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Have there not been times when you really wanted something (a promotion, a new lover, respect from others or whatever). The worse part is that when we over-focus on outward results, we don't just become less effective, we actually lose ourselves in the process. Practice is also what causes you to manifest spectacular results (just look at top athletes and performers in any field). We are currently conducting a marketing experiment to help us improve the response rates of this web site.

This is my personal daily practice of Qigong breathing exercise, meditation, gratitude and feeling based visualization. Interview with best selling author Sonia Choquette on "trusting your vibes" and discovering your personal gifts. A wonderful 20 minute meditation which guides you to focus on good feelings and gratitude followed by a feeling based visualization of what you most want to attract. You know how to discover, create and deepen your personal practice so you can live your heart's desire and manifest spectacular results!

Your awareness of who you are and what you're really here to do has skyrocketed! You walk through the world with purpose and the Universe responds accordingly! When we focus on outward results, the irony is that we actually become less effective in getting those things.

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