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Holidays arrive with a lot of expectations from your family and kids, sometimes they plan a party with the whole family and sometimes we plan to go on a long vacation. All these temptations and unhealthy eating takes a heavy toll on your health, thus it becomes all the more important for us to keep a check on what we eat and try to inculcate healthy eating habits during holidays.
If you have planned a holiday lunch party or a dinner party at home start making the preparations for the party just few hours ago. Do not stop following your normal daily routine which you used to follow like if you were cooking the breakfast at home then do not start eating outside just because kids have demanded to eat something form the take always. Eat a bowl of whole grain cereal with a boiled egg or a glass of skimmed milk and orange juice will also give a healthy kick start to your day. When you visit or attend any weekend holiday party or a holiday get together, always decide upon what you would love to eat in advance from the menu. Be wise while choosing the food items; always choose the ones which are less in calories and good for your health, because there are many more parties and dinners which you have to attend during the holidays.
Do not become over stressed about the unhealthy eating habits or weight gain, holidays are for fun and you should enjoy them to the fullest. Eating small portions of healthy snacks will keep you full during the party and you will not jump upon the very sight of those oily and fried snacks served during the party. If you will make food items which are healthy and tasty even your guests will try and follow the same, like serving a fresh fruit salad as a starter or soup instead of cheese balls or basket of bread is a better and a healthier option. You can plan an activity which is fun like a musical chair or treasure hunt will make you and your guests run around the house and this will help in digesting the food they have eaten. Holidays arrive with the enticement of eating lots of fried and tasty food and snacks like your favourite cookies and McDonald’s burger and rick paneer dishes and many more alluring sweet dishes like apple pie or chocolate brownies.
The main trick is to befool your mind and then stomach take small portions or just three small bites of your favourite food and start eating very slowly.
Snack in advance or eat something healthy before you go out for holiday party or dinner like eating a grilled vegetable sandwich without cheese or munching some roasted dry fruits is a very healthy option. It is recommended by the dieticians that it is better and a healthier option to go for liquids than eating unhealthy foods. If it is a pool party and you are allowed to bring your own snack then choose healthy and tasty options.  This way you will have a choice of binging on one healthy appetizer or dish during the party. Food is the integral part of any holiday party, but instead of planning or hosting a party which is centred on food you can plan a picnic party.
Check Out Celebrity Fitness Trainer Jillian Michaels Tips For Eating Healthy During The Super Bowl!

Check Out Celebrity Fitness Trainer Jillian Michaels Tips For Eating Healthy During The Super Bowl! With delicious nachos and spicy wings in front of you it’s hard to say no, but celeb trainer Jillian has these easy tips on how to eat healthy during the big game tomorrow.
With Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow Jillian Michaels, one of the leading health and wellness experts, has come up with some healthy eating tips for a typically unhealthy day of binge eating. Choose a healthier chip alternative like my favorite one, popchips, which is popped not fried and forego the fried unhealthy chips like Doritos and Cheetos.
If possible, skip alcohol completely this Super Bowl Sunday or, at the very least, go with a light beer that is low in calories.
Bread consumption is a major issue for most looking to lose weight and trim down in the New Year. Make Me: Pretty Scrap Fabric TasselsPinned 9 months agoWho said luggage tags have to be boring? Foods to Avoid or Consume with caution:  Because pregnancy affects your immune system, you and your unborn baby are more susceptible to the bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause foodborne illness.
Supplements: Not all herbal supplements are created equal and some have the potential to negatively affect your baby. This entry was posted in Life Stages and tagged Diet When Pregnant, Food When Pregnant by admin. Here are some tricks which will be of great assistance in solving the problem of unhealthy eating.
Do not make them in advance as you will get tempted to taste and then eat them again and again. If you like you can also eat a bowl of oatmeal’s with fruit toppings with a glass of juice. Take small portions of everything you like, this will not make you feel robbed or deprived of your favourite dish. The dieting regimen should not be kept for holidays as this is the most entertaining and coolest time of your life, so just feel free as a bird and dump all the pressure of what to wear to the party or what to cook and what not to eat. A light meal or a snack like a cottage cheese sandwich or an oatmeal cookie before the party will kill the appetite or the hunger pangs rising in your stomach during the party. Any healthy activity will help you and your guests to stay in action after the party and all of you will have a nice pleasurable time together.
But if you make your mind strong and decide to follow some rules then you can easily counter the holiday weight gains by eating healthy.

This will send a signal of satisfaction to your brain and thus you will not be tempted to eat more. This can be well substituted with any activity party like all of you can go for ice skating or ice hockey and then plan to eat something out or carry your own food. Lucky for us Jillian has shared some amazing advice so that you can eat healthy while you are enjoying the parties and fun!
This Super Bowl Sunday, substitute bleached white bread for whole grain buns when eating your game day sandwiches.
Choose foods that are low in “empty calories”- the calories from added sugars and solid fats in foods like soft drinks, desserts, fried foods, cheese, whole milk, and fatty meats. Try to stay away from the serving table or the food trays so that you do not keep on eating nonstop. Never add up the number of meals during holidays and increase them to 10-20 unhealthy meals it will be very tough to face that piled up calories at the end of the holiday season. The main motive of holidays is to unwind and to spend some quality time with your family, so do that and have an entertaining time. But if the alcohol is doing the rounds in the party then restrict your consumption of alcohol and keep on drinking water in between, it will give you feeling of full tummy so you will not be tempted to drink more of high calorie alcohol or beverages in the party. Avoid fish, such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish (golden or white snapper) as they contain high level of mercury. Keep in mind, however, that some drinks are high in sugar and too much of these high sugar beverages could lead to weight gain beyond your monthly goals. Emphasis on nutrients like calcium, protein, folic acid, iron becomes most important, as they aid in formation of bones, teeth, brain, neurological development and organs of the fetus without deformities. Due to its ability to cross the placenta, your health care provider might also recommend limiting the amount of caffeine in your diet to less than 200 milligrams a day during pregnancy to prevent potentially negative effects on your growing baby. If you avoid milk because you are lactose intolerant, the most reliable way to get the health benefits of milk is to select lactose-free milk and milk products or calcium-fortified soymilk (soy beverage). 6 DIY projects for gold home decor: Gold-leafed succulent potsPinned 10 months agoAdd some personality to ordinary clips and magnets with washi tape!

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