksa€”not Afrikanz but Greeks; basically anything related to Greece in general, and ancient Greece in particular. So when we wonder how this loyal admiration trickled down to BGLOs, we find the Boule's influence. It is here we find all originated from the concept of the Boule's founderz, men who not only idolized the monstrous acts of Alexander and the cryptic Masonz, but the diabolical global white supremacist plots of Skull & Bones, aka the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati against people of color, Afrikanz in particular! The first black collegiate-level fraternity, founded on December 4th, 1906 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Back to the Alpha shield, you see three sphinxes (not Her-Em-Akhet) is facing west and not east. Founded January 5, 1911 at Indiana University, Bloomington by Elder Watson Diggs, aka 'The Dreamer', Dr. It's believed this frat never limited membership based on color, creed, or national origin. Omega Psi Phi was the the first Black national fraternal organization to be founded at a historically black college, founded November 17, 1911, at Howard University in Washington, D.C. The founderz were three Howard University juniorz, Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper, and Frank Coleman, and their faculty adviser, Dr.
Joel Spingarn, one of the founderz of the NAACP, and a jewish spy for the united states army, had the Spingarn medal started in 1914, and Ernest Just was the first recipient of the award, honoring the negro with the highest achievement (of selling out), and of course, we find Just was also a member of the Boulea€™! As well, you'll notice, as with their alleged 'sister sorority', Delta Sigma Theta, they have wreathes on their shield.
However, being we're dealing with numberz from a masonic and greek influence, 9 is depicted as an evil masonic number. Now, we all know this referz to a male homosexual (or cigarette in parts of europe), and this is a greek-rooted fraternity. The AKAs are infamously known for their selection process of memberz; called the 'Brown Paper Bag' test. What many dont' know is the AKAs weren't the only one's who used this Black-on-Black crime.
Founded on the campus of Butler University on November 12, 1922, by seven school teacherz in Indianapolis, Indiana: Mary Lou Allison, Gardner Little, Dorothy Hanley Whiteside, Vivian Irene White Marbury, Nannie Mae Gahn Johnson, Hattie Mae Annette Dulin Redford, Bessie Mae Downey Rhoades Martin, and Cubena McClure. Even if perhaps these founderz weren't aware of our Afrikan lineage in KMT (afterall, this was several decades before Geroge Granvile Monah (GM) James foundational work, 'Stolen Legacy' which was published in 1954), we can see the generationz that have come pst thei founderz have kept the tradition! In closing, as more Afrikanz who pledged these organizationz begin to break away, more information is being shared with us.
Now, unless you've read books by Cheikh Ante Diop, Chancellor Williams (Destruction of Black Civilization), Charles Finch, or Anthony Browder (to name a few), you may continue to feel my attempts are comical, but I assure you, there's NOTHING FUNNY about our stolen history, and more so, the spell we continue to be under going against one of our ancient axiomz, 'Know Thyself!" So if you are not interested in true history, yeah, you are wasting your time! In all the connections you have unearthed to masonry and illuminati, I am saddened since I've known for years how they go against God even without their knowledge. All in all I'd like to say I'm an intellectual who is making efforts to put God first and your information is part of my research and necessary in helping me put God first in my actions.
I'm not going to judge your decision to join despite what you've learned from our works, but I will ask this, if this is your plan (to change), why not consider doing the same in joining the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)?! I find too many hedz think they can go in and change something that predates them by almost 100 yearz! Although I have no problem continuing dialogue with you, I want to highlight something you said that is disturbing (although I'm sure it was said not to be taken 100% literal). There are several Afrikan-centered fraternities around the country worthy of consideration—if enlightenment is what you desire. I challenge you to do continued research so you can not only do yourself proud, but your Ancestorz and the ensuing hedz to follow! Bottom line, our energies should be focused on creating and organizing Afrikan-based groups who foundation is based SOLEY on the emancipation of our people. Ask yourself, if the Ku Klux Klan started allowing non-white memberz to join and they conducted similar charity efforts, do you see yourself participating? All these charitable works are good, but what's missing is the fact these Black organizationz suffer from an identity crisis!
BGLOs are "supposed" to represent the Talented 10tha€”the best our people have to offer, yet we're still choosing out of ignorance to be any and everything else under the Sun EXCEPT Afrikan! So in closing, I don't expect you to respond, nor to even look at any of the links I attached.
M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE:That's your opiniona€”which by the way, has no base 'cause you list nothin' you're in dispute of. Author of Stolen Legacy, George GM James, said it best, "Greek mythology is STOLEN Afrikan History!" If you choose to uphold the plagiaristic cultural (de)values of historical enemies to Afrikan people, that is truly your prerogative, but it does not negate or undo the catastrophic acts they've done and continue to do to our people. Now, if you wanna dispute my info (as you self-proclaimed to be a "strong student of great 8 history"), why not come with some particularz, B? M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: I would say yes mainly because the root of BGLO's (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) trace their influence by both memberz of the masonic sect as well as the Boule' (Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc) who states in their own history book on pg 28 that they wanted their organizationz base to be just like Skull&Bones at Yale. At this day and age where it is way past due for our "black" organizationz to strip any and everything greek associated and instead, PROUDLY flaunt our Afrikan-ness, I would be skeptical of any organization that uses name associationz with oppressorz of Afrikan people. Even challenge them to explain not only their history, but what is their plan to embrace Afrika. How you're equating Black Greek Lettered Organizationz (BGLOs) with greece showz how feeble minded you are! The challenging thing is there are not a lot of couter-sources out herea€”which led me to writing the series. You will find in my works I do give credit and recite influences and sources (Steve Cokely, George GM James, etc). Keep exercising your First Amendment right, because as you indicated, it is nothing wrong with looking at something from a different perspective. Man, every one of these organizations are really truly different in terms of there founding, oaths and principles on which they were built. Maybe your frustrated with all the negative feed back your getting from the people and thats probably because they have seen things that are lies in your posting.
Your response is a joke to me because you come off like you have all the answerz a€” and I mean, ALL (of each organizationz shield) a€” yet you provide NO evidence of such knowledge at all! In addition, in the Boule's history book, 'History of Sigma Pi Phi: First of the Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities', written by Boule' and alpha phi alpha member, Charles H. I've also attached a picture showing Just with other memberz of the Boule' in January, 1912.
The photo alone disputes your claim BGLOs (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) are different because we see here one group, the highest of all, comprising of memberz from several fraternities and if you look at the roster, you will find most if not all are part of some frat a€” as required.
You could easily dress as a Hogwarts student, either a specific character or make up a new character for yourself.
You could go as one of the wizards or witches that are named in the books, many of which are not shown in the movies.
Ready-to-Wear: Here are some online vendors that carry Harry Potter costumes and accessories. Historical Mix and Match: Wizards and Witches wear some very interesting combinations of historical styles and modern dress.
Its architectural floor plan in conjunction with the layout of its furnishings reveals aA Temple Man composed of three biblical luminaries: Jacob, the Levitical High Priest, and a Metallic Messiah figure.
PRIESTSa€™ CELLS as a TURBAN1A A west side a€“ Gold and silver bullion, I Kings 7:51, was likely stored here. PRIESTSa€™ CELLS, south and north sides a€“ These are the arms.A A A  Only one ingress is given, I Kings. TWO LARGE STARS a€“ These are two 10-cubit tall cherubs of gold plated olive wood, I Kings. SEA OF BRONZE, TWELVE BULLS a€“A  This was a huge basin full of water for the priests to wash their hands and feet (II Chronicles 4:2).
And just as Mana€™s rule is summed in one man of various metals, so too Goda€™s forthcoming reign is portrayed by a single Metallic MessiahA of three metals.

Jewish kings were anointed by having olive oil a€“ symbolizing illumination a€“ poured on their heads so that they might know how to rule their nation.
Yet all the bible translations Ia€™ve consulted, both Jewish and non-Jewish, include this verse with its silver walls. The common priests wore a migbaah, usually translated as bonnet or cap,from the root term gibaah, meaning a hill or small hill , either of which resembles an inverted bowl. Oracle is the closest English equivalent to debir because it may refer to the response of a deity, the place where the deity speaks, or to a prophet or priest who speaks for the deity.
All artwork used on this site and originally created by Tony Badillo is copyrighted, as is public domain artwork from others that has been radically altered. To familiarize yourself so you're able to follow, peep the DGTv Video Article, 'Numerical Mystereez'. Let's not be naive, Afrikanz, to think the emblemz and numerical placement is mere coincidence.
This name dates back to the Hellenic Republic (or the modern Greek state), also called the Helladic Period known by historianz as the Bronze Age dated 2800a€“1100 BC. First, when we look at the Boule's logo and see the tetragrammaton, we see 9 squares: 8 being the first 4 Black frats (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and the first 4 Black sororities (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho). What's deep is we find this stemz connection to Masonry and can also seen on the Boule's logo. Trust, they didn't just say have the sphinx face any way as if it didn't matter; it was done for a (subliminal) reason!
As well, you will see the three sphinx hedz fixed above and under what appearz to be two castle wallz, again symbolizing the dayz of Camelot. As shared by an ex-Sigma, the 13 rayz on the shield meanz 3 Founderz, 9 Charter memberz, and the last ray represent the new member that joined. Simply, in order for one to be considered elgible to rush (begin pledge process), they had to be lighter than the brown paper bag. In Otis Grahams, Our Kind of People, noted the brotherz of Alpha Phi Alpha as well as a few otherz incorporated this! This is either out of ignorance or the're maintaining the fulfillment of an oath taker in keeping the traditon of preference toward greek mythology opposed to Afrikan historical fact! But until you KNOW some truth about the things you're discussing, I'd suggest not embarrassing yourself with calculated assumptions. In fact, what's even more embarrassing is one who considerz themselves 'educated' yet consciously chooses to remain ignorant of origin and affiliationz of their organization!
But I've taken into consideration that these connections are such because as evil as the masons are, they are successful. I feel being a member of a fraternity, should not impede on that plan as long as I bring my light to the organization and revolutionize it and not let it misguide me. However, I'm a firm believer you can never turn a weed into a rose; once a weed, alwayz a weed. Since you read what I have on my site and did diligence that confirm my writingz, I find it puzzling to hear you still intend to join. As heirz to the void of this work not being done, many, including probably yourself, may think it can only be done through BGLOs. Just getting them to remove the word 'Greek' is not enough, there must be a complete Sankofa and once that is done, when Afrikanz truly know the historic and almost complete annihilation of our people at the handz of the greeks, persianz, romanz, asianz, and everyone in between, these organzationz will cease to exist. True, these organizationz have their "fair share" of charity work, but the fact they do this under the banner of culture bandits is the issue! Many Black greeks don't realize there was NOT a harmonious relationship our Afrikan Ancestorz had with the greeks. Mentor); and how oxymoronic it is for BGLO graduates to wear an 'Kente' Stole with 'Greek' letterz! In the ancient dayz of the Nile Valley of Kemet (erroneously called Egypt), "Ignorance is a Sin" was written on Pyramidz and other structures throughout. But I do challenge you to exercise your mind and overstand the cycle IS being broken, Afrikan people are waking up knowing you can still do charity works under Afrikan named, symboled, and missioned organizationz as a more effective alternative. If you disagree with what I said, then you're just plain ignoring OUR-story and instead, settling for your "master's" HIS-story.
My question to you is whether or not that you think that there's Illuminati and satanic influence in all fraternities and sororities, Greek lettered or not. If you've read the entire Boule' Series, you still wishing for thingz to go well in joining, I don't know what more I can say!
I have 2 cousins who have just pledged into Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma something something (fraternity). I've found through the yearz since writing this series there's been many, if not more, like you who sought holistically before joining than memberz who've gotten out because of what they found.
With BGLOs (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) at the forefront of what's deemed as elite, or what WEB DuBois coined as the "Talented 10th", why are we still celler dwellerz on the socio-economic- and spiritual ladder? But I will also say because the side I present has been concealed and thus, unpopular out of ignorance, a significant amount of it comes merely from self analyzing, common sense, and due diligent research plus the ability to connect the dots.
It's as if to say, I will not believe what you're saying unless someone else said it or it has to be published in a book somewhere. I have been able to analyze and evaluate things the average person would not get if I told them word for word. The reason people don't wanna give you the real truth about the shields are not because there protecting them or there brain washed its because that particular knowledge is earned. A Its a free world post what you want i'm just trying to help you if you could read between the lines. Where you got that I don't know, but you are correct in my mission to share with Afrikanz our culture as well as those who go against it.
It is not my mission to convince you, if you disagree, you can do your own research and come to your own conclusion.
You speak of your soon departure from your frat, yet you reveal nothing to clear up the inaccuracies you claim I published. Albeit true, I know an active member of one who wants to protect their organization wouldn't tell me a€” I get it. You can dispute that all you want, but I know you can't even be considered a person of interest for the Boule' unless you're a member of the Pan-HELL-enic council! First, decide who you will be for the evening and then use the resources below to help create your look!
Click here for a comprehensive list of wizards and witches that are in Harry Potter's world. Maybe you could mix items from all the other costumes in your closet to create a great new look. Tabnit is also related to banah, which means to build a structure or house a€“a€“A  or to raise children, since a a€?housea€? may also refer to a family. 8:8) a€“ depict extended nostrils smelling the sweet smoke from the Incense Altar in the Holy Place. This is national Israel as the light to the world, and the world is the 70 nations of Genesis 10. What matters is their arrangement or pattern and that such a pattern is reproduced in the layout of theA  Templea€™s priestly cells (a€?housesa€™) with silver plated walls, I Chronicles 29:4. Some will claim it simply meanz 'the flaming torch of reason' or that it rep's the Sun in the sky. Is it for the advancement of Afrikan people or to further conceal the fact that these organiztionz serve as breeding groundz of eurocentric values?! Maybe you should consider devoting your energies and passions to something meaningful and fruitful. True, I do not know everything, never said I did, but have said I intend to find and share what I find. I'm an undergraduate student at Fisk University and I am interested in pledging next semester. And I think our black frats and sorroities basically just follow a template set by masons and not so much the the overall plan within masonry.
And as long as these organizationz keep their history book (which is required reading) and ritualz, the only change you may see will be superficial.
When we Afrikan people STOP adopting the character of our enemies, oppressorz, etc, we will overstand the true essence of 'word, sound, power' and the importance of identifying not only who we are, but who our collective enemy is! BGLOs are century-plus organizationz (along with NAACP, Urban League, etc), whose foundationz are not based on Afrikan Self-Determination but on european self-DEPENDENCE. We who know the real history on the creation of BGLOs must stand up and do what's right for both to honor the memory of our Ancestorz as well as the ensuing youth so that they will know who they are, and where they stand in the world! You say The Elite Eight, now the Divine Nine, are NOT socio-economic groups looking to advance African Americans and positively impact our communities, yet they've done so much. They, along with the Persianz, Romanz, and countless otherz were invaderz, murdererz, and plagiarist's of Afrikan culture AND her peoplea€”how you think most of us got here to America?!!?
African-American') who have the highest career advancement and earning potential, yet may be just as ignorant about our historical relationship to the world as the rest of us who live in financial and educational poverty in our "ghetto's". For instance, do you think that organizations such as Greek lettered Honor Societies and independent organizations such as the National Society of Pershing Angels, Inc. It doesn't help their own website isn't active; I'd have to do some further research before I comment. Of all the collegiate graduates we have, why can they STILL only apply for jobz ran by non-Afrikan people??
The best way is to take something one presents (using my works as an example) and do the research to validate it for yourself or prove them wrong.
You are more confused than the people that join with out fully understanding the roots such as myself. A With that being said, I can tell you with out a doubt the information you have about the shield of omega psi phi is totally wrong and i'm not being defensive or anything cause like i said before i'm not feeling the frat.
There are people that gave up more than you ever could imagine to be apart of the groups and there not just about to hand it over to you especially with your not accurate criticism and your obnoxious sounding responses to the history you dug up and the history you got from your ex organization, trying to somehow relate it to everyone else's history. I'm gonna leave you with this because I respect you and because I know what your trying to do.
Because although you might know somethings my knowledge surpasses yours on every level and if I wanted i could pick you apart and make you look like a fool with your CURRENT assumptions.

As well, if you choose, you can present this rebuttal to me, but a rebuttal can only be when one presents their findingz, not some emotional rah-rah nonsense like you sent me. The first two decades of the 1900s was a crucial period, one that laid the path of confusion we Afrikanz suffer from today. The most infamous Knights who wore those were from King Arthur and his Knights Templar (or of the Round Table) of which Skull&Bones, the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, also goes by the name, The Round Table Group!
Just and lists his AB from Dartmouth, PhD from UC, and his profession as Biology Prof at Howard. You must be blind or in denial, for what I see is one of your founderz in a photo taken with his fellow brotherz in the Boule', of which, I reiterate again, and this time I quote, Boule' founder "[Dr.
Thus, in DeuteronomyA  4:16-18 the Israelites are forbidden making any likeness, form, or figure of a human or beast for worship.
Thus, in Ruth 4:11 Rachel and Leah, the two wives of Jacob (later renamed Israel), are called the a€?buildersa€? of the House of Israel.
The common priesta€™s cap or bonnet, Exodus 28:40, was more globular, resembling an inverted bowl.
They may also symbolize Shabbat (the Sabbath) multiplied 10 times, implying a messianic age of worldwide rest (meaning peace).
In other words, as he slept a€“ unbeknownst to him a€“ his head and body became a model for the Temple that was eventually built atop Mount Moriah by King Solomon (2 Chronicles 3:1).
This also implies that the Tabernaclea€™s gold plated wooden frame (above at right), Exodus 26:29, relates to the Templea€™s gold plated walls. Apollo is the father of Asclepius which is just a pirated version of the greek deification of Imhotep, the original 'Father of Medicine'.
It must be noted, the Fasces is also a symbol used by the Illuminati — and we know they have some strange man-on-man ritualz! If everyone is writing to tell you that your got their shields wrong, rest assured, you did. Throw around as many names as you like, but that doesn't negate the fact that you are attempting to teach about things you haven't learned.
It would make me more than happy to hear back from you and continue this conversation when I do become greek. Because we must be clear on exactly what entities FOUND these organizationz; who are they, were they Afrikan (NO), and since they weren't, what was their motive for finding black organizationz FOR black people, but not STARTED or INFLUENCED by them! Sure, your self-inflicted sacrifice may slow it to 99mph, but here's the dilemna: how do you convice otherz to do the same when they see the result?!!? You may feel you can change them from the inside, but I assure you, it is not going to happena€”it's been tried before by many.
Instead of spending your time trying to bash these groups why don't you do something to assist the Men of Phi Beta Sigma and their Sigma Beta Club where they mentor and gives thousands in scholarship money. However, today, ignorance is bliss because the less we know of ourselves, the more we try to mimic our oppessor (read, 'Ignoring History Perpetuates the Myth of White Supremacy'). I will say this though, Phi Peta Kappa, which today is known to be an Honor Society was originally the first chapter of the Illuminati. I can say digging until you find something you think relates doesn't help the problem it creates one. A A Omega Psi Phi has nothing to do with Skull and bones or anything like that and I KNOW you know that. Are you sayin' one of your founderz, Ernest Just is not the first recipient of the Joel Spingarn medal?!
Almost everyday I get inquiries and comments (good and bad) from hedz who are memberz, soon-to-be-ex's (as yourself), as well as GDIs (gotdam individualz). The Boule', the Pan-HELL-enic Council (four fraternities and four sororities), the Niagara Movement (1905), NAACP (1909), Urban League (1910), are a few ital pieces who became strong visual and silent opposition to Marcus Garvey's movement.
Look at all the crowd scenes in the Harry Potter movies, such as Diagon Alley and the Quidditch World Cup to get great ideas for your costume. This is tabnita€™sA  link to buildings, ordinary houses, human beings, and the human body temple, as shown below. 3; and later it is said his two wives are the a€?buildersa€? of the House of Israel, Ruth.
The Tabernacle and Temple had similarities, and the correlation of the silver sockets and silver cells is one of them.
In masonry, it has a numerical value of 9, for the 9 squares also resemble a checkerboard with 72 black and white squares. But until somone(s) willing to fully explain them (and most don't even know themselves), we will continue to do the research and reveal our findingz here. You are correct, I do NOT have respect for ANY organization that parades as one for the enlightenment and socio-, political, and spiritual advancement of Afrikan people. And if that's your goal, trust, you're wasting your timea€”I tried unsuccessfully when I was a member. Aspiring to become part of a cultural cult who's responsible for the theft, decay, AND murder of millionz of our people is Mentacide in it's true form!! Why don't you donate to Zeta Phi Beta's Stork's Nest organization, which assist young single mothers and educate them about child care. I am asking because I am thinking about pledging the sorority National Society of Pershing Angels, Inc. So, before I got excited about pledging I began my journey of research; up until your website all I read was the repetitiveness of brotherhood or sisterhood but no real answers.
Your theory would mean any symbol you see with an the letter X has affiliations with skull and bones A I know your also intelligent enough to know that we have nothing to do with apollo. A We probably will never know the full truth about the original origins and beliefs of fraternities and sororities and thats a FACT! Was Spingarn not an influential founder of the National Association for the Advancement of CERTAIN People?!!? True, there are very few blacks who think they're greek, or 'memberz of black greek-lettered organizationz' are actually happy with my writingz.
What most don't know is that it's documented that Imhotep was the 1st person ever to perform C-Sectionz. I was also told the shield is double-sided with certain parts having esoteric meaning as well.
It's about Afrikan people choosing in 2012+ to RECLAIM their Afrikan heritage and REMOVE any and all non-Afrikan affiliationz. It's also clear your greek-based, ritualized, and centered organization is more important to you than righting the atrocities that have been done against us.
It was short for Black Artisan which is a name I adopted after reading about the harlem renaissance. The time wasted (which, as you said, would consume our lifetime) to change something that's rooted in the physical, spiritual, and mental bondage of Afrikan people should be classified as the late Dr. Or your time could go towards shedding light on the Alpha Kappa Alpha's Emerging Young Leaders program where they mentor and teach young girls (starting at 6th grade) how to be a leader in their community. Because all of the real hardcore i live and die for omega bruhz out there are gonna be defensive and abrasive and actually not get the message your trying to teach. What is it published that was incorrect besides two of your founderz being in the field of medicine instead of the three I initially published a€” which, by the way, seemz to contradict your claim of there only being one (Cooper and Just)! Most ignore it or will send an 'emotionally-laced-with-no-rebutting-data' response (like yourself).
Jacob, therefore, constructed a human temple, a house of twelve tribes (plus the Levites) and centuries later these twelve, with hired Phoenician craftsmen, raised Solomona€™s stone temple, the a€?House of Goda€™.
I would think the founderz of Omega Psi Phi would know this because two of the four founderz studied in the field of medicine (Cooper and Just), but then again, it was 1911, so maybe not — but what about now?!
The history of greece and it's relation to Afrika and her people is a subject seldom studied among many INCLUDING BGLO memberz.
I don't know where I'm truly going with this email since I am not greek as of yet and naturally I cannot speak on what I haven't practiced.
I believe that we can break chains of mental slavery that has been put upon us as Black people. If they did, I can understand why it might not've been smart to put an Afrikan (Imhotep) on their shield in the early 1900s in place of the wreathes, but it's 2000-somethin', why not now?! I just felt the need to say that though all of what we see may not be coincidence in correlation to our oppressor, I'm an optimist (even if that makes me a fool I can't help but be one.) and I believe that every new generation of black greeks comes closer to realizing this and the meanings they teach may not be cover up but instead redefinition in order to change the eurocentric influence to what the original cause was meant to be and is currently characterized to be. I only ran across this site because i was looking for an domestic violence prevention organization that the ladies of (MY greek letter organization) and the Men of Omega Psi Phi can partner with. Some parts seems emotionally driven because when I tried to look it up somewhere else it didn't appear. And I would definitely agree that greek culture is a stolen entity and that we should strive to change some of the symbols one uses on shields and such. Trust, you're not the first (although there's only been a few, including myself) who wanted to Re-Afrikanize BGLOs (Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz)! This site is a waste of my time and briefly distracted me from my goal which is community outreach.
I wish your websites gave reference to other sites or books where I can find more information. I know knowledge is earned and the earning process isn't an easy onea€”hence one's reason to protect it.
Try focusing your energies on something positive and uplifting instead of trying to tear down. That being said, my question to you is "what happened that sparked this site, sparked you dismissing yourself from your organization?" I always see love being displayed, so what caused you to dive into the research and eventually leave?
I wish you could have remained in your organization with the mindset of changing it, since that would allow you to be in the best position to do so.

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    Chopra Center Meditation app for engaging in mindfulness exercises throughout the the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona.