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Join Tintin on exotic adventures all over the world, in a good game for children from twelve years of age.
In this game, you play as Tintin, the young Belgian journalist, and sometimes as his dog Terry. This is an exciting and fun, albeit not perfect game for children from twelve years of age, and is awarded our stamp of recommendation. 12+: The game will appeal to young people and adults who enjoy thrilling and exotic missions.

Your task is to reveal the secret of the unicorn, and you’ll need both dexterity and your little grey cells to solve the mystery. The missions aren’t too complicated, but still more than entertaining enough to make you want to keep playing.
Sometimes, it’s a bit tricky to find out where to go, and there are some difficult sequences, such as one where you have to run towards the camera to escape a flood wave. Defeated bad guys simply fall to the ground, stars and planets spinning around their heads until you have moved on.

Fortunately, if you fail, the game simply restarts at the last checkpoint, and you can try again.

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