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A mala is a set of beads used for counting mantras, meditation, prayer, chanting, yoga & reflection. Our hand-made mala beads are used during meditation to help keep track of mantras recited while helping to focus concentration and awareness. A mantra is a subtle, inner sound or word that is repeated to aid concentration during meditation. Meditation and mantra recitation increases calmness, balance, patience, energy levels and positive thinking.
Choosing your mala beads is a personal process, we find intuition is the best guide for choosing your mala beads. CurrencyAUDCADEURGBPUSDMala Beads KeepsakeWith every mala beads order we include full glossy colour information about the healing benefits of our mala beads, plus mala beads use & care. In this joyful workshop led by artist and teacher Carmen Mensink, we will learn how to draw the most famous set of offerings in Tibetan Buddhist thangka art: the offerings of the five senses.

Thangkas are scroll paintings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that illuminate the teachings of enlightened beings and serve as an aid to spiritual development. It is through our senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching that we experience our world. A few sheets of thick drawing paper (tabloid size), HB pencil (preferably a refillable lead pencil), a ruler (preferably 12-inch) and an eraser. Please note: this workshop is limited to 20 participants and requires payment upon registration.
Carmen Mensink was born in The Netherlands (1972, Zwolle) and graduated in 1995 as a graphic designer at the Academy of Arts in Kampen. After becoming a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, Carmen met her thangka teacher in 1999, the famous Andy Weber, got hooked by the ancient tradition and craft of Tibetan thangka painting, and began her long study with him. Carmen, who is a member of our sister FPMT Center in Amsterdam, lives in the Netherlands and teaches thangka courses in Europe, as well as thangka classes in the United States.

Currency AUDCADEURGBPUSDMala Beads Keepsake With every mala beads order we include full glossy colour information about the healing benefits of our mala beads, plus mala beads use & care.
The thread we use comes in a variety of colours, it is strong & specifically designed for malas, however everything is impermanent!
It is suitable for everyone, ranging from beginners with no drawing experience to more seasoned artists who wish to learn a new art form or new ways to connect with positive energy. Afterwards she completed a specialization in Typography at The Hague Royal Academy of Arts in 1996.
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