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In order to become a full member of the i-Sparks community you need to register and create a login. Enjoy extensive membership benefits such as a Getting Started Guide, complimentary project management coaching, help funding your project through crowdsourcing. Social Change – what an abstract topic!  And, what a pragmatic way of saying we are experiencing change and want to stay in control of it. In either way, social change is about us, our environment, what happens to us, what we want to, hesitate or will make out of it. Through i-Sparks, community members can share, discover, develop, test and perform new and borderless ways of problem solving, idea generation, successful project creation and execution.  Membership is free and registration only takes a minute. These social sites allows you to build a dynamic community that can become your regular website visitors or more ideally, your loyal clients. Even companies who have embraced social media, very few have succeeded and the reason is they did not take to understand that shift and articulate why they were doing it in the first place. After countless requests, Facebook is giving users a feature they’ve been clamoring for: a Dislike button. Just this week, I was having a great conversation with a client about the love they’re getting on Tumblr from their customers.
To see new possibilities and pending implications requires you to let go of old beliefs and learn to understand new beliefs.

Google+ is a game changer for many things – the way people follow, share, converse, contribute, connect, collaborate and co-create. Just as people can give the thumbs up to posts that make them smile, soon they’ll have the ability to give a thumbs down to content that makes them experience less positive emotions. Their customer base skews slightly younger than average – think 15-25 – and we talked about the different social media platforms that were most relevant to their audience.
Subsequently people and organizations find themselves stuck in managing irrelevant processes and messages which means they lose productivity and worse yet any chance for making progress. Knowledge of your system comes from understanding operational processes that support efficient and effective throughput which enhances the end results. But only when these changes do not interfere with our habits, daily routines, and accustomed schedules.
If the markets behavior changes and the buyer finds better products, better ways to get the product and more efficient interaction during the process then your old system gets disrupted.
Changing ones philosophy isn’t about seeing things as they were rather seeing things as they could be. Without understanding what and how an innovation means you could be out of touch with a significant shift on the horizon.
Small companies, entrepreneurs, creative people who share their work on Instagram were very upset because they worry that their posts would be pushed down in feed by accounts with thousands followers and hundreds likes.

Even smart CATS can see that a changing our feeds from chronological order is a bad idea!!! The filters can be colors, can be categories and so on.Pinterest video adsYour Pinterest experience is about to get richer and more interactive — with video ads, that is. Video ads have been a consideration for the company for a long time, with the launch of Cinematic Pins in May of 2015. The company is also testing the video ad product internally.Sources are saying that the videos autoplay when a user stops scrolling over them. The ideal video length is still being determined.The video ads will not replace Cinematic Pins and is meant to complement them.What do you feel about changes in the Social Media and the way they work?
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