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John Thomas North (pictured), originally a Yorkshire mechanic, became a friend of the future King George V and was worth $10 million in 1889? King George V of the United Kingdom was a member of the Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping Car Porters "George"?
19 crewmen of the Russian oceanliner SS Czar received the Silver Sea Gallantry Medal from King George V of the United Kingdom for rescuing 102 survivors from a burning ship in October 1913? Secret Princes fun new reality series - Channel Guide Magazine Channel Guide Magazine Watch Smarter! 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. The foursome believe the perfect girl exists for each of them, they just haven’t found her. We’re predicting that’s going to change as he’s the sexiest, most aggressive and snarkiest of the group. Walters selects the perfectly suited undercover name of Tate Morgan (Morgan after the TV series Dexter).Second to arrive is India’s Prince Salauddin (Balasinor Royal Family in Gujarat, India), a jovial, more conservative royal who has never carried his own luggage, washed his own clothes or shared a bathroom with anyone.
The prince selects a more American-friendly undercover name of Sal.Then the young, modest Honorable Ludovic Watson from Yorkshire arrives.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth gets a visit from Huck, who threatens her with killing her little girl unless she tells him where Olivia is.
She’s very good looking, quite tall, slender … American girls would suit me because they seem very outgoing and fun, and they also seem less high maintenance.” Oh, so naive, right?! To move things forward, Fitz visits Agent Larsen and finds out where he can meet in the white house without anyone listening on his conversation. Unfortunately, they can't find anything relevant, except for a reflection in the glass Olivia used to drink water from.
Tate Morgan) agreed, calling it the “uncoolest name ever.”Last to arrive was the more laid back Prince Francisco de Borbon of Spain (Royal House of Borbon and Hardenberg), who owns houses all over the world and is used to black tie dinners every night, yet proved to be the most casual of the group. However, she finds out that there's a larger plan at stake, meaning she's to be kept there for three years, until Fitz's presidency ends and Andre can take over. As soon as Olivia hears this she comes up with her own plan that involves putting herself on the black market for anyone to buy. As he surveyed his group of roommates, realized he got the last straw when it came to bedroom selection (no bathroom for him), he assessed rank. The kidnapper accepts because he decides he wants to be a boss, not a well-paid baby sitter.

I have the best title and I’m the coolest guy in the house …[as for the bathroom, it’s] a battle of conquering land.”Undercover the lords and princes go by Waldo, Tate Morgan, Sal and CiscoThe dynamics of the group make the series surprisingly funny and endearing — it’s hard not to root for the underdogs (Waldo and Sal) — royal lineage or not.
Regardless of their titles, these privileged men fumbling with their new surroundings and have nots puts some fun in the Friday night lineup.Related This entry was posted in Reality TV.
I have Sal and Fransisco on my FB as friends and they both have Ludovic’s FB, so that is how you know you have the right one. If they were really his friends then they should have had enough respect for him to treat his guest with respect. OK, she and he hadn’t a chance in the world, but that has very little to do with basic courtesy. When i watched the season finally last night my heart actually broke for Sal he fell in love and put himself out there and had such a big heart and got it broken.

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