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Along with the video release, Dizzy gave us the official artwork for the upcoming LP, and that can be seen below. If you have enjoyed the Sudoku Toilet Roll, then chances are that you will flip for the Mind Trainer Roll as well. Mom Wants Gadgets for Mother's DayTrade-in Your Old ElectronicsPopgadget Giveaway from American Express! Thank you for recommending "The Best Workouts, Fat Loss and Nutrition Info for Women's Fitness ". Use your brain to train and eat — it takes mindfulness to reach your fitness and health goals. To help you succeed in your exercise and eating program, we’ve borrowed popular tenets from mindfulness and positive psychology. Your brain is like a muscle, and like any other part of your body, it needs to be trained to perform at its peak.
Committing to a few positive (and easy!) morning rituals can keep your fitness goals on track. An attitude of gratitude can help everything from your mood to your booty — six easy ways to be thankful. Give yourself an attitude adjustment with these small changes you can make to change your mood.

Or chances are, you may have gotten over the need to use bizarre toilet rolls completely, in which case you can give the a€?Mind Trainera€? an absolute cold shoulder. If you enjoy your otherwise quiet time at the loo, why not use the Mind Trainer toilet roll to tweak your brain along the way? Here is a motivating plan packed with useful techniques for shaping your booty — or your whole body. When your mind is on target, you’re more likely to be at your best and reach your goals, inside and outside the gym. Move your mind across your body to get a good image of yourself, and observe how you feel before you start tackling your workout.
Make a list of past mistakes, failures, etc., and let go of those negative things so you can start fresh. Make a list of the things about your body that you’re grateful for and focus on those things during workouts.
The middle aisles hold a lot of land mines like chips and cookies, but they also have the oatmeal, olive oil, low-sodium canned vegetables and other clean foods that are on your grocery list. If you can pay your bill faster, you’ll spend less time staring at the displays of junk food that are near the cash registers. Shut off the television and leave your smartphone in your pocket so that you can fully focus on your meal.

It might be hard to be away from your smartphone at first, but after a few weeks you’ll appreciate the break from texting and tweeting. Reward yourself with a pedicure, a massage or some other personal indulgence that is totally unrelated to food. In any case, the good news for puzzle addicts is that the Mind Trainer (from the makers of the Sudoku Roll), is going to offer a more diverse range of puzzles and mind games on aa€¦ toilet paper roll. Breathe deeply for eight seconds, let your belly inflate, hold for a few seconds, exhale for eight seconds and let your belly deflate. If you’ve worked through it in your mind, it will be that much easier when you physically do it. Recent studies have shown that practicing mindfulness can reduce unhealthy eating habits by addressing the emotional connections to food.

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