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Possibly includes high altitude hiking of up to 6 hours per day or activities of a similar nature.
Note: If you have any questions concerning the requirements or the unique demands for your particular tour package, please feel free to contact one of our helpful Travel Consultants for further information.
Leisure: enjoy your tour in a slow pace, allowing plenty of time for photography, you will see the most famous attractions, and spend plenty amount of time in each destination. Comfortable: enjoy your tour in a comfortable pace, you will see most popular attractions, and spend reasonable amount of time in each attraction. Tight: enjoy your tour at a tight pace, as you will be able to see as many tour attractions as possible in the available amount of time. If your flight arrive at Lhasa early, you can take a short visit to the Nyethang Buddha which is coveniently located along the road, approximately 20km from Lhasa. After arrival at your hotel, the rest of the day is free for you to explore the local area and acclimatize yourself to this high altitude city at the top of the world. Take the challenge of climbing up to Potala Palace (3,700m above sea level) and get a great view of Lhasa’s urban areas.
Finally, join locals in a traditional pilgrimage route by taking a relaxing walk in a large circular path around Jokhang Temple at Barkor Street. This trip is ideal for those with limited time but still want to see the major attractions in Tibet and be a bit adventurous.
Conditions: This tour is moderately challenging, as the maximum altitude is over 5,000 meters above sea level. Best time: Namsto Lake will be closed from December to March, so the best time to take this tour is from April to November.
You can either shorten this tour to meet your planning travel time, or extent the journey to other Chinese cities. Service Charge (the planning, handling, operational and communication charges) & government taxes. Personal expenses such as laundry, drink, fax, telephone call, optional tour activities, etc. While the trip of a lifetime is priceless, we know value is a vital aspect for those deciding which tour to choose. Additional cancellation fees, if applicable, imposed by the service providers other than Tibet Discovery tours (i.e.
While this is the official policy, in cases where our customers face unexpected and unavoidable problems, we can sometimes offer a more generous refund.
Before the trip: Before your trip, feel free to contact our Travel Consultants for any further information you need.
During the trip: If you have any questions or concerns during your trip, please do not hesitate to contact us.
After the trip: Once you have returned home and have had a chance to settle back in, we’d love to hear from you.
Private Tibet Tour Package means you will have your own private local tour guide, private vehicle and private driver for your group.
You have the flexibility to arrange the group activities accorddingly, such as changing the visiting order of attractions or extending the visiting time of certain place. If you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, a private tour for your group is ideal.

Local Tour GuidesOur tour guides are born and raised in the regions we visit so they know all the potential difficulties and how to avoid them. For clothing, we suggest casual style and layered clothing because temperatures in Tibet vary greatly during a day. For medicines, we suggest that you take some pain-killer pills with you and enough medicine for colds, diarrhea, nausea and fever. Note: You don't have to worry about your luggage in trekking tours as we could hire abelly boy and Yak and Yak man to carry your luggage for you during the trekking section of the tour. Taking a Tibet tour with Tibet Discovery, our tour guide will take care of you and give advice on how to avoid high altitude sickness on arrival.
All foreign tourists and Taiwan tourists must apply for a Tibet Entry Permit issued by the TTB (Tibet Tourism Bureau) for entry to Lhasa or any other parts of the Tibet Autonomous Region.
Free time: During the free time of your trip, like the rest of the first day and the last day before departure, you can walk around on your own and do some shopping if you wish. I was suffering a little bit from the high altitude sickness on the first day, but got better on the following days. According to our experience, most people will be fine up to 3500m above sea level, as the altitude go higher up to 4500m, mild symptoms as shortness of breath, headache might occur. You will be picked up by local tour guide at the airport hall or train station, then be escorted to your hotel in Lhasa city in a private vehicle. Built in more than 700 years ago, the Nietang Buddha is the largest and highest stone Buddha in Tibet, and was colorfully painted by deep colors of golden, red, blue and black. Go for some walking to acclimate the high altitude but avoid strenuous activity after arrival; 2.
Great photographic opportunities along the way up as you will have a great view of the traditional Tibetan architecture.
The street is filled with pilgrims taking part in religious activities and street venders selling a wide variety of traditional Tibetan goods and religious items.
Don't climb the Potala in a rush, which may cause hard breath; 2 Please try not to disturb pilgrims.
From a day spent exploring the intricate architecture of Potala Palace to experiencing the unique beauty of Namtso Lake, experience Tibet the way it is meant to be experienced. In April the lake is frozen and tends to have a unique appearance, though it is quite cold. Our tours are designed to ensure that our customers experience all the culture, history, and beauty that Tibet has to offer, and at a reasonable price.
This policy’s indemnity is relatively low, so if you would like a more inclusive plan, then it is best to purchase one in your home country before your departure.
All of our tours are fully customizable, so if you are not satisfied with any part of a tour package, just let us know and our expert Travel Consultants will do their best to design the perfect tour for you. Your Travel Consultant will do his or her best to resolve any problems you have and ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible. We welcome your comments, suggestions, pictures, and whatever else you want to share with us about your trip. They are highly trained, speak excellent English and know the local myths, traditions and history which they will share with you.
Some nasal ointment andthroat-moistening pills will be of great help for those who are sensitive tochilly weather conditions.

Our customers age range from 20 years old to 70 years old, there is no evidence that suggests that age has anything to do with the occurrence of mountain sickness. A bottle of oxygen will be prepared for each person for emergency use when the tour includes visiting places like Mt.
Journalists and people involved with political matters (such asdiplomats and government officials) require more complicated procedures to beissued a permit. The cost of a Chinese Visa is not included in our tour, so you have to apply for your China Visa in your country by yourself. I wanted to say thankyou so much for organising a fabulous trip and being so helpful and responsive!
My travel consultant of your company was fast enough to answer my E-mail and patient enough to answer my questions.2. You may include tour guide, driver, accommodation, meals, sights, or anything else that happened during your trip. West not far from the Buddha is the Nyethang Monastery where the famous ancient Indian Buddhist master Atisha meditated and taught Buddhism.
Hear the story of the Dalai Lamas and see chapels that the Dalai Lamas studied, rested and worked in.
If you like you can also ask your tour guide take you to visit a Thangka workshop to marvel at the fabulous Thangka art work. We are always striving to improve our customers’ experiences, and also love to hear about their adventures! Wherever you travel, our guides are the key that unlocks each destination and make the trip memorable and unique.
If you have any question in terms of applying a China visa and filling out the application form, feel free to contact our Travel Consultant. In most cases, the symptoms are mild and will subside in several hours to several days as the body acclimatizes. Pass former Dalai Lamas’ graves which are decorated with treasure beautiful treasures. Enter the first floor of the temple and absorb the religious atmosphere, you will see pilgrims are donating butter oil to keep the lights burning for the Buddha. The scenery you will see during the ride is impressive, so be sure to take the opportunity to take pictures! While learning about more Buddhas and Lamas than you can possibly remember you will gain a feeling for the vast history of Tibetan Buddhism.
Always remember that if you have any problems or feel uncomfortable, please tell your guide immediately or contact our travel consultant. Some customers may have mild high altitude sickness symptoms, but most people don’t have any problems. Walk up to the roof of the temple, take some pictures of the gold roof and enjoy the beautiful sunshine of Lhasa while observing pilgrims praying in front of the temple. On this day, you will be mainly outside, please bring plenty of water, a hat, sun cream, and sun glasses.

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