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Archaeologists have finally discovered what lies at the end of a tunnel leading steeply downward from a 3,300-year-old royal tomb. Snakes await at the foot of a steep tunnel in a scene painted on the walls of Pharaoh Seti I's tomb, above the real-life tunnel (file photo). Ancient Egyptian workers carve out and embellish the tomb of Seti I in a cutaway illustration.Painstakingly chipped into high limestone cliffs above the Valley of the Kings, also home to the tomb of King Tut, Seti I's tomb is among the hardest to reach but most rewarding. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), ascends the upper reaches of the newly excavated secret tunnel of Seti I in August 2009.Discovering that the tunnel was left unfinished solves an archaeological mystery. A National Geographic photographer witnessed a€?people powera€™ bring down an authoritarian regime in the Philippines.

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Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 404. The image adds to evidence that the tunnel may have been planned from the beginning, according to Egyptian archaeologist Mustafa Waziri. The tomb is the most ornate and largest in the valleya€”and it's growing.The newly excavated stairway beneath the tomb isn't the only tunnel to surprise archaeologists and expand the tomb's square footage in recent years.

The scene may refer to the ancient Egyptian Book of Hours, in which a snake guides good people into the afterlife, Waziri said.While the rest of the tomb is covered with ornate reliefs, the tunnel is almost entirely blank. In 2008 experts announced they'd found a new tunnel in the tomb proper, which expanded the crypt's length from 328 feet (100 meters) to 446 feet (136 meters).

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