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Notice: Due to the sheer volume of spoilers on these pages, all spoilers before season 4 are uncovered.
TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The kid is either trying to tell the parent something or trying to hide something, but the parent misses this completely, as well as other significant cues about their child's state of mind or personality. Sometimes it's just a mundane reason for the cluelessness, like work causing mom or dad to be absent too much. Usually the trope is played for comedic effect, and often in animation to allow child or teenage characters to go off adventuring without their parents knowing and freaking out about it.
There's often a scene where the kids are in trouble and the parents finally find out and ask why did the kids not come to them about it. Pokemon: From the time Butch and Cassidy appeared for the second time to the moment it evolved, Ash, Misty, and Brock had no idea baby Togepi knew the Metronome attack that had saved itself and the team on a few occasions.
Ichigo's dad in Bleach completely fails to notice the shinigami living in Ichigo's closet, his frequent and lengthy disappearances, or, in the anime filler arcs, as many as four sentient stuffed animals in his room.
Rea Amano in Mirai Nikki is largely oblivious to Yuno's psychotic behavior and approves of Yuno as a potential bride for her son Yukiteru. Sangatsu no Lion: Kouda has shown no signs of realizing how badly his biased and shogi-centered upbringing has damaged his three children emotionally. Sandra in A Cruel God Reigns is totally oblivious to the fact that her perfect new husband is beating and raping her teenaged son nearly every night. In Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, the Kid Heroes manage to keep their parents in the dark to an improbable degree.
Issei's parents in High School D?D were explicitly shown to be placated by Rias' magic the first time he was caught naked in bed with her, though their fondness for multiple female housemates of his seems to come from cheerfully supporting their son's Harem Seeker ways. Actually somewhat invoked in Higurashi: When They Cry, as Keiichi seems to go out of his way to make sure his parents are oblivious to all the freaky stuff that's going on.
Batman: Depending on who's writing him, during Dick Grayson's formative years, he was so absorbed in the mission that he was completely unaware of Dick's neglected emotional needs unless Alfred pointed it out. It's outright stated in the New52 that he doesn't want to know anyone's secret identity due to Plausible Deniability. More a case of parental-figure obliviousness, the characters in Runaways keep dismissing Molly when she tries to tell them she has superpowers (they think she wants The Talk).
In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Carrie Kelly's parents completely fail to notice that their daughter is sneaking out to become Robin. Just before Green Arrow's ward Speedy is revealed to be a junkie, he gives an explanation of why someone would turn to drugs in which he stops just short of saying "And by someone, I mean me." GA misses the point entirely. The Flash Wally West's biological parents Mary & Rudy West fall into this category, especially during Mark Waid's run. In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon's parents are told, point-blank, that their son stood in for an schoolmate's fully trained bodyguard with years of experience who got injured in his job. In If Them's the Rules Harry doesn't realize that Tom is simply hiding his sociopathic tendencies and taking him away from his previous environment only met that he didn't have a reason to express them. In Cinderjuice, both Lydia and Beetlejuice comment on the fact that Charles and Delia are often profoundly guilty of this. In Thousand Shinji, Shinji and Asuka spent several months making out behind her surrogate mother's back. In The Second Try, Shinji and Asuka kept their Secret Relationship and their time-traveler status from her guardian Misato for months. The Iron Giant: Hogarth's mother does not seem to have the faintest clue that Hogarth unabashedly despises Kent Mansley, and has been desperate to avoid him since he moved in. The Pin's mother in Brick is apparently unaware that her son is a vicious drug lord, despite most of the deals and scheming going on in her basement. Home Alone: The McAllisters don't realize Kevin has been left behind until their airplane is already in the air.
The Ring: Aidan knows not to help Samara, but his mother is horrified when he flat out tells her she wasn't supposed to help her, even though she knows her child is psychic. The clueless doofy dad in the tweener comedy Sleepover qualifies enough that he let four teenage girls be out of the house all night without him noticing. In The Hairy Bird, Tinka's mom, while talking to her, is not even paying attention what Tinka is doing, and doesn't even notice her running off with Snake at the end.
Implied in Mystery Team, although they may just be happy that their kids are spending time with more people than just each other.
Played for laughs in Moving Violations, in which a teamster and overprotective father is apparently unaware his 15-year-old daughter is a law-breaking punk who poses as an adult and sleeps around.
In Mystery Men, Invisible Boy is implied to have gotten started on his particular super power by this trope. Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter is completely oblivious to the fact that her little "Duddykins" has become a smoking bully that runs with a group of other malcontents, and thinks he just goes to a friend's house to have dinner every day. This trope is pretty much the Dursleys' entire parenting strategy, at least when it comes to Dudley. The Great Brain Reforms: Tom endangers himself and two other boys by sailing his raft in very promising flood conditions. Brandon Mull's other story, The Candy Shop War takes this past its logical extreme (though this time magic is the cause of the obliviousness). In the Flora Segunda novels of Ysabeau Wilce, Buck is completely unaware of the shenannigans which Flora gets up to (mainly because being Commanding General of the Califan Army takes up so much of her time).
The narrator of The Lost Thing has to point out to his parents that it's even in the room, despite the fact that it's bright red and HUGE.
Sarah Heap in Septimus Heap refuses to believe that her eldest son Simon Heap has turned evil in Flyte. In Hush, Hush, Nora's mother seems blissfully unaware that her daughter is being stalked and nearly murdered by multiple parties. In Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie's parents are completely oblivious to their daughter leading a whole double life. In Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, despite both being world renowned super-geniuses, neither of Penny's parents connect her and her friends to The Inscrutable Machine. In contrast, Claire's mother had no idea at the time that Claire is superpowered (or that HRG is a Badass Normal hero-hunter), but immediately recognizes that Claire is going to sneak out, and even runs interference for her. And Niki, who has powers of her own, knows her son Micah is gifted, but for a while there, she didn't seem to know how gifted. The Petrellis have a major, debilitating case of this, to the point that Angela is still dismissing Peter's capacity to accomplish anything after he's rewritten the course of history right in front of her four times. More generally, the Petrellis constantly play for relatively minor political influence (they just want to Kennedy their way into a few elections, no actual shadow-government stuff involved) while ignoring the very real physical conflict and actual blood-shedding wars that the brothers (especially Peter) are usually involved with. Tobias, Lindsay, and Michael have no idea that not only is Maeby is a movie studio executive, but also that George-Michael and Maeby not only have crushes on each other, but are married. There's Willow's mom, who seemed to be only around when it was inconvenient for her daughter.
Justified in the original Batman TV show, as Barbara Gordon has pixie-cut brown hair and uses a red wig as Batgirl.
In H2O: Just Add Water, none of the girls' parents are aware that their daughters are mermaids.
Reversed in an episode of The X-Files; (Lord of the Flies, season 8?) when the mother keeps trying to tell her son something.
Occasionally, it's a case of the parent thinking too much and not being able to see the forest for the trees; or the parent not wanting to see and going deep into denial. To that, the parents are always stunned to hear that their own children fear their reaction more than the trouble itself and cannot understand how their role in family discipline made them an object of fear that helped allow the problem to escalate into a crisis. She failed to notice all the weird things going on around her (like an arm hanging from the ceiling in front of her face). Actually a subversion; Isshin is a Captain-level shinigami in his own right and knew exactly what his son was getting up to.
It blatantly crosses over into this trope when Issei gets another three female housemates at once without complaint, and when the family house is renovated into a six-storey mansion overnight to accommodate everyone (in opulence at that), they awake the next morning and happily remark how nice it is to have the extra living space. Remember, kids: if you're in a strange town with a brutal past, and your very life is in danger, tell a creepy old police guy about it instead of your actual parents! At the time, he just seemed to be clueless; a recent Booster Gold story suggested he was so far in denial he would leap on the flimsiest evidence she wasn't, without even admitting to himself why it was so important that the woman in the Batgirl costume he saw talking to Babs was the real one.
In one comic where Babs, now an adult, tells her father she's Oracle and is happy to find him pretty accepting, she goes on to tell him that she was Batgirl as a teen. They don't appear to find anything wrong with this, nor do they wonder why the schoolmate needs protection or how their son got the skills to stand in for the bodyguard without being injured himself. It makes Charles attempting to be an Overprotective Dad all the more amusing to Beetlejuice. She even starts serving drinks to the members of a rival crime family during what she assumes is a friendly get-together. Part of that was Aidan's fault, since he didn't tell his mother anything helpful about Samara. McAllister) apparently don't consider their son's girlfriend being pregnant and living in a ramshackle house a enough good reason to postpone an overseas vacation and let them use their house.
When he announces that he's going to his room with three strange men, his father doesn't even look up from the television. She also somehow overlooks him gradually turning into a miniature humpback whale (not literally) for 15 years. When he gets bad grades in school, Petunia insists he's a gifted boy and his teachers don't understand him. His father kind of suspects the criminal mastermind part, but knows nothing about the faerie part. Every time one of the elder Fowls has gotten close to the truth before, either Artemis or Holly has mind-wiped them. It's not until his brother explains everything that their parents learn that Tom, the boy who is always involved in some money-making scheme and once charged his friends to witness the digging of a cesspool, has been charging for these excursions. At one point an enchanted wooden Indian is attacking the main character and his father, who is watching, tells him he's only dreaming and needs to get back to bed!!!
This reaches dizzying heights of stupidity when one of said parties visits Nora in the morning, grabs and shakes her, and shouts that he won't let her go until she does what he wants.
Explained by her using a magical Reflection that takes her place at school and home whenever she needs to be away (which seems to be most of the time), and by Valkyrie managing to lie convincingly whenever the parents do notice there's something odd going on.
The protagonist's realization that they literally cannot make what she considers the obvious connection (because they're laser-focused on dealing with the potential threat her alter-ego ostensibly poses to her real identity) is actually a major plot point that shifts her behavior substantially.
When he comes back from the future in full god mode in season three, she essentially pats him condescendingly on the head and then goes back to putting all her eggs in the Sylar basket. When the truth finally came out in the season 2 finale, Buffy even called her on it, asking her if she'd ever wondered where all the blood she'd had to wash out of Buffy's clothes got there.
She had only three appearances over the course of the series, and only one of them in person.
In fact, some of the other kids' parents seem to be suspecting something, while the parents themselves are clueless.
These are his allies that are either considered to be "unofficial" Batfamily members or allies from outside the Batclan. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.-->This is part of the character sheet for the game League of Legends. And sometimes the parent is actively contriving to not know something they consider brain breaking. Compare and contrast with Mama Bear, who knows what's happening in her child's life, and nothing will hurt her child. The only thing that snapped her out of this was seeing her house disappear in front of her. When they finally came clean about their relationship several months later, Misato thought they were pulling a prank on her because she did not believe they could get together without her noticing anything (to be fair, they deceived nearly everybody).
Whether this is true obliviousness or just Hogarth's mother wanting her son to accept they have to rent the spare room for money is not completely obvious. His mother did precisely what nearly anybody in her position would have done: give Samara's body a proper burial. You'd think their father would have suspected something when he inspected the raft that Tom told him he was building. The parents let them go on with it partly because they are open-minded and partly because they know what the kids are doing and agree, or at least respect that the kids know what they are doing. Nora's mother walks in on the middle of this and is only mildly concerned, buying that he just wanted to copy Nora's homework, and not pursuing the issue at all when Nora brushes it off (all ignoring that Nora collapses on the ground and nearly cries after he leaves). Even when he casually blasts apart and overrides her plans three times in two episodes, she still can't take him or his power seriously. Oddly enough, the backstory give a perfect reason she wouldn't notice: Buffy was thought to be a troubled kid (she burned down her last school's gym). Any parenting knowledge is cited from what sound like psychology textbooks, and it took her months to notice her daughter had gotten a haircut. Based on the manga by Tachikawa Megumi.The titular thief is a 14-year-old Magical Girl named Haneoka Meimi, daughter of a magician and a Kaitou-turned-housewife, who goes to a Catholic school. Then there's the Reasonable Authority Figure, who may not believe everything they hear, but will invariably hear them out and humor them. She only picks up a dislike for Kent when he eventually calls the army on her son and nearly gets the town nuked.
As the definition of a "cat burglar", Selina was, in many ways, as much of a dark counterpart to Batman as the Joker was (she's even got an animal theme!).
One of her classmates, and her Secret Keeper, is a trainee nun named Mimori Seira; on duty, she listens to the troubles of the people that visit her church. Parental Obliviousness is often required for a Don't Tell Mama situation to work, or at least helps it along.
Time after time, she would steal valuable jewels and the like (often items with a cat theme), and time after time, the Dark Knight would put a stop to her. If someone's been the victim of larceny, Seira tells Meimi all the details, both from the testimony and from her own sneaking around. As these "dates" went on, she became more and more infatuated with Batman, an attraction he mostly reciprocates but that he hates to admit.Out of all of Batman's love interests, Selina is probably the most supported one, mainly because she's one of the few who can fight. Meimi transforms into Saint Tail, uses a combination of her father's magic tricks and her mother's stealth, and steals the stuff back. By The '90s, she had moved out of "supervillain" territory and become more of an anti-heroine.

Saint Tail is idolized as a hero by the girls at school, but the police have an obligation to catch her, even if all she's doing is returning things to their rightful owners. Various origin stories by authors such as Frank Miller and Ed Brubaker suggest that before she became Catwoman, she was a Street Urchin who suffered a variety of (often sexually-related) troubles before becoming who she is today. The Shard of the Monolith has come."Malphite is a sentient rock being from another dimension. The parents are so oblivious that they actually mistake the monster for their son and the monster is so utterly confused by the turn of events that he just sort of goes along for the ride. After the nineties, she is a wealthy socialite who steals for the hell of it (and help out the Bat-Family on occasion).For a while, Selina went straight, and even had a baby, but soon enough, the reluctance of The DCU to let anybody in the Bat-universe have a happy life returned her to her costumed persona after a tragic event involving B-list villains Angle Man and Film Freak.
In his homeworld, all beings are living silicone creatures who live in a utopian society linked by a benevolent hive mind called the Monolith. A few other characters are introduced that have it in for Saint Tail, and Seira continues to remind her that even if she does have feelings for Asuka, she can't let her identity slip. Badass Mustache: Even Mac Gargan is impressed that Jameson has the balls to rock a Hitler stache. Additionally, it is revealed that her going straight may have had something to do with Zatanna's magic instead of her own will.
Malphite was summoned from his home dimension to help bring order to Runeterra, and though he missed his homeworld and couldn't understand Runeterra's beings obsession with individuality, he saw it as a respectable goal and accepted to help, thus joining the League of Legends against all those who bring chaos into the world.Malphite is a tank-fighter champion who uses his innate tankyness to initiate fights, disabling enemies and weakening their offense.
Badass Normal: He may not look like it, and occasionally isn't Depending on the Writer, but the man has fought off demons from hell with a baseball bat to protect his employees.
His passive, Granite Shield, grants him a damage absorbing stone shield equal to a percentage of his maximum health whenever he stays out of combat for a few seconds. His first ability, Seismic Shard, fires a rock projectile at a nearby enemy, damaging them and stealing some of their movement speed, slowing them and speeding up Malphite for a brief duration.
Later, Holly returned as Selina's Girl Friday in Ed Brubaker's relaunch of the Catwoman title. Felicity, on the other hand, plays this straight when she goes Car Fu on Isabel Rochev near the end of Season 2. His second ability, Brutal Strikes, passively increases Malphite's armor and can be activated to temporarily make his basic attacks deal bonus damage in an area around his target.. Over the course of the series, Holly worked as Catwoman's spy on the streets, learned boxing moves from Wildcat, got a nice girlfriend, and became a den mother to a bunch of street urchins. Badass Family: The group had two Sibling Teams in its entire run, and their respective fathers (well, Thea's) are also occasional Sixth Rangers. Ground Slam, Malphite punches the ground, sending out a shockwave that damages and slows the attack speed of all nearby foes.
He regularly verbally abuses those that aren't Joe Robertson, but he's also protective of his staff.
Holly later became the second Catwoman when Selina temporarily retired.After ending her brief stint as a replacement Catwoman, Holly left Gotham and was thrown into the cast of Countdown to Final Crisis. With his ultimate ability, Unstoppable Force, Malphite charges to a nearby area, damaging and knocking all nearby enemies up into the air upon arrival.Malphite's alternate skins include Shamrock Malphite, Coral Reef Malphite, Marble Malphite, Obsidian Malphite, Glacial Malphite, and Mecha Malphite.
Holly spent most of Countdown in a state of constant facepalming, as she began an Odd Friendship with Harley Quinn and tried to make sense of a plot involving fake Amazons and Granny Goodness. Badass Normal: None of them have superpowers, but most of them rely on their physical skills unlike Team Flash's reliance on Barry's Super Speed, and later Cisco's Seer powers.
Achilles' Heel: Much like Rammus, Malphite is meant to punish attack damage heavy teams due to the fact he scales well in armor.
Benevolent Boss in reality: Illustrated rather well in the first movie, where he protects Peter from the Green Goblin by refusing to say who takes their pictures of Spider-Man, despite the fact that doing so would certainly result in severe personal injury or worse. Batman Gambit: The Team relies on elaborate analysis of their opponents so they can use it on their favor. Against an ability power or magic damage heavy team, however, he will be crushed into shreds relatively easily. Action Girl Affirmative Action Legacy Functional Addict: She managed to kick her drug addiction, although she comes close to falling Off the Wagon at one point. Catholic School Girls Rule: In spite of all characters going to a catholic school, the one hit by this is Seira, whose good looks have been remarked by complete strangers and has a love interest who knows she's a nun-in-training.
Depending on the Writer: JJJ's character varies from writer to writer and the reasoning behind his hatred of Spider-Man and the depth of that hatred run the gamut from being a jerkass to secretly being jealous of Spider-Man's truly heroic nature.
Unlike Team Flash who are mostly composed of Science Heroes, this team are emphasized on using their physicality. Boring but Practical: A Malphite is usually picked solely because of his ultimate and has a fairly mundane skillset and laning phase otherwise. Legacy Character Lipstick Lesbian: She seems to alternate between this and a more tomboyish style.
And yet, a single well-timed Unstoppable Force can win the game for his team or garner the advantage for them. Christmas Episode Christianity Is Catholic: And so is the whole town, apparently, despite being in a predominantly Shinto country. It's not actually clear that the story takes place in Japan, or at least, our world's Japan. Roy Harper is also known as Red Arrow in the comics continuity, a name that Thea (repeatedly) suggests to adopt.
Many shots around the town show locations and architecture borrowed from other places in the world. Put on a Bus Red-Headed Hero The Runaway: She ended up on the streets after running away from Abusive Parents. A notable example is the climax setting, referred to as simply "the Monastery" in the series—it's clearly Mont Saint-Michel, an famous island monastery in France.
Not to mention there are multiple fictional countries mentioned in the series, like "Astoria" and "Reyche." While "New Tokyo Airport" is relatively close by, the characters make it clear that their geography isn't like ours, so who's to say their religions are? Despite his hatred of Spidey, Jameson has always refused to use fake images in his newspaper.
Despite his dislike of the superhero community (which can border on outright hatred Depending on the Writer), Jameson grew up reading Captain America comic books, and Cap is frequently portrayed as the one superhero that Jameson will not launch campaigns against.
This was lampshaded in a short story he later wrote titled "Why Holly Isn't Dead", in which Holly complains about Canon Discontinuity and Selina suggests Continuity Reboots as an explanation. In his defense, he lived under a Hive Mind and probably didn't have to think much about speaking.
The only differences between Meimi and Saint Tail are the clothes and Saint Tail's ponytail, but Saint Tail takes care to keep people from seeing her face. Divergent Character Evolution: You can tell the group's evolution by the changes of their bases and costumes or the addition of their members. Meimi and Saint Tail also act differently (to the point that Saint Tail started showing off after putting herself in a situation where Meimi had nearly fainted out of shyness), and Meimi doesn't show how good an athlete and magician she is to avoid suspicion (and the one time she slipped and accidentally showed her agility, Rina added it to the list of hints that Meimi could be Saint Tail). Jameson, like everyone else he knew, grew up loving Bucky, Captain America's sidekick, and pretty much the original sidekick. Foe-Tossing Charge: Click ultimate, click target area, watch them get knocked up, then helplessly being picked apart by your teammates. Green Eyes: Being a sentient rock goes along with the natural magic connotations of the trope. It not only disillusioned Jameson's fandom in regards to Bucky (who everyone, even Jameson, still holds in high regard), but the entire concept of teenage superheroes. Dysfunctional Family: The Queens and the Lances have turbulent relationships within themselves and with each other, while both Roy and Felicity have Parental Abandonment issues (the former more so).
Also, it could happen to the viewer when Ruby is on screen or whenever the characters are shown in Chibi form. Flanderization: Done in the Ultimate Spider-Man series where he's usually seen on Daily Bugle Jumbotrons ranting endlessly about Spider-Man. From Nobody to Nightmare: He started out as a dime-a-dozen reporter looking for a big score, and worked his way up to being the editor and owner of the Bugle and head of the biggest media outlet in the city.
Elaborate Underground Base: Their original base was located below Verdant, the Queen family's bar. Implacable Man: If Malphite wants to use Unstoppable Force on enemies, nothing short of killing him will stop him from reaching them. George Jetson Job Security: Played for laughs in the second movie, where he fires and un-fires Peter in the span of five seconds.
The daughter, Helena, had all the benefits of being rich (an excellent education, etc.), was trained by her parents to be an excellent athlete, and joined Dick Grayson's law firm.
Their current one is located below Oliver's (previously Sebastian Blood's) campaign office. Dating Catwoman Determinator: Asuka Jr doesn't give up on catching Saint Tail for pretty much the whole series no matter how many times he fails.
Green-Eyed Monster: In one very old comic, Jonah made a confession - alone, in his own office - admitting that this was the real reason he opposes Spider-Man. However, tragedy struck and Selena was blackmailed into donning the Catwoman suit for one more heist, which led to her death.
Enemy Mine: They teamed up with The League of Assassins to fight Slade Wilson in the Season 2 finale. He's jealous of the hero because Spidey is something he dreams of being but despite his wealth, power, and influence, knows he never can be. Swearing vengeance on the blackmailer, Helena Wayne became the costumed heroine, the Huntress. Oliver made a controversial decision to align with Malcolm Merlyn to fight off Ra's Al-Ghul.
Players ranging from random solo queue to world championships are often quick to learn a fed AP Malphite was nothing to joke around about, as he can often burst down a carry faster than an assassin. No, this was not a badly written fan-fic, this was what happened on Earth-Two, during the pre-Crisis era.
Even after her father, the Earth-Two Batman, died in battle with a villain after coming out of semi-retirement one last time, she continued crimefighting with Dick Grayson (still going by Robin even though he was well into middle age), and joined the Justice Society of America. Happily Married: To Marla, a scientist who created the new type of Spider-Slayer before she was killed by Alistar Smythe. Mighty Glacier: A good Malphite player is essentially immune to hit and run attacks thanks to his passive, and his ground slam attack gets more powerful the more armor you have.
The debuff from his slam also reduces auto attack speed by up to half, which allows him to cripple physical damage champions. Somehow or another, she ended up in the main 52-verse, where she took on the identities of Huntress and Helena Bertinelli. The "glacier" part is helped by Seismic Shard's short movement speed boost and of course his famous ultimate. Generation Xerox: Religious-themed phantom thief runs from chief detective Asuka, who dedicates his life to unmasking her. Le Parkour: Only Oliver, Sara and Roy have displayed mastery of this skill, though Laurel, Thea and Diggle were shown capable of making high and long leaps. Spidey naturally saved the day in the nick of time, but Jonah realizes that the man he hates most has seen him at his most vulnerable. Not the Intended Use: Due to his good scalings, building an AP "Mage-phite" is not at all impossible. Already reeling from the supposed death of his son, Jonah launches a new anti-Spidey campaign and appears to be having a nervous breakdown.
They don't get things straight from the get-go, but they still have a very fast rate on learning things.
One can even ignore his supposed AP scalings and instead simply build AD to take full advantage of his stupidly good AD steroid, built in Tiamat that stacks with Tiamat for up to 120% splash damage, and ability to get into the fight for a build that has just as much Alpha damage, if not more than Mage-phite, while also shoving lanes ungodly fast and hiting like a truck even without his spells. One big exception, though: Meimi steals from thieves and gives to the rightful owners, but Eimi stole from the rich and gave to herself. Order Versus Chaos: Fights on the side of Order since his homeworld (the Monolith) was basically a perfect Hive Mind of beings. By this point, Jonah knows he utterly messed up and tries to better himself towards Spidey.
Hidden Depths: From his verbal tirades against Spider-Man and his own staff, you'd never know how much Jonah loves his family or how much he values those that work for him. At the tender age of eight, she was forced to witness the brutal massacre of her entire family. Malaphite is the level-headed, calm and collected blue, whereas Maokai is the passionate, headstrong and wild Red. He's also a staunch supporter of human and civil rights for everybody, black, gay, mutant, whatever. After spending years training (one of her masters was Richard Dragon, who trained the Question and Barbara Gordon), she returned to Gotham to become the costumed vigilante, the Huntress. Shockwave Stomp: Achieved by smashing the floor with his hand, leaving the Riot Games logo in the ground for a few seconds afterward. Unlike most members of the Bat-Family who eventually built a level of trust with her, Batman held a deep distrust of Huntress for a long time, believing to be too much of a loose cannon, although he eventually trusts her enough to sponsor her for the Justice League (her original JLI membership apparently having been forgotten).Notably, she helped maintain order in Gotham during the No Man's Land storyline, as a temporary Batgirl (and eventual Batman) when she discovered that criminals feared the Bat more than her Huntress costume. She has since been forced to resign from the Justice League, although she still operates as a member of the Bat-Family and the Birds of Prey team.In The New5 2, she's Matron, a secret agent working for Spyral in the ongoing series Grayson.
Terse Talker: His movement quotes are all brief agreements (like Rammus) and his attack quotes are him just saying variants of "Smash!" or "Kill!".
Huge Schoolgirl: Rina is easily the tallest girl in the class, and the second tallest student period (only Sawatari is slightly taller), and she's rather shocked, and flustered, when the very short Asuka jr. Irrational Hatred: Jameson hates Spider-Man with such a passion that no matter how many times the superhero has saved him and his loved one over and over again, Jameson is still stubbornly convinced that he is a menace. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Throughout the years, they were composed of a reformed Jerkass billionaire heir (The Leader and founder), a Retired Badass military veteran, a brilliant and quirky Playful Hacker, a rogue assassin, a Reformed Criminal, a Crusading Lawyer, and a former teen junkie.
Units Not to Scale: Probably the most prominent example in LoL, and not just in his Mecha Malphite skin.
Jerkass: One of Jameson's most-consistent traits is his irrational hatred of superheroes, especially masked ones. Belligerent Sexual Tension: It's specifically because they had "No hassle attached" sex in the past that this has developed between herself and Dick Grayson. Secret Keeper: They and Team Flash mutually keep the other team's and their allies' secret identities. It's hard to tell when you look at his profile pic in the LoL browser because some of the relevant details are covered by the interface, but have a close look at it◊, taking particular note of the poor fool who tried to lasso his hand (despite being smaller than his little finger). Important Hair Cut: At the end of the manga series, after the skip forward in time, it is revealed that Meimi cut her hair.

Black Sheep Darker and Edgier: The main reason Batman didn't use to trust her was because she seemed willing to waive the Thou Shalt Not Kill rule. Sixth Ranger: Most members (Sara, Roy, Laurel) started this way, but the group's occasional allies are Quentin Lance, Team Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa Al-Ghul, Lyla Michaels-Diggle, Ray Palmer, Mari McCabe and John Constantine. Impossibly Awesome Magic Trick: The main character is the daughter of an Impossible Thief and a Stage Magician. Jameson's admitted part in creating such a monster is something that has gnawed him ever since.
Fired Teacher: Before Oracle found her a job, she was constantly getting fired for missing days and showing up with wounds. When the Hobgoblin blackmailed him about that fact, Jameson decided to write a public confession and resign as Editor-in-Chief, while conveniently neglecting to mentioning that he also repeated that mistake in indirectly creating the Fly and attacking Spider-Man with various Spider-Slayers. Despite being a Magical Girl, her "magic" is explicitly all stage magic, but she routinely pulls off impossible feats, such as being carried off by just a a handful of balloons. No Celebrities Were Harmed: An unusal case, as Stan Lee created Jonah as an exaggeratedly cranky version of himself. They went from a Power Trio in Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 to a Five-Man Band starting the second half of Season 2.
Pet the Dog: Has gotten a ton of these moments over the years to show that once you get past the greedy, shouting, pissed-off exterior he's not that bad a guy.
In particular, even though he's a notorious, money-grubbing cheapskate, Jameson still bankrolled Peter and Mary Jane's wedding.
Gail Simone was at least able to poke fun at how ridiculous it was by revealing Huntress just really wants to show off her abs after all the sit-ups she does every day. Strawman News Media: Outside his hatred of superheroes, his integrity as a journalist is unimpeachable.
Heck, The Kingpin could bear down on him if the Bugle had the goods on the gangster and Jameson's first response would be to make the front page headline of the expose bigger. Ultimate Authority Mayor: He's used his position as Mayor of NYC to carry out his crusade against Spider-Man on a whole new level. In the end, she simply walks away after seeing their love for one another and goes on to rob people in other towns. They both leave in different circumstances in Season 3, and by that time Laurel and Thea come on board. The Unfavorite: Often comes off this way not only in the Bat-family (with Batman) but in Birds of Prey (with Oracle).
Training from Hell: All the physical fighters but Laurel (though Nyssa might have given her a brief one offscreen) underwent one. Love Letter Lunacy: Said love letters took the forms of notes popping out from the strangest places (including a ball that had just hit Asuka jr. And the fact that Huntress spent a good deal of the beginning of Batman: No Man's Land using the Batgirl identity.
The Lance sisters have been this to the Queen siblings way before Oliver started this team despite Oliver's turbulent history with them. Market-Based Title: The first release of the anime and manga, from Tokyo Pop, called it Sweet Tales of Saint Tail, because the phantom thief genre on its own wouldn't attract young girls. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity spend Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 building a relationship, quickly get used to putting their lives in the other's hands and Diggle and Felicity are the few friends Oliver willing trusts with his secret identity. Megaton Punch: Rina is rather prone to dish them out, having sent flying even a couple cops. Mission from God: It's never outwardly stated, but Meimi seems to have been given her powers from God.
Two Girls to a Team: The late Season 2 incarnation, with Oliver, Diggle, Roy, Felicity and Sara.
Inverted in Season 4 where Oliver and Diggle are the only male members, while there are three female members with Felicity, Laurel and Thea. Nuns Are Mikos: Tachikawa Megumi freely admits that she assumed things about nuns when creating Seira that are only true of miko.
It had been previously established via retcon that she was killed as a young woman and had her identity usurped by Helena Wayne, her pre-Crisis counterpart. Nun Too Holy: Seira has lied and violated the confessional secret multiple times, is in cahoot with a thief, and, in the manga, even committed one theft herself (the key of a confessional she 'reserved' for private talks with Meimi).
The Conscience: Frequently the one to rein in Jonah when he threatens to go a bit too far in his crusade. Weak, but Skilled: Weak in the sense that the Arrowverse are gradually being filled by super powered individuals. True, she doesn't exactly like any of that (she justifies it as having to do it to redress wrongs, and even gave herself a What the Hell, Hero?
George Jetson Job Security: He has been threatened with being fired a few times and in 2005, Jonah fired him and issues later went to his house to apologize and mentioned he would start to beg if he refused to take his job back. Defrosting Ice Queen: At first, her relationship with Grayson is cold and somewhat confrontational. The Team's main asset is their physical and combat skills and, as pointed many times, are the Badass Normal team of this universe. White and Grey Morality: They are the Grey to Team Flash's white, with them being originally an Anti-Hero Team and all. Gameplay and Story Segregation: Kog'Maw is supposedly drawn to Malzahar and aids him in battle, but in-game he's a separate hero. And the Distant Finale implies she never stopped violating the confessional secret, only now she does it to point Asuka Jr.
Hidden Heart of Gold: She shows concern for the life of a child, and is willing to lie to her boss to protect the child. Can be averted if a Kog'Maw and Malzahar player are on the same team, but apart from that, Kog'Maw has little to do with Malzahar in-game. The Worf Effect: Every episode has the Badass Crew lose in their first fight with a villain in the beginning half of an episode before planning out a better strategy for their next confrontation. Glass Cannon: An in-your-face confrontation with any enemy means Malzahar is forced to quickly lock said target down or be crushed.
She works for the Ambiguously Evil Spyral, but it's ultimately subverted as she's willing to go against orders to protect a child. Glowing Eyes of Doom: If he locks eyes with you, he's going to fill you with mind-blasting visions.
Witness your demise!" Go Mad from the Revelation: More like "pursued, stalked, and harassed by the revelation until he too was worn down to keep his sanity," but the effect is the same. Also, Seira: near the end of the manga Sawatari falls for her, yet she doesn't realize his feelings (which are just as evident as Rina's and Saint Tail for Asuka) until he makes her a barely-veiled declaration. Dumas splinter group the Order of Purity (written by Fabian Nicienza, and later David Hine), following a Deus Angst Machina that rivals that of Tim Drake.
Don't let this fool you though; he's capable of dealing out some serious hurt by combining the three others in a combo. Only Six Faces: As with all Tachikawa works, even now though her drawing style has changed over the years. Oliver returned to Starling City and began a crusade to save the city as a vigilante, drawing in several allies to his cause. Guardian Entity: It's unclear what Kog'Maw was going to do upon arrival, but he was the first to rush to the scene when Malzahar was fighting Kassadin outside the league. 10-Minute Retirement: Oliver stops being the Hood for a few months while recovering from his fight with Dark Archer, and then again between Season 1 and 2. This series was cancelled at issue #18.Azrael II later appeared in the Judgement On Gotham, a Bat Family Crossover which ranged across Batman, Red Robin, Gotham City Sirens, and the Batman again.
Ollie retires from crimefighting after season 3 and was absolutely happy to stay that way for good, but it's only six months before he's back in action at the beginning of season 4. It featured Azrael working with the Crusader (though both were under the influence of Ra's al Ghul) to judge Batman, Red Robin, and Catwoman, in order to find one righteous person in Gotham City, or they would destroy it. Action Dad: He certainly fits the "action" part, although he doesn't actually know he's a father until Season 4 "Legends of Yesterday". How many "coincidences" were needed for Peter and Spider-Man to have been two different people? Exactly why they just didn't go take a poll of the attendees of the local Christian churches is not known. The Minion Master: His W summons an insectoid creature called a "Voidling", what will attack closest enemy or targets hit by Malefic Vision or Nether Grasp with a limited lifespan. In the anime, Eimi is implied to know that her daughter is Saint Tail, and actually covered her once. Action Survivor: When trapped on the island, before he Took a Level in Badass through Training from Hell. The Voidling will also call forth more Voidlings when hitting champions, objectives or killing minions, and gain bonus attack speed when enough of them are spawned, turning the whole deal into a Zerg Rush of sort.
Adaptational Angst Upgrade: Unlike most Green Arrow stories, the toll the time he spent five years away from home was more emphasized on this version, particularly his struggle to reconnect properly with his loved ones. Not the Intended Use: Playing Malzahar in the jungle is actually viable because of his fast clear-time, expendable Voidlings to meatshield for him, and his deadly combo when he ganks. There also exists AD Malzahar which crosses over into Lethal Joke Character considering he has all AP ratios but his Voidlings gain 100% of his AD, which is quite worrying if 2 of them are attacking you while he has you pinned down with Nether Grasp. Adaptational Attractiveness: Green Arrow is canonically very physically fit and is noted to be handsome, but this version of him is blatantly portrayed as Mr. The Atoner: Michael is currently working as Azrael to atone for both his work with the Black Glove and his actions during Judgement On Gotham. Also his father Asuka Sr., who in his youth chased Meimi's mother when she was the phantom thief Lucifer and is shown being the one chasing Saint Tail before Asuka Jr.
Ax-Crazy: Micheal Lane slowly got more and more Ax-Crazy as his series wound down to a close. Transformation Sequence Where the Hell Is Springfield?: The setting is vaguely Japanese, with places like New Tokyo Airport being mentioned, and all the characters have Japanese names.
Big Bad Friend: Michael Lane's assistant, Adrian Paratino, actually works for Ra's freakin' al Ghul.
Punctuation Shaker: He was originally "Al'Zahar", presumably to keep with the other Void dwellers, but his name changed before release.
However, the architecture that makes up the different settings varies between Japanese, Italian, French, German, and British (with Japanese architecture actually being the least common of the styles, and French and Italian being the most common), and famous locations from other countries often show up in the scenery.
It doesn't help that the only other countries they mention are all fictional (besides America), implying this story occurs in a different world than our own—likely one in which Japan had far earlier and more extensive contact with Western culture. Chest Insignia: Michael Lane's Suit of Sorrows has a Christian cross on it, though before he took the suit, the cross was modeled after the bat-symbol, indicating the previous owner of the suit. This also means that skillshots will hit the expendable minion instead of himself - this has saved many a Malzahar from certain skillshot-induced death. Christianity Is Catholic: Same bad case of this as with Jean-Paul Valley's series, but shown more prominently.
Even more so when he's asking Felicity out; as she points out, usually she's the one speaking in sentence fragments. Hilarity Ensued when a pet Saint Tail was supposed to steal happened to be a particularly large one. Aesop Amnesia: He still continues on keeping secrets in Season 4 despite the fact that it cost him Diggle's friendship at the previous season. Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: Whatever it was that Malzahar saw in his visions, we should be glad he isn't sharing in detail. That's a man and a co-worker and maybe even, Heaven forbid, a friend, and he's in a world of pain!
Always Save the Girl: Something that is actually addressed as a problem, Oliver has a big weakness towards women, he even chose to help Laurel over Diggle in the first season which nearly led to a team breakup, and despite having put arrows in people who have done less he can't ever bring himself to kill or really even harm Helena. The trouble is, if his opponents purchase Quick Silver Sash, they can escape from being locked down and cleanse all of his damaging spells instantly.
He nearly gets himself and Slade killed trying to save Shado, who was just fine on her own.
The fact that it also gives a fair chunk of magic resist means that it's practically designed to render Malzahar useless.
If there is a woman and Oliver has feelings for her, you can bet he won't be thinking too straight.
Granted, even if an entire team rushes the item (unlikely), it's not exactly in most champions' core build, meaning that they are now many thousands of gold behind.
Always Someone Better: His first two fights with the Dark Archer see him get summarily trounced.
You Cannot Fight Fate: As his quote at the top of this character overview says: The sky may fall and the earth may turn into lava? Only six months after her death, Michael's two siblings (his last living relatives) were murdered by an apparent Satanic cult. Though one time over in Daredevil Ben did beat a crooked cop to death after the officer tried to assassinate him. Does This Remind You of Anything??: A lot of people have noted that Michael Lane's costume looks like something out of Assassin's Creed.
Friend on the Force: Pete Farrelli, probably Mikey's only real friend in the world, since Father Day is using him to accomplish the ends of the Order of Purity, and Adrian Paratino is actually working for Ra's al Ghul. Legacy Character: Michael is only one incarnation of a line of Azraels who work for Sacred Order of St. Race Lift: The Spectacular Spider-Man made him a Korean American, shortening his surname to "Lee". Knight Templar: He's not nearly as bad as the previous Azraels but can still act pretty extreme, forcing the rest of the Batfamily to hold him back a bit. Hurt of the Black Glove, and accepted an offer to become Azrael partly as his way of atoning for his perceived role in the demise of Batman. Jonah Jameson during the "Goblin Nation" arc of Superior Spider-Man when Jameson prioritizes using the Spider-Slayers on Spidey over using them to get rid of the Goblins. Powered Armor: Michael Lane wears a suit of crusader armor called the Suit of Sorrows, which is made from the fragments of the armor of 100 crusaders slain in battle.

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