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The chess game attracts many historians and neuroscientist of great interest to prove that chess does really makes a person smarter.
I know you’re very much eager and excited to learn the chess tips and tactics we are going to cover in this article.
For chess beginners, there are some chess terms you’ll encounter that may sounds confusing. A “stalemate” is when your king is safe from direct attack but you don’t have any choice of moves.
If you are sure you are safe to castle then move your king two spaces toward the rook and the rook should stay behind the back of the king. Endgame is the point where almost no pieces left on the board to fight and defend the king. Let’s say: the rook, check the rooks file and ranks and see if there is a possible way out. Intermediate and advance players have stocks of strategies and tricks to better stay ahead of their opponents. Plan a strong openings, it is important for the rest of the game to achieve a possible chances of winning.
The middle game is the most crucial part, having your pieces in a strong position is an advantage. Pinning is a basic technique in chess game that is to discourage an opponents piece to develop a move.
Fork is another chess tactics when a players piece have the chance to attack two pieces simultaneously.
After you practice different tactics and strategies of a chess game, it is also beneficial if you consider some thoughts from the master of chess. Former world chess champion Emanuel Lasker say, “ when you see a good move, look for a better one”. If you put yourself into the game you may likely to enjoy and improved your chess moves abilities. Reading from chess books on strategies and tips is a big help if you are really serious on playing chess. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Signup for our free newsletter to get great building tips, industry secrets and awesome ideas for saving money! One of our readers asked us to put together an article covering tips for removing a wall to open up a room. If your home was built with roof trusses, there may be intermediate load points (places where the roof trusses rest on the wall below for support). For a two story home, you will typically have a load bearing wall on the first floor close to the center that runs perpendicular to the floor joists. Have you ever thought about building your own home?  Be sure to stop by the Armchair Builder How to Build Your Own Home resource page. One word of caution…you may have a concealed beam up in the ceiling as shown in the picture below.
If you are interested in removing a wall in your home, stay tuned as we will cover the rest of the tips in our next article titled Tips for Removing a Wall to Open up Your Home, Part II.
An antistatic wrist band with a detachable ground wire is the best investment you can make into your computer. It has been proven effective in developing an individuals cognitive thinking and dramatic change in human behavior.

But beforehand, I advice you to learn the basic moves of chess if you are totally new to chess. Understanding the few but most important chess term is one of the basic knowledge a chess beginners must acquire. No more pieces left to protect your king, and you cannot even move elsewhere, the king is not check but rather called a “stalemate”. Say for instance you’ve decided to castle your king to the rook that is sitting on the left side corner of the table, let your king sit on the second space from where he came from. It is a special pawn capture, that can only occur immediately after a pawn moves two ranks forward from starting position, and an enemy pawn could have captured it had the pawn moved only one square forward…by wikipedia. It is easy to record every pieces moves without saying or writing down…Queen moves to file b on rank 2, you just say or noted Qb2. Even if you are just a beginner it is important to develop a strategy on your very first move. This is where both players are trying to developed a steady and strong control of their pieces. The middle game is where both players are trying to attack and capture pieces until few left on the board. This is where you pull out your techniques to fight back and protect your own pieces while you hold down your opponents pieces.
However, in an official chess tournaments, time control is the critical part of the game therefore chess clock is required. If you don’t think you can win, you will take cowardly decisions in the crucial moments, out of sheer respect for your opponent. To release stress and regain mental strength, open up your heart and mind to play games other than chess.
To improve your chess knowledge and game level, it is important to master different chess tactics. Computer components are very fragile to static damage, and working with anti static mats & wrist bands are the easiest way to avoid inadvertanly damaging your PC.
Any free electrons, which cause static electricity, are diverted from your body to the ground. Yet still I am not satisfied with that score, though it falls under class A category according to USCF. Meet each of the pieces, your future men your kingdom! This complete introduction on chess games will guide you as we go further with the chess tips and strategies. The horizontal lines on the chess board are called ranks or rows represented with numbers on each ranks. Remember that every chess pieces has a special power, don’t waste each move even for pawns. Chess masters have their heart in the chess game and they love sharing these tips to us either.
Don’t get nervous because your opponent is an experienced chess player, nobody knows your strategies can knock him down.
Don’t use the same strategies on all your chess games, your opponents can easily read your style.
Use those chess notations and record possible strategies you think you can apply in your next game. However, it requires a better understanding on the basics to advance strategy to achieve your victory.
I urge myself to deepen my understanding and discover new tactics that can better improve my chess game.

Chess tactics are moves that will control your opponent’s option to attack, and it is a big advantage in your part. With a strong opening you are able to control the d4, e4, d5, and e5, the four important squares in the middle of the chess board we have discussed earlier. If you know the value of each chess pieces, it is easy to decide to push, move or fight back your opponents piece.
Control your temper even though you have moved your pieces the wrong way, back up and think for the next move. It is called flagging because a flag inside the clock falls down if a player runs out of time.
Once you figure out your opponents intentions and game plan, it is much easier to prepare your defense and attack. Decide to use different plan in different games, is another chance of discovering new tactics. I have always believed in what I do on the chessboard, even when I had no objective reason to it.
It is important to maintain your gross motor skills to prepare you with your fine motor skills.
Play often in an offline and online chess games to increase experience and discover new techniques.
If you have this scenario, you need to make sure the ends of this beam are properly supported. The physics simply don't make sense because electrons can't jump from the band to the ground without a wire. Usually, chess players and book guides often use algebraic notations on explaining and recording moves on chess. Try to practice playing chess with a chess clock to better enhance your speed in playing the game. Build your own strategies and techniques that you believe a much higher chances of winning.
Chess tactics and tips that I have applied to myself and I am sure will also guide you through building your own strategies. And yes self-confidence is achieve if you have choke in different strategy and chess techniques. According to Kramnik “ Every month I look through some ten thousand games, so not as to miss any new ideas and trends”.
Practice some of these chess tips and believe that you can be a better chess player now or never. But we will only discuss the most common chess notation that is basically used by most chess players. According to Spassky “ The best indicator of a chess player’s form is his ability to sense the climax of the game”.
And chess games belongs to a fine motor skills, to enhance is to strengthen your gross motor skills first. It may takes time to dive into different strategies, however, perseverance and motivation is your ultimate armor in winning the battle. Gross motor skill is the development of the body muscles such as running, walking, interactive games and active sports.

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