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A secret society is a secret lot only available with the University expansion pack for The Sims 2. If Nightlife or later is installed, the player is able to access a Sim's inventory, so it is possible for the playable Sim to take objects on the Secret Society lot home with them. For each of the pre-made universities, the game generates what is essentially the same group of characters, wearing the same "everyday" clothes, to be in the university's secret society. Some players have observed that, in a custom university with a secret society, the initial members of the society will look like the ones from Sim State University, but members of the other secret societies may be among them as well.
To gain maximum advantage for joining the secret society, make sure the Sim who is joining is tired by 11pm, they will be re-energized on arrival at the secret society.
In order to join a secret society, the playable young adult Sim must become friends with at least three members of the secret society.
Rather than being those Sims with yet another set of randomly generated names, they will be different Sims with different personalities. Otherwise, the only available option is "Go Home", which calls the limo to take the Sim back home.

If Open for Business or later is installed, doors can be locked, though they normally cannot be locked on community lots. Members sometimes wear a black blazer with a llama emblem on the front, but may also wear ordinary clothes. Additional townie secret society members are created if too many of the initial ones are made playable, killed off, etc. A Sim who is on a secret society lot will be able to declare or change majors by using a computer, but not by using a phone. However, it appears that hamburgers are available at any time of day on a secret society lot. If Seasons is installed, the season on the secret society lot will not change with the season on the visiting Sim's home lot.
Keep in mind that the three friends do not necessarily have to be members of the original (i.e. Pre-made secret society lots also have career rewards and aspiration rewards from the University expansion pack and the base game. Secret societies have their own funds; money spent on on a secret society lot comes from the society's funds, not the Sim's.

Once a Sim has befriended three Sims in the secret society, they will be arrested some time between 11pm and midnight by one of the police officers in a black Llama blazer (not a member of the secret society as one might think). Likewise, money from selling items on the secret society lot, or money earned by using aspiration or career rewards on lot, goes to the society, not the Sim. Also, if a Sim goes to a final exam while on the secret society lot, any money received for semester grades will go to the society, not the Sim.
If the officer cannot get to the Sim, the scenario will be interrupted and the officer will leave.
However, any money a Sim earns on the lot will count toward the total amount he or she has earned. Even the "jockeying for position" that Sims sometimes do before they interact is enough to interrupt the scenario and cause the officer to leave.
Only one Sim per household can join the secret society per day, so if a household has two Sims that meet the requirement, only one will be taken.

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