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The American Journal of Cardiology will report in its May 2, 2005 issue that the Transcendental Meditation technique, a non-drug stress-reduction method, reduces death rates by 23% and extends lifespan. The first-of-its-kind, long-term, randomized trial evaluated 202 men and women, average age 71, who had mildly elevated blood pressure. Researchers collaborated on the study from Harvard, University of Iowa, Medical College of Georgia, West Oakland Health Center, and Maharishi University of Management. The Center of Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, was established by an $8 million grant from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a component of the National Institutes of Health, to serve as a Specialized Center for Research and to study natural medicine in relation to cardiovascular disease in minority populations. Medical research has established that daily Transcendental Meditation is good for combatting the daily stresses of life. A new study to be published in the American Journal of Cardiology on May 2 gives a clear indication. Interestingly, the study will be published during “National Older Americans Month,” which is sponsored by the Administration on Aging of the U.S. With the growing interest in meditation and yoga by people of all ages, including the elderly, here is an excellent—and timely—“feel-good” story that gives hope and practical advice to all Americans. You could interview scientists who conducted the study, medical doctors who prescribe the TM technique to their patients, and elderly people who are using it to make their golden years healthy, satisfying, and productive.
In response to Dr Stein's claims that research on TM is not sufficiently rigorous, I would like to draw his attention to the fact that peer-reviewed research on TM has been methodically carried out for the last 40 years resulting in original reviews and research being published in highly respected and prestigious science and medical journals.
Compare this level of rigour to the often rushed trials with which a prescription drug is pushed through to the mass market – often carrying health warnings because of dangerous and sometimes long-lasting side-effects whose symptoms often require further medical intervention and drug prescription - and you begin to get a more accurate picture of where dangers in healthcare strategies really lie. Hi Sally, It's difficult to understand mantra without learning mantra science from an authentic teacher. It looks like TM cultists are also bombing this web entry with manufactured praise in an attempt to skew opinion.
Of the 24 studies of TM, 22 were clinical trials and 2 were physiological trials assessing effects after brief training giving 37 comparisons. This is a great article indeed, i hope more and more people learn TM and make their own lives enriched and worth living in this planet. Iwould like to mention that i have been practicng TM since a long time and it gave enormous benefits, it improved my health on the holistically and mademe live my life in bliss.
When we eat a mango we do not relate that mango to any particular tree are garden, we eat and enjoy the taste of it, ofcourse we definitely would choose the best of its kind to have fulfillment. In the response to the comments made by Vaj, I would like to say that as a Muslim I have found absolutely no contradictions with my practise of TM and my Muslim faith.
I leant in Iran many years ago and have found that TM has given me enormous peace of mind, tolerance, patience and understanding, as well as a heightened moral centeredness - all these are key features of good religious life.
TM is a technique and not a belief system or a set of ideas or principles – religious or otherwise. Fantastic article on a technique that's so simple, so easy and so positively life changing. It's interesting according to Wikileaks documents, there is a concerted effort to have TM zealots respond glowingly to TM posts on the net.
This has to be the most intelligently written article so far assessing the value of the Transcendental Meditation technique for the average individual that I've come across. When people think about meditation today, they think about controlling the mind, usually through some force of concentration. The Transcendental Meditation technique uses the nature of the mind, rather than going against it. Over 6 million TM practicioners and 600 TM researches performed over the past 40 years have confirmed that only when the mind “transcends” the finest stages of thought and experiences that true inner silence, the true benefits of meditation will become apparent. When the mind transcends the finest impulse of thought, it comes into a state of complete inner silence. The video below shows several more examples of just how powerful TM can be for those who are suffering from traumatic stress. The ancient texts described the experience of transcending as a state of deep inner happiness. Today, though modern science, we can measure this state objectively, by measuring concentrations of “serotonin”, our happiness hormone. Medical research has shown that too low serotonin concentrations are related to a number of problems, like depressions, addictions, migraines, insomnia, Alzheimers, anger, eating disorders etc. When stress can accumulate throughout life, it will eventually disturb the natural functioning of our nervous system, resulting in all kinds of psychological or physical health problems. Transcending allows the body to remove even our deepest stresses, and thereby remove the cause of most health problems. Hundreds of studies, including more than $25 Milion on TM research in cooperation with the US National Institutes of Health, the biggest health research institute in the world, have confirmed the effects of transcending on our health.

Transcending is effortless and pleasant to do, it can be learnt by anyone, and gives immediate results. The experience of transcending can be achieved only in a completely natural and effortless way. The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught individually, by a professionally trained teacher who is able to lead a person, in a completely natural way, to the experience of transcending.
If one has had this experience once, then the mind remembers it and, afterwards, it can go back there spontaneously, in a totally natural and effortless way, provided that one uses the correct technique.
The first step to learning Transcendental Meditation is to simply attend a free 1 hour introductory talk at one of our centres which are located in every major city of Australia.
As someone with a creative AND whirlwind mind that moves a mile a minute, balancing my creative ideas with spinning, whirling, self-sabotaging thoughts has always been a challenge.
The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. By the mid-’70s some 40,000 Americans per month were reportedly signing up for classes, many of whom found the simple, schedule-friendly techniques so beneficial that they practise it to this day. The study was funded, in part, by a grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In the short term, it can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing its risk factors, such as high blood pressure, smoking, harmful cholesterol, psychological stress, and atherosclerosis.
The study found that the Transcendental Meditation technique reduces death rates by 23% among elderly people with an average age of 71 years—who had mildly high blood pressure. A recent, wide-ranging independent study by the University of Alberta showed that TM claims were exaggerated and it was actually the worst meditation method for lowering blood pressure!
For years, many studies have pointed to catastrophically large numbers of deaths in developed countries that are attributable directly to medical intervention strategies - everything from misdiagnosis to inappropriate drug prescription to the problems encountered by endemic drug-toxicity intolerance. Mantra-shastra, the literature and science behind mantra use delineates extensively the meaning and proper use of mantras, including all the TM mantras. TM has so many side-effects, most people quit and it has been associated with dissociation, psychosis and suicide. Such links naturally raise questions about conflicts of interest and objectivity in the reporting of results, particularly in the light of the strongly commercialised nature of the TM technique. The author was the trainer in one study, while in 5 studies the author was employed by an institution that had formal affiliations with the TM organisation. Likewise why bother what it means or does not mean as long as TM pactice gives you so many beautiful results and fulfillment in ones life, moreover with such simple and effortless technique.
Indeed, I have notice a huge difference in my understanding and appreciation of God and in my relationship with other people of all faiths. I'm sure that if something makes you a better and more complete human being, it can never be in conflict with God - regardless of one’s religion. The mantras used in TM (that are alluded to in the comment) have no meaning and no intellectual or emotional content. These are nothing more than ploys to try to conceal the cult-like nature of the TM and the fact that major research by leading neuroscientists continue to show TM is scientifically rather unimpressive.
It sifts out the misunderstandings of a confused past and enlightens its readers to the practical benefits of this simple but effective technique for living a less stressed and more productive fulfilling lifestyle. It is the rediscovery of an ancient technique that uses an instinctive desire from the mind to naturally go to a deep state of complete inner silence. This graph, from a Harvard Medical School research study, shows that, during TM, the body comes into a state of rest that is twice as deep as even the deepest rest during sleep.
It also shows why more and more scientists, educators, celebrities and governmental institutions are supporting the TM technique.
This is why the mind will transcend spontaneously, if only it gets the chance, because it is looking for this happiness.
Artificially manipulating serotonin concentrations, through medicines, is not always effective, and has many negative side-effects. It is estimated that 80 to 90% of all diseases are directly or indirectly related to stress.
It is an experience of complete, inner silence that cannot be achieved by trying to be quiet.
Not as an escape, but as a secret weapon to fortify our minds and bodies, to create resilience and perspective. Since then, the Transcendental Meditation technique hasn’t just changed his life, but also the lives of over half a million at-risk individuals.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition. It’s a lifelong gift that we can call on any time.’At a press conference for Change Begins Within (an initiative that hopes to get one million children involved in transcendental meditation, or TM, put together by Twin Peaks director David Lynch), Macca’s fond enthusiasm was somewhat at odds with the general malaise that soured the Beatles’ meditation retreat back in 1968.

David Lynch, a practitioner since 1973, has said that a mere fortnight of twice-daily practice was all it took to reduce the angers and anxieties that controlled his life at the time. Some sources cite deaths from iatrogenic causes (causes from medical intervention) as the single biggest killer in the USA.
Unfortunately TM is not taught by people instructed properly in this science, so it's not surprising their basic ignorance in these matters. TM was compared to low credibility controls in 19 comparisons, to moderate credibility controls in 4 instances and to high credibility controls in 14 instances. They are prescribed according to an ancient, time-tested body of knowledge whose aim is to develop an individual’s full mental potential by expanding the conscious capacity of the human brain and broadening the scope of human awareness.
Personally I've been practicing the technique for many years and have done extensive research into the background of the mantras, I've never come across anything that mentions the mantras having any meaning.
In fact a recent study by the independent University of Alberta showed of all meditation techniques, TM was the WORST at lowering blood pressure. It requires a lot of disciplined practise, and has actually been proven to be largely ineffective. For the mind this state is like coming home, and it instinctively knows how to go there, if we only allow it. Through the experience of transcending, it will increase spontaneously, without any negative side effects. The more we try, the more we keep the mind active. Trying to relax is a contradiction in terms.
This initial training course is followed by a extensive program of follow-up meetings to ensure continued correct practice. After the fab four followed Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the man credited with introducing the Indian-Himalayan meditation technique to the West) to Rishikesh, India, John Lennon dismissed him as a charlatan. Sample size ranged from 20 to 250 participants, sample size per treatment arm ranged from 10 to 78. If your religion forbids the worship of "other gods" than this is important for people to know! He would often joke with me that he was able to do things he had never dreamed possible, and it was my fault for introducing him to the TM technique.
When the right technique is used, anyone can meditate, it is easy and enjoyable to do, and is extremely effective.
This is what happens during sleep but the rest during sleep doesn’t always go deep enough to remove more deeply-rooted, traumatic stresses.
Though he apologised for his youthful outbursts later, it seemed impossible that a Beatle-tarnished reputation could ever be wiped clean. When the mind transcends, the body spontaneously comes into a very deep state of relaxation as well, far deeper than that attained even in deep sleep. Empirical evaluations have shown that the technique can have an effect on human physiology, reducing stress levels significantly and even having some positive effect on heart diseases. In 13 studies the statistical methods were inappropriate or not clearly described and in 16 studies the author’s conclusions were not supported by the analysis and results.
Even the science bods are recommending it now.‘It’s practised by people of all levels of intelligence, of all ages, cultures and religions,’ explains Surendra Kumar, a teacher at the Creative Intelligence Consultancy in Dubai.
Some just want to learn, others come for health reasons and many just want to be happy in life.’ Surendra is willing to travel to teach keen students – a kind of TM delivery service, if you will. In fact, he recently finished a TM course in Abu Dhabi, which was hailed a success by its participants.A misconception commonly held is that TM has religious connotations – possibly cultish in nature. Again, this was an unfortunate by-product of the Maharishi’s association with The Beatles: George Harrison, in particular, was an enthusiastic advocate of Indian religions, and many observers jumped to conclusions.
Though it was only introduced to the Western world 50 years ago, it’s as old as life itself.’ It is estimated that six million students have studied TM in that short space of time, a number that puts it slightly beyond the realms of cult status. Whereas other techniques require you to blank the mind (often the largest hurdle for many students), or focus on a single aspect, TM uses a repetitive technique – a series of vocal vibrations or sounds, often with no meaning – to lull the mind into a peaceful state, ‘transcending’ the regular thoughts and conundrums that bombard us from minute to minute.Unfortunately, the mumbo jumbo associated with TM is hard to avoid. Wondering what the effects of ‘bliss consciousness’ and ‘self-referral intelligence’ might be, we spoke to Arif Dawood, a participant on the recent Abu Dhabi course. Well, just as you might benefit from instruction in the gym, an experienced teacher can help shape the techniques to suit your situation.

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