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As a study finds that daily meditation cuts heart attack death rates by half, we review other health benefits attributed to the practice.
Researchers who tracked 201 people as they underwent either Transcendental Meditation or health education classes found that those who meditated had lower blood pressure and a 47% reduction in strokes, deaths and heart attacks, which they calculated together as one result. Meditation can have greater pain relieving effects than morphine, a study earlier this year found. Meditation has always been touted as a way to relax, but a study last year found evidence to show that it really does work. Another study found that meditation decreases the levels of the stress-causing hormone, cortisol.
Meditation is a good way to calm down your body, however, prescription drug addiction is not. Mindfulness meditation, which asks us to focus on our breath to facilitate awareness of the present moment, is another widely studied meditation technique. The hands are loose and open with the palms up, one atop the other and thumbs lightly touching.
In my personal experience, I don't find that the specific length of time is as important as repetition and persistence.
Brand, 35, speaking passionately and sincerely about the emotional solace he has found in Transcendental Meditation, or TM. One study of 36 patients with clinical depression found that symptoms almost halved after just three months and the benefits were maintained over a year-long period. The research on 44 people, half of whom had practised meditation for between five and 46 years, found those who had meditated also had increased grey matter. Increased neuron connectivity was found in parts of the brain that were important for regulating emotional behaviour and dealing with conflict.

Study subjects who were taught to meditate for 20 minutes a day for five days had measurably less anxiety and lower levels of the hormone than a group who were taught other relaxation techniques.
After studying the effects of 8-weeks of mindfulness meditation on participants, a 2003 report in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine concluded: A short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on brain and immune function. To answer this, other research has looked at the specifics of what happens in the body during meditation. She quotes the benefits of meditation as follows: more energy, improved quality of sleep, decreased anxiety, lessened chronological aging, improved concentration, improved visual acuity, increased alertness and heightened immunity. You may sit in the identical form as in traditional Buddhist meditation -- on a chair or kneeling. New View offers articles on spirituality, health, self-help, animal rights, green living and more. Another study of 112 patients at high risk of depression found that depressive symptoms fell by a third over the initial three-month period. The only expense you'll have is a meditation mat, which isn't especially necessary -- at least from my experience. She writes: Besides the benefits mentioned earlier, meditation results in improvement of hypertension, sleep disorders, headaches, heartrhythm disturbances, chronic pain pain due to cancer, infertility and irritable bowel syndrome. This brings me to another point: We all have different personalities and as such, different meditation approaches suit some more than others. Mindfulness in our daily life can be practiced by slowing down and attending to our surroundings. Meditation has been around for 5,000 years, and was originally a spiritual component of yoga. Following meditation, mental and physical refreshment result and benefits are cumulative with regular practice.

Your eyes are closed and your posture is both straight and relaxed while your head remains upright. Through the years non-yogis adopted it, intuitively sensing and connecting the practice with greater peace of mind.
A study in the Japanese Journal of Public Health found that through Transcendental Meditation, industrial workers' sleep improved and their smoking decreased. In 2002 their journal Chang Gung Medicine reported that training in MM may be a medically superior and cost-effective alternative to pain medication for the control of headaches with no underlying organic causes in highly motivated patients. We can use mindfulness in the middle of a hectic day, such as paying attention to our breathing when stopped at a traffic light. Each student is given a mantra and is instructed to induce relaxation through use of this mantra. Another study conducted at MERU Research Institute, in Buckinghamshire, England found that the length of time practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program correlated with younger biological age and younger functional age. Since many of either can't or won't go to a formal TM class, a no-fail mantra I recommend is the classic OM. If you're uncomfortable with the religious aspects of OM, I suggest a word that has positive meaning for you, such as love, calm or peace.
Since excess cortisol damages bone-tissue, those over age 60 may develop fractures related to osteoporosis. So it's evident that if we can regulate cortisol, especially through a natural process, we owe it to ourselves to try.

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