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Us authors crave rave reviews, a spot on the bestseller list, a movie adaptation—but I tell you this: Nothing has filled me with more joy than the notion that Jackson assembled a diorama depicting scenes from my book with Legos.
For your reading pleasure, here is a transcript from Jackson’s book report along with photographs of scenes from his Lego tribe. Not only did Jackson give the novel a thumbs up (thank you, Jackson), but he pulled out all the stops by MAKING HIS REPORT OUT OF LEGOS. He is different than me because he has crazy outgoing personality and I’m quiet and reserved.

Some of the special characters in the book include Spencer, Sully, Peashooter, Compass and Yardstick. The climax of this book is when Yardstick creates a potion to get revenge on all the bullies.
And super-special thanks to the Zambitos for bring Jackson, Ronin and Nate to the reading last night! Then eventually in the book Spencer falls in love with Sully and on the very last day of school Sully carves a heart with her name and Spencer’s name in it on one of the teachers desks!

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