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Sounds easy enough; yet in reality many people create packages they aren’t really sure about.
If you’ve ever told someone what you do, what is the next question they usually ask for if they are interested? Most people will not jump at your sales pitch and sign on the dotted line the minute they meet you. While its important to keep in touch throughout the sales process, its equally important to keep in touch after the sales is complete. Our goal is to help the amateur photographer begin making money, and help the professional photographer grow into a Six Figure income level, all by becoming better at the business side of photography. If you don’t have faith in what you are selling and know it inside and out, you’ll never be able to sell it to a prospect.
Thousands of years ago, people handed down their history not through lectures and sales pitches, but through stories. We started Virtual as a way to help photographers stretch beyond a part time income, and develop strategies to become a Five Figure Photographer or a Six Figure Photographer.

If you keep a low profile to avoid annoying people, all you will accomplish is being forgotten. If you aren’t sure if your packages are simple enough, explain them to a family member or friend that doesn’t spend a lot of time in your business.
They don’t hear a few sentences and immediately buy, especially if it’s a larger ticket item. In order to appease their instincts and help them determine if they can indeed trust you, they ask for more information to prove in their minds that you are legitimate. If your client needs time to make a decision, tell her you will call and check in three days from now … and stick to it. While you don’t have to have volumes of content, you do have to have your content in a variety of ways. If a prospect needs to check with another family member before signing up, call her back to move the process to the next level. You should be able to quickly describe what you do, what you have to offer, and have them wanting more information.

Your website is the easiest, especially if its in blog format, because you can add a ton of content to it any time you choose. Whatever you choose, make sure you stick with it and are there for the next time your client begins thinking about photography. Modify your sales pitch to match their language and you’ll be a sales “rock star” in know time.
They should be able to move from one place to another, improving your image in their minds.

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