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TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Some Cults are all about the mental manipulation and brainwashing in order to inspire devotion to a leader. The members of such groups meet in the middle of the night, and when they meet are almost always garbed in cloaks that hide their body shape, along with identity-concealing masks. Expect black robes, evil magic, Human Sacrifice (especially of the virgin kind, and usually in a painful manner), and dark plots to destroy or conquer the world. The Cult of Kira, seen at the end of the Death Note manga, don't get much screentime, but they fit the bill. The Litchi Hikari Club has shades of this, especially in the opening, which depicts them from the perspective of an outsider. In Teen Titans there are two: the Church of Brother Blood, and the unnamed cult that worships Raven's demon father, Trigon.
In Spider-Man comics, the Cabal of Scrier, which worships an ancient alien, and a breakaway cult led by Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) called the Order of the Goblin. A lot of Hammer Films productions featured cloak-wearing demon worshippers of one stripe or another. Demon Lover has the former leader of a devil-worshiping cult summons a creature from the depths of Hell to carry out his revenge against the coven's members. The Devil's Rain was advertised as giving the audience "the first real look into the world of Satanism".
The "vampires" from The Omega Man wore cloaks and engaged in mystic rituals as per this trope, but also were the brainwashed minions of a charismatic leader too. The cultists in The Final Sacrifice are a bunch of machete-wielding madmen in black tanktops and hoods out to Take Over the World by summoning the spirits of an extinct Native American civilization. The cultists in Race With the Devil, who chase the heroes across Texas after they witness the cult carrying out a Human Sacrifice.
In The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow, has an investigator researching "paganism" in northern Ontario in 1933. Sound Of My Voice: two undercover documentarians get themselves recruited into a secretive cult built around a young woman claiming to be a time traveler from a post-apocalyptic future. Some in Fritz Leiber's Nehwon stories, too: Earth God, Gods of Trouble, Hate, Rat God, Spider God, Tyaa. In fact, these are quite common in Sword & Sorcery, even relative to their frequency in Fantasy generally. Pretty much any group of worshippers of an Eldritch Abomination, such as those found in H.P.
Listen to a "wax cylinder recording" of that last here and watch the cat when the other voice speaks up. The Satanists in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens lampshade and parody this concept, with a coven of secretly Satanist nuns who are doing their best to fulfill the prophecies leading to the conception of the Antichrist, but are otherwise just decent people following the tenets of the religion they were raised in, not that different from anyone else. The satanic cults in the works of Dennis Wheatley (mostly based on Aleister Crowley and company), plus Hammer Horror versions thereof.
The other societies are similar enough that early in the book, two characters exchange esoteric passphrases for most of a page before one of them says something the other isn't expecting.
Even Agatha Christie used this trope, and like she did with most tropes, had some fun with it. And of course, the spinoff Angel has the Circle of the Black Thorn (referred to in the title quote), Ancient Conspiracy and The Omniscient Council of Vagueness, complete with black robes and Venetian masks.
Doctor Who has the worshippers of Azal and the Cult of Demnos, though the former leans more towards a Religion of Evil. The Regents from Warehouse 13 invoke the general idea of this trope as an acerbic jab at Artie's expectations.
The Grey Council from Babylon 5 is the senior level of government for the Minbari Federation. Vampire: The Requiem features the Shadow Cults, an invention of the Mekhet that allows them control over humans (and other fringe benefits) by promising to unearth the secrets of existence.
From another New World of Darkness game, Mage: The Awakening, you have the Guardians of the Veil, who both qualify as this trope and manufacture this trope for mortals. Dark Matter, a roleplaying game for the Alternity system based strongly on contemporary conspiracy theory and The X-Files-like science fiction, had the Final Church, THE worldwide conspiracy for demons and satanists. Many Call of Cthulhu adventures have them, in accordance with the original Cthulhu Mythos source material.
Subverted with the Lords of Waterdeep from the Forgotten Realms D&D setting, who dress like this trope, engineer secretive political schemes, and conceal their membership from the public, but aren't actually evil and work to ensure their city's security and prosperity. The Dracula Dossier: During Dracula's initial visit to England, he took over a Satanic cult with a large proportion of upper-class members. While browsing a flea market, Tintin comes across and buys an old model ship, thinking it would make a good present for Captain Haddock. If the game's a Role-Playing Game, this character can be recruited to your Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, sometimes through extremely convoluted means, sometimes as New Game+ reward.
In a fighting game, uncovering the character may be as simple as holding down a button while you select a certain fighter, or you may have to beat the game on the hardest setting, without using any continues and then defeat the character in a one-on-one duel to get them.
Some secret characters can be Lost Forever depending on the means used to unlock or acquire them. See also Optional Party Member, Guest Fighter, if it's an entirely different protagonist in a game with a single playable character, it's Another Side, Another Story.
Since Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania has featured unlockable characters, usually the secondary characters.
After beating killer7 once on any difficulty, you can go back and re-play the game in killer8 mode, which gives you access to the previously unavailable Young Harman character, whose huge amount of health and tommy-gun make him almost a Game Breaker. Jeanne makes a return as an unlockable character in Bayonetta 2, again unlocked by just beating the game on any difficulty. Street Fighter Alpha also had Akuma, but joke character Dan Hibiki made his debut as a secret character in the first Alpha game. Shantotto and Gabranth join the heroes and villains (respectively) once their storylines are cleared, adding them to the PP catalog to be purchased. Mewtwo in Melee takes the Guide Dang It to the extreme, you have to play over 20 player-hours (that is, 20 hours divided by the number of people playing) or fight around 700 matches. In the first two Killer Instinct games, the Big Bad could be played as by entering certain button combinations as the fights loaded. In the fighting game One Must Fall, it was possible, through a series of button sequences, to play as both the end boss, and use his towering robot (not normally available in the story mode). Marvel Super Heroes: Doctor Doom and Thanos, along with the very much broken and incomplete test character Anita. First up is a roboticized version of Smoke, the first ever unlockable character in the series which you could unlock by entering the "Ultimate Kombat Kode", which used a total of ten slots, divided up by inputs from both players. In the update following that, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 adds three new unlockables each with their own UK Ks which includes "Classic Sub-Zero", Mileena and Ermac. The original arcade version of Mortal Kombat 4 has a rare player-exclusive version in Meat who uses the skinned corpse model utilized in a couple of Fatalities but uses other characters' moves instead and can be unlocked.
Many of the characters in Deadly Alliance can be unlocked by purchasing their Koffins, which have both a specific koin count and type of koin but two in particular are only available after clearing everyone's Konquests; Blaze and Mokap. Xenophage Alien Bloodsport has Blarney the dinosaur, an utterly broken (as in, he will actually crash the game under certain conditions) Dummied Out character only accessible via editing the game's .ini file. The Super Mode versions might count, but there's also Metal Sonic in Sonic Adventure DX, who is available after getting all 130 emblems (though he's only available in trial mode and can't do Sky Chase), as well as Amy in Sonic Advance 2 after beating the game with all the Chaos Emeralds with the previous 4 characters.
The first Viewtiful Joe game lets you play as Sylvia, Alastor, Captain Blue and even Dante (who, unfortunately, is only unlockable in the PlayStation 2 version of the game) by beating the game's multiple difficulty levels. In The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, the Guitar Guy, Mike Matei, and the Bullshit Man are all found in Secret Paths. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo: Scrolling off to the side on the character select screen revealed a few secret characters, including Dan. Harvest Moon Frantic Farming lets you unlock the Witch Princess after completing the rest of the stories.
In Warcraft III, you can recruit a Hydralisk unit from Starcraft for one mission, hidden behind trees.
The Age of Empires series features a plethora of secret units that can only be unlocked via cheat codes. The leader of the cult, of course, will almost always be wearing a much more extravagant, often differently colored cloak (red is a popular option), and his mask is usually more elaborate as well. Synchronized chanting, bonfires (including the occasional burning cross or wicker-man), odd sexual practices, and blood sacrifice is popular among such groups, but not always necessary.
In original continuity they were an ignorance cult that viewed knowledge as dangerous and wanted everyone to act on instinct. Despite the presence of several LARGE HAMS (including William Shatner and Ernest Borgnine), it has all the thrilling scares of cardboard box convention. When they're not murdering people or attending black masses, they're care-takers, teachers, priests, and Cub Scouts. Instead, the groups consist of "rings" of teenagers who watch Samara Morgan's cursed videotape and record the supernatural things they witness, this ritual of sorts passing to each group member when the previous panics. The Cthulhu Mythos cult attempting to open a wormhole to the Mi-Go's planet for an Alien Invasion.
Evidence of a cult's operation is presented piecemeal, via newspaper articles, letters, reference materials and a specific photo, gradually detailing a Greco-Roman Mystery Cult that is involved in a spate of disappearances.
The first scenes show the two leads running a gauntlet of security measures to meet the cult leader. When they gather, they all wear uniform robes in a cult of personality of sorts for Voldemort. Howard and other authors: Golden Peacock, Hanuman the Accursed, Set, Tsathoggus, Yama, Yezud. They then spend most of another page arguing about whether the good mother makes bean soup for the errant boy or the ill-built tower trembles mightily at the butterfly's passage. Howard's Conan the Barbarian novel The Hour of the Dragon, the cult of Asura is portrayed as this.
Since they are all about helping the Dark One bring about The End of the World as We Know It (in exchange for personal power and immortality), membership is banned on pain of death throughout the world, and their cells are even called "circles". The leader doesn't exactly wear a different color, but she does sport a different look from the rest (by leaving her hood down to show off her beautiful blonde hair). In addition to numerous literary and historical references to various Secret Circles throughout the ages, two of them feature in the main plot: the first is a generally benign Druidic cult at an alchemical retreat, but the second is a full-on evil secret society led by a major supporting character, Senor Aglie. Their initiation ritual was torturing potential members with magic until compelled to stop.
The investigation in The Seven Dials Mystery leads to the titular secret society, whose members wear masks shaped like clock faces. It is comprised of three members of each of the three castes (Worker, Warrior, Religious) at least until the fifth season when Delenn breaks the Council and reconstitutes it so that the Workers gain a majority over the other two (usually more dominant) castes.
Khorne's worshipers often organize into martial brotherhoods or murder cults, orders devoted to Tzeentch tend to be influential secret societies or sorcerous cabals, cults of Slaanesh are at best bands of artistes and hedonists or at worst mobs of depraved sex-crazed sadomasochists, and Nurgle's followers are nihilistic groups spreading disease and despair. One of them, the Moulding Room, promises to reveal the power behind modern pop culture but is explicitly revealed to be a Situationalist prank — in other words, founded entirely For the Evulz. As the Mage equivalent of the Secret Police, they obviously act in secret, and also fit this trope by believing in an apocalyptic philosophy that is actively trying to bring about the birth of a mage messiah. Mummy Cults are among the few people in the modern world who know of Sekhem and the Nameless Empire, and also have the ability to direct a Mummy through his Relics. Basically, pretend that every paranoid rumor regarding Satanism mentioned in the 'Real Life' section was actually true, and you get the gist.
They seem to have discovered some big secret of the universe, but aren't eager to share it.
He is immediately approached by two men who both want to buy it back from him, though Tintin adamantly refuses. Not due to some strange invisibility, or even things that he should know but are All There in the Manual. In many fighting games, there is also a secondary path to getting characters that usually entails a set number (usually in the hundreds) of versus matches completed or a set amount of gameplay time for those who don't want to play the story mode.
If a secret character is also the most powerful enemy in the game, they double as the True Final Boss. You'll need him though, since the only difficulty level available for killer8 mode is Bloodbath, where enemies take obtuse amounts of damage, give almost no blood at all, and have invisible weak points. Hilariously, this turns all of your shots into Vario and changes your special attack into blocks that you drag around the screen. There's also Little King Zero, who can be unlocked by beating the Brutal Bonus Level, Angel Slayer. Bayonetta's mother, Rosa, can also be unlocked by beating the game on 3rd Climax, the second hardest difficulty in the game. Now subject to Wolverine Publicity, as he shows up in games which aren't associated with Street Fighter, like Cyberbots, where he appears as a giant robot version of himself. Later WWE games can be hacked to unlock WWE management like Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Lillian Garcia, Mike Chioda and Nick Patrick.
Shantotto and Gabranth must still be purchased, but unlike the others the ability to purchase them is from the start. Another standout secret character is Luigi, the only other character besides Jigglypuff to have been a secret character in the first three Smash games. Alternatively, one could get a perfect score in the game of Galaga'' that replaced a standard Loading Screen at the very beginning of the game. There were also a lot of secret characters you couldn't play as, but could access for special fights, both in story mode and tournament play—"unranked challengers".
Defeat Means Playable is the way to get them; it's not a problem for two of them, who are the Mid Boss and the Final Boss, but the other two are Bonus Bosses requiring near-completion of the game and no continues in a playthrough in addition.
Capcom: In the original version (Cross Generation of Heroes), Saki Omakane, Hakushon Daimao, Ippatsuman and Viewtiful Joe needed to be unlocked by beating the game a certain number of times with either a Tatsunoko or Capcom character, and then purchased in the store. Capcom 3: Getting a certain amount of points either offline or online will unlock Taskmaster, Akuma, Hsien-Ko, and Sentinel.
For the first two games, they were simply unplayable, but far stronger and faster palette swaps of the ninja characters.
Smoke is relegated to a normal playable character, but by inputting a code before any round, he will change into his much faster human form, which is basically a faster silver colored swap of Scorpion. The console versions add Goro and Noob Saibot, both of whom were playable by selecting Shinnok or Reiko respectively while using the Hidden option.
There's an especially infamous example in the case of a zombified Liu Kang whose key can only be found a very specific date and time and in an obscure location.
Ned the Janitor (who's just a reskinned Xiao Long) is also available in the N64 port, and Ichiro and Gar Gunderson are relegated to secret character status by only being accessible through cheat codes.
The PS2 version also lets you use all the characters (including the PS2-exclusive one) with a button code. As with the normal opponents, Defeat Means Playable, but they might not even be seen on a normal playthrough. In the expansion pack it is possible to receive an extra hero unit for one mission providing you first triggered a secret mission in the preceding mission and then completed said secret mission.
The second game alone has an AC Cobra armed with a machine gun, saboteurs (powered-up versions of the Petard unit,) Furious the Monkey Boy (who is one of the strongest units in the game, but can be taken out in only 9 hits,) penguins and "Villager Male Dave Lewis", a naked, gibberish-spouting villager named after an Ensemble Studios employee who has the fastest movement speed in the game, but can't do anything except move. Action Girl Barbie is called on by her good friend Theresa, who is a fashion designer planning her big show.
It follows the story of a boy who mistakenly pulls the Sword of Mana out of a rock to cut a path back to town. If your story needs some hidden group to be the bad guys, you can't go wrong with a shadowy cabal of masked figures chanting Latin or some other long dead language. In Reboot continuity they were The Man Behind the Man of the Affiliated Planets, and were mostly working towards power for the individual members and so that Brainiac 4 could feel something - which she finally did when she sent the AP fleet to a pointless death and killed the rest of the Circle.
Since there doesn't appear to be any influential people in this cult, it could almost be a Milkman Conspiracy if their plan wouldn't revolve around ending Christ's life as soon as possible. One group in Astoria, Washington seem more than willing to sacrifice one member to see the events of the inevitable Day Seven when the victim is killed by Samara's ghost. The viewer is meant to infer that these Keres-worshippers are hard-to-track and have been operating in secret for quite some time. Finally the person trying to get in says something that clues the doorkeeper in that he's looking for another secret society that meets three doors down. While they are secretive, Conan refused to persecute them without actual crimes, and they assist him in regaining his throne. A frat house sacrificed people to a demon snake in exchange for the power and wealth of their families. Unlike the other examples, the Grey Council isn't so much evil as it is manipulative and ultimately corrupt.
While they do indeed meet up in the dark cellar of Anubis House, chant creepily during ceremonies and wear cloaks, they aren't doing big sacrifices or any dark magic. But they also like to make mystery cults that deliberately spread disinformation about magic, in order to prevent curious individuals from accidentally discovering real magic.
There was even a web book devoted solely to the group at the end of Alternity's run, and the group makes a comeback in the d20 Modern Menace Manual. One of them even follows him to his home and gives Tintin his business card, which lists him as "Ivan Sakharine, Collector".
Like any other form of unlockable content, getting the Secret Character is not required to finish the game. She'll slow down for every plate carried, but can spin past customers as long as the button is held, unlock Carrie, who can only spin in short bursts.
Two more characters can be unlocked in the online co-op mode, Tag Climax, through randomly being challenged by them during play, Lumen Sage, Balder, and Rodin, although these two can only be used on the co-op mode and not during normal gameplay. Some of them were the ones you would expect like Dan or Geese, while others included Zero and Demitri.
Other typical requirements include beating the game without continues, with a specific character, or completing certain side events.
In tournament mode, some of these unranked challengers would appear in other tournaments, some were the only appearance of a story mode character in the tournaments, some were references to other Epic Games franchises, and some were just unique characters who only popped out surprise you.
Agent and Mephisto (Palette Swap characters of Captain America and Blackheart), in addition to boss characters Apocalypse and Cyber Akuma. In the updated version Ultimate All-Stars, the above four (save Daimao for licensing reasons) were made into starting characters.
In Super Mario 3D World, Rosalina is unlocked in the second level of the first secret world.
Unleashing the Sword also opened its seal on evil, and monsters begin to ransack the world again. I'll sacrifice anything."A one-volume Boys Love manga by writer Gotoh Shinobu and artist Maruya Kae. Some will end up being Punch Clock Villains, others in it for the money or murdering, while others will be hardcore true believers.
While the leader is a cunning manipulator, the members are pathetic petty-minded lower-middle class losers who mainly want to get back at people. And do not, in the course of the novel, show any sign that the accusations are anything but Malicious Slander. The Mayor was a particularly effective single person version of this, to the point that most of the demons that appeared were working for him.

It meets in secret aboard a warship in deep space, so that its deliberations (and for that matter the identities of its members) remain unknown even to most Minbari. They are mostly teachers along with a few important figures like a cop and a nurse (as well as the father of who they assume to be The Chosen One) and their goal is to achieve eternal life so each of them can fulfill a more personal goal, such as stopping themselves from dying of a degenerative disease.
Tintin once again refuses and sends him on his way but unfortunately Snowy knocks the model over during this distraction, breaking the ship's main mast.Haddock arrives and Tintin shows his the ship. It also featured an evil version of Ken, called Violent Ken, based off of his possessed self in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. Each game minus the first also gives you the characters if you log a certain amount of multiplayer matches (the minimum required to get them all this way is 1000 matches in Melee, 450 in Brawl, 120 in 3DS. Now, Tekkaman Blade, Joe The Condor, Frank West, and Zero are unlocked only by beating the game with a set number of characters from both sides. You also technically play as one through the entirety of the game's adventure mode until you cleared the main story where he will be available in all modes but the size of his moveset, which is taken from most, if not the entire cast, is dependent on how many keys you can unlock, including his Fatalities.
Back at the ranch, it doesn't take long for the pitchforks to come out, and the boy is exiled from his home forever. Yuuichi was orphaned at a young age, with his only family connection being his strange uncle Kyuusai who is famous for writing mystery stories. The Harbingers of the First Evil probably qualify, a group of high school cultists tried to sacrifice a fellow student in exchange for money, and on and on. The most evil thing they did was hide away their supposed chosen one and lie about it to the students, yet they never wanted any of the students to actually get hurt. She was born to John Blackwell and Amelia Blake on March 28th, 1995 in Chance Harbour, Washington. The former is incredibly surprised and he takes Tintin to his house to show him why: a portrait of his Identical Ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock, with the exact same ship in the background. With nowhere to go, he is left with little choice but to fulfill his destiny as the Mana Knight — with the help of a runaway young lady and a sprite who tried to con them out of their money. The story begins when his relationship with his childhood friend Iori is challenged when he finds out Iori, the Hanayashiki heir, is marrying into the Yonekura family to restore the family's fortunes.
They also have a habit of withholding information even if doing so is ultimately self-defeating. They are disbanded at the end of the first season when they realized they had the wrong chosen one and their one-hour window to do the ceremony has closed. She is a newly discovered witch who, since the death of her mother, Amelia, has resided in the town of Chance Harbor, Washington. Tintin notices the name Unicorn on the ship's hull and returns home to check if the model has it as well.
Brawl has a unique third method: By getting them to join you in Adventure Mode, they'll be available automatically in all other modes, without the need of beating them in a preliminary match. Probably a downplayed trope, because her store is in Japan, where almost everyone is, well, Asian. Naturally, this involves stopping an evil empire before it unseals a number of MacGuffins and raises some demonic superweapon.Secret of Mana was promoted by Nintendo at the time of its release, featuring revolutionary gameplay features such as three players being able to control the game at once (taking the roles of the Boy, the Girl and the Sprite at the same time). Though Iori assures Yuuichi that he will always love him, Yuuichi privately doubts he'll ever be allowed to meet Iori again.The marriage day gets quickly overshadowed by a series of strange incidences related to Yuuichi's Recurring Dreams. While Cassie initially dislikes the idea of being a witch, she later begins to accept her destiny and her family's heritage of magic. If only one player is available, the game's AI will control the other characters.Secret of Mana was intended to launch on the SNES CD add-on, but when that fell through, Squaresoft was left with a contractual obligation to make the game, but on the much smaller space of a cartridge instead of the CD-ROM they'd expected. Backtracking: Though often areas you've visited will have changed, or some areas will be blocked off.
They spent several months stripping the game down: removing large sections of the game-world, shortening the script, adjusting the game's plot, re-writing or removing a great deal of dialogue, and using compressed instruments and recomposing the music in an SPC format for the SNES. When Iori turns up later the same night, he confirms it was an omiainote meeting of a pair of marriage candidates and casually mentions that the wedding is the next day. Having anything to do with a reasonable, normal, evil bunch of black-clad homicidal night-meeters' goals?
Cassie, along with the other girls in the Circle (Diana, Melissa and Faye) are all involved in the action on the show; they often use their witch powers to fight evil or opponents. Tintin's suspicions are apparently confirmed when he finds the model in Sakharine's home but the latter claims he had owned it for over ten years: the reason why he wanted Tintin's model so badly is because he thought it was odd that two identical models existed. But Thou Must: The thief will always be suspiciously faster than you, and you must always let the thief get away.
While this did have the side-effect of pushing the limit of the SNES's capabilities to the limit (making it much more aesthetically stunning than almost any other 16-bit game of the time), it proved murderous on the text and left some obvious gaps in the plotline.
Arranged Marriage: Iori doesn't see his marriage as an obstacle to his relationship with Yuuichi simply because it's always been a fact of life as the heir that his family would arrange a marriage for him no matter how he felt. Although before she finds out her abilities and about he twitch heritage, she is seen as more of a Damsel in Distress. Tintin confirms this is not his model since the main mast is still intact and the name Unicorn is on the hull. In spite of that, it received incredible critical acclaim at the time of its release and the original is still considered one of the strongest games of the 16-bit era. Awful Truth: Kyuusai reveals to Yuuichi that he is from a powerful clan that steals other people's life force, and that neither he or his boyfriend love each other, it's just a delusion between predator and prey that makes it easier for Yuuichi to steal Iori's life.
Tintin returns home and finds the place completely ransacked yet with nothing missing, meaning the intruders were looking for something in particular.While cleaning up the mess, Tintin finds a small piece of parchment with a cryptic message and some numbers. This makes Cassie significantly more powerful and dangerous and she can become very out of control when she uses her dark magic. Tintin concludes that it must have been lodged under the broken mast and that this parchement must be what both his flat's intruders were seeking. Cool Plane: Barbie and her team have their own very large and very pink private jet, which acts as their primary mode of transportation, as well as their secret headquarters.
Barbie Doll Anatomy: A glaring example occurs when Iori walks all over Yuuichi's apartment naked, but explicit detail probably wouldn't complement the style anyway.
Cassie is not to be messed with as although she is the smallest of the Circle, she is also the strongest and the most powerful, despite not having as much experience as a witch as the rest of her fellow Circle members. Culture Equals Costume: Averted in Brazil and France, but played straight just about everywhere else.
The experience level cap for your characters is 99, though reaching level 65 or so will completely decimate most of the trash mobs you come across, even in the final dungeon. Be Careful What You Say: Iori telling Yuuichi that he loves him more than anything and would sacrifice anything for him. After a fierce battle, Haddock found himself captured as the sole survivor of the Unicorn's crew. Easing into the Adventure: Unless you skip it, the start of the game is Barbie doing some Virtual Training before receiving the call from Theresa. It's right about there that your characters' HP will also max out (999 for Randi, 800 for Primm and Popoi), and your spellcasters' MP will hit the cap of 99 long before then. This is romantic until Kyuusai reveals to Yuuichi that his destined prey will naturally offer his life for him to take. Although Adam is a warlock who can conduct magic himself, Cassie often throws herself into battle more frequently and gets involved in the action much more than Adam. Since his pirate ship was heavily damaged, Rackham ordered all of its cargo to be loaded onto the Unicorn, including a chest full of precious gems plundered off a Spanish ship.
Enemy-Detecting Radar Equipment Reset Button: Barbie's inventory is changed each level so that she always has what she needs. She is also immensely powerful because she possesses Dark Magic which empowers her to engage in combat or battle or fight the enemy much more effectively. While the pirates got drunk during the night, Haddock slipped away and lit a fuse to the powder kegs in the hold, only to be interrupted by Rackham himself. Follow the Plotted Line Floating Platforms Gadget Watches: Barbie uses a watch to communicate with her friends back at base while she?s on a mission.
While the higher-level charged attacks look cool, they take a long time to charge up that high, and you'll almost certainly hit the damage cap with lower-level moves. Also in comparison, Adam is also more cautious and logical when it comes to approaching things, but Cassie is much more impulsive and hotheaded in how she chooses to approach things.
After a tense battle, Haddock killed Rackham and escaped just in time to escape the explosion. You also need to find the final Weapon Orbs as random drops in the final dungeon, so you might not even find them in the first place. Action Heroine: Cassie is perfectly capable of defending herself and others when the time comes for it. Haddock made his way back home and built three identical models of the Unicorn, each bequeathed to one of his three sons.
Not to mention, the final form of the eight weapons don't get any special abilities, whereas the penultimate forms usually have some sort of passive bonus that makes it more practical to stay at the Infinity?1 Sword form.
Blessed with Suck: Kyuusai tries to convince Yuuichi of the benefits of being a clan member but Yuuichi is understandably more preoccupied with the fact that he may not actually love his lover and will kill him (and Iori will give his life willingly, because he is also not in love but under a delusion).
She is a powerful witch who possesses many abilities and powers that allow her to combat or fight the enemy when it is necessary for her to do so. According to the diary, if the mast of each is moved, "the truth will come out".Tintin concludes that the parchment he found is what Haddock meant and that it's one of the three keys to finding Red Rackham's treasure.
Lesser enemies will use this as a Suicide Attack, while stronger enemies and Popoi can blow themselves up repeatedly without any repercussions (aside from MP usage).
Unlike her other fellow Circle members, Cassie is the one who is more likely to resort to physical violence of any kind and even kill in order to solve problems. Caught the Heart on His Sleeve: Despite how much they love each other Iori is unsuccessful in his appeal because Yuuichi can't bear the consequences of staying together.
Because of Cassie's tendency to resort to the use of violence than other more diplomatic ways, the other members of the Circle often have to stop her, primarily Adam and Diana, from going over the edge and possibly harming people. Her default weapons are the knuckles, and she shows up trying to rescue her boyfriend from a decidedly unfriendly witch. Childhood Friend Romance: Yuuichi and Iori have had an intense connection since childhood which naturally developed into a relationship as they got older. She has been seen to be very idealistic, awkward and has even described herself as a loner who doesn't have that much in the way of a social life. Instant Costume Change: Barbie performs these when changing among Stealth, Action and Adventure modes, sometimes in broad daylight, in a public area, while surrounded by a crowd.
Dreaming of Things to Come: Yuuichi's unpleasant Recurring Dreams are actually his supernatural side being awakened. He awakens in a cellar where a voice on a speaker accuses him of having stolen two of the parchments. Fate Drives Us Together: Not a very nice example, as Yuuichi's uncle states the reason Iori has such a connection to Yuuichi is not because he loves him but because Yuuichi is built to steal Iori's life energy and Iori exists only to be consumed.
However, Diana and Adam as well as the other members of the Circle help to being Cassie out of her shell and open up. While you can normally ignore his wares through most of the game, he's the only vendor who sells decent gear for you when you head to the Purelands for the first time, meaning you'll be forced to pay an obscene amount of money for the required goods, or deal with getting hit really hard from the monsters that live there. I Am Who?: Yuuichi thinks his uncle is making up the whole life-stealing story about their family, but unfortunately the evidence isn't in his favour.
Adaptation Dye-Job: In the novel series, Cassie is a brunette, but on the show, she is a blonde.
Tintin manages to escape and finds a letter explaining why the wounded man pointed at the sparrows: he is in Marlinspike Hall, the home of Gustav and Max Bird. It's a bit of a Scrappy Mechanic, though, as it's essentially just one long continuous jump when you hold down the space bar. Advancing Wall of Doom: The Wall Face boss will attempt to smush you against the (inanimate) spike-lined rear wall if you don't kill it quickly enough.
The reason for having Cassie's hair colour being changed for the television adaptation are not known but it could be assumed that the producers didn't seem to put much care or consideration into what Cassie's hair colour should have been. Tintin manages to call Haddock with his whereabouts though he is eventually interrupted by the Bird brothers' butler Nestor.
Impoverished Patrician: Part of why Yuuichi's friendship with Iori is tolerated by Iori's family is because they are steadily declining in wealth and Yuuichi sells valuable antiques for them discretely.
Despite the differences in hair colour, Cassie in both the novel and television adaptations both have blue eyes. Tintin escapes again and manages to evade the Bird brothers and Nestor long enough for Haddock and the Thompsons to arrive. Invisibility Cloak: The thief stole Theresa?s designs in order to create a ?Translucent Suit?, which is said to provide the wearer with near invisibility when worn.
Inter-Class Romance: Iori is the only male heir to an increasingly poor but noble family and set to marry into a wealthier but less respectable family for their mutual benefit.
Afraid of Needles: Cassie admitted to Adam during a spell that required her blood that she was deathly petrified of needles. Max manages to escape but Gustav is cornered, who proceeds to reveal everything: the Bird brothers found the third Unicorn model after purchasing Marlinspike and found the parchment while restoring the former. Demon Wall, the upgraded version, just barrages your characters with special attacks if it runs out MP.
Meanwhile his actual lover is a former Street Urchin and fears if Iori marries he'll never see Iori again because the family won't need him to quietly sell off their possessions anymore (the only reason their friendship was tolerated in the first place). They concluded it was the key to a treasure and used their contacts as antique dealers to find the other two.
I Will Find You: Iori has always been able to sense where Yuuichi is, and promises that as long as Yuuichi is running from him he will follow behind until Yuuichi gives up.
Her fear of needles was so bad that during the spell, Cassie had asked Adam to be the one to poke her with the needle so that they could get her blood.
The wounded man, Barnaby, was one of their spies and was also the one who ransacked Tintin's apartment twice to find his parchment. Tanaka isn't married to a dirty businessman who swindles teenagers out of absurdly large amounts of yen. Loss of Identity: While Kyuusai treats Yuuichi's blood awakening as a finding of identity, Yuuichi feels like his identity and meaning have just been wrenched away. It is unknown how or why Cassie has a fear of needles and it could be assumed that she has had this phobia since childhood.
However, Barnaby then got into a disagreement over his payment and then went to Tintin to spill the beans, prompting the drive-by shooting.
No Celebrities Were Harmed: Some of the guards have an uncanny resemblance to a pixelated Ben Stiller. The Bird brothers' two parchments were then stolen, which prompted them to kidnap Tintin, believing him responsible. Iori isn't worried about Yuuichi running away, because his own love will always lead him towards Yuuichi.
Cassie and Adam have a very chaotic relationship due to the fact that there are always numerous obstacles and problems trying to come between them and keep the two from being together. The in-package German strategy guide has another set of names: Erwin for the boy, Trudi for the girl and Helga for the sprite.
My Own Private "I Do": Inversed when Iori conducts his own private "I don't" by only pretending to drink from the marriage cup that is part of the wedding ceremony. Adam and Cassie often confess their love for each other whenever they are facing possible death or any kind of possible danger. You could be standing right next to one of the guards, but as long as you?re not in that vision field, you won?t get noticed. Ambiguous Gender: Popoi in the Japanese, so the player isn't forced into Two Guys and a Girl or Two Girls and a Guy.
His sister, who is under the illusion that he just doesn't like taking food from people who aren't her or their mother, notices it and laughs about it privately with Yuuichi, who recognizes it for what it is—Iori symbolically indicating that even if he's married, his love is only pledged to Yuuichi.
There is much angst surrounding their relationship to begin with as their love was originally forbidden as Adam was dating Diana. Tintin and Haddock plan to find the treasure, a quest detailed in the second part of the story, Red Rackham's Treasure.Herge once cited it as his personal favourite Tintin story, though he would later come to prefer Tintin in Tibet.
No Sidepaths, No Exploration, No Freedom Now, Where Was I Going Again?: A particularly cruel example. However, it's male in the English version and female in the German version (at least the SNES version, as that language in the iOS version was retranslated along with French due to Nintendo of Europe owning those localizations). Nobility Marries Money: This is the idea behind the very sudden wedding between Iori and Hisayo. Cassie and Adam would often confess their deep connection and their feelings for each other with much sadness and angst due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship and their situation.
You can save mid-mission and quit, but upon reloading your save, you have to start from the beginning of the mission again.
American Kirby Is Hardcore: Nintendo Power had exhaustive coverage of SoM, including (as was its custom in the early nineties) original artwork depicting scenes from the game. The well-respected Hanayashiki family arranges a marriage with the wealthy Yonekura family to restore their fortunes. Berserk Button: Haddock does not take it well when Thomson and Thompson accuse him of murdering Mr. Palette Swap Paper-Thin Disguise Robot Dog: One of Barbie?s gadgets is a robot dog that looks suspiciously like a Poochie [the robotic toy dog from the Turn of the Millennium].
These illustrations are decidedly more western in nature; in particular, the Mana Beast looks like something out of Gary Gygax's nightmares. The Hanayashikis are guaranteed financial security and the Yonekuras benefit from the Hanayashiki reputation. The groom stays for the ceremony but ends up running away that night, chasing after his lover.
Run, Don't Walk: You can only run in Action Mode, you can only walk in Adventure Mode but you can only run once in Stealth Mode, otherwise you're reduced to sneaking. Antidote Effect: The strict inventory caps (only four of each type of item) lead to a dependence on healing magic. The remaining family members seem to get along, however, and still consider it a legitimate alliance. Cassie had even told John that she didn't want him in her life and that she would be just fine without him as she had been fine for the past sixteen years that he wasn't a part of her life.
Big Damn Heroes: Snowy, Haddock and the Thom(p)sons arrive in the nick of time to save Tintin when he's being held at gunpoint by the Bird brothers. Odd Couple: Yuuichi is down to earth and realistic while Iori is impractical, otherworldly, and has very scattered attachments to actual things. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Haddock is rather startled when Tintin informs the reader that the story is To Be Continued in Red Rackham's Treasure. They're usually found in sand pits, and will target whoever disturbs them with a painful Earth Slide spell before hiding in the ground again.
They aren't quite a case of Opposites Attract, but in-story Yuuichi remarks to himself how they are an unlikely pair. John had always had bad intentions from the very start but the concept of family blinded Cassie to John's true intentions and his real personality. Clear My Name: A very brief example when the Thom(p)sons accuse Haddock of murdering Sakharine. Stealth Expert: It?s hard to believe that Barbie can go by unnoticed in the highly colourful ?Stealth Mode? outfit that she wears, especially when she?s ?stealthing? in sparsely populated areas. Apocalyptic Log: The Empire was already up to mischief in the Old World, if the orbs in Mandala are anything to go by.

Anti-Hero: Cassie may be the main heroine of the show but she possesses more qualities of that of an anti-heroine than an Ideal Heroine. In truth Sakharine isn't even really dead and Haddock had nothing to do with the attack on him. As Long as There Is Evil: Among the cut content from the in-game text is the revelation that Vandole is a dark force which periodically takes the form of a man, thus explaining the Empire's activity in the past.
Although she has good intentions, she is highly capable of crossing the morally grey line from time to time. Sword of Mana confirms this while tying the dark force known as Vandole to the existence of Mana, which, taken alongside information concerning Mavolia in Dawn of Mana hints that that dark force may infact be the Echoes of Mavolia which are behind all the World of Mana villains. Please Put Some Clothes On: Yuuichi has trouble getting Iori to put on clothes again after he's taken them off and basically has to dress him himself. While Cassie wants to save and protect people from danger, Cassie has shown that she seems to have a preference of going about achieving her goals and mission in sometimes underhanded ways. Stupidity Is the Only Option: In one mission, Barbie has to set up a trap for the main villain by using the MacGuffin she just got. Cassie also possesses Black Magic, which also makes her very dangerous and can make her become a rather dark person who often forgets that she is crossing a moral line from time to time.
Cue facepalming when the villain arrives, steals the MacGuffin and forces a futile chase after them. Awesome, but Impractical: As mentioned above, High-level weapon attacks don't see much use. Even other members of her Circle, like Diana and Adam for example, have to keep Cassie in check whenever she gets out of hand or loses control of her magic. Stupid Good Subtitles Are Superfluous Supervillain Lair: The lair of the villain, the last mission of the game. In the time it takes to charge up a level 7 or 8 strike you'll either have been beaten down by a room full of enemies, or you could have killed everything twice over with normal attacks and magic. Cassie originally starts off as an Ideal Heroine at the very beginning of the series but she becomes a Type II after she discovers that she is a witch. Real Men Hate Sugar: At the start Kyuusai rejecting all sweets seems like he's subtly teasing Yuuichi for being unmanly, but it turns out he was being literal and sugar actually kills people from their clan. Cassie becomes more of a Type III as the series progresses later on after she discovers her heritage of Dark Magic.
Since she doesn?t carry a bag or have anywhere else to store these items, it?s implied that she actually keeps them inside her bracelet. Tracking Device: Yet another of Barbie?s gadgets, this tracking device comes in the form of tracking perfume. As the series progresses, although Cassie has good intentions and uses her powers to save people, she also becomes much of a darker individual especially when she discovers her Dark Magic ancestry. Dismantled MacGuffin: The three parchments each containing a part of the coordinates of the sunken Unicorn.
It's impossible to chain cast once a level 9 animation goes off and it's arguable if it the effect of the spell is raised from level 8.
Runaway Groom: Iori actually does get through the ceremony, but immediately afterwards decides to chase Yuuichi across the world, leaving his bride and his mother rather surprised.
Dying Clue: Barnaby is too weak to speak after being shot, but he points at a nearby flock of sparrows before passing out.
One could argue that Adam and Cassie's relationship was very tumultuous due to various outside obstacles standing in the way of them officially being together. Sheltered Aristocrat: Yuuichi regards Iori this way because of his lack of worldliness, and while he doesn't like it he outright states that the marriage will be a good thing for Iori since Yuuichi doubts Iori could live a poor life.
Although destiny wants the two of them to be together, as their families have always been "written in the stars", it seems that fate wants them to be apart. When Primm and Popoi first receive their magic powers, he's a bit dismayed, but Undine tells him that eventually the Mana Sword will become stronger than any magic (and he's the one meant to wield it).
Adam and Cassie have never had a long period of actual happiness together and when they do manage to find some kind of contentment and happiness with each other, it ends up being taken away from them immediately.
Not only this, but it seems that they often have to put their relationship on the back burner for the sake of the Circle and for the sake of some people's feelings, such as Diana's for example.
1920s-30s wasn't enough, it turns out that if Yuuichi doesn't take Iori's life, he will die instead. He is the third party that wants the ship model, though he doesn't seemingly know about the parchments in them. When she uses her dark magic, she can become rather scary; she can also choke and suffocate people to death. Turns out they also share a love of drinking, cursing, fighting, and tendency to suffer the occasional Prat Fall. Sweet Tooth: Iori has one, and Yuuichi is treated as if he does by his uncle because the fact that he can eat sweets at all is so significant. Informed Ability: Tintin notes that Max Bird is the more dangerous of the Bird brothers at one point.
Whenever anyone that she loves is hurt or threatened, Cassie will not hesitate to use violence or combat in order to take her enemies down. There isn't really much to back this up at that point, and in fact, it's Gustav who held him at gunpoint and almost shot him from behind mere minutes before. What is Hisao's deal?) Why Couldn't You Be Different?: Yuuichi is initially abandoned for appearing to be a muggle but then assigned a clan guardian to watch over him in case he starts showing signs of change. Cassie may look cute, adorable and approachable, a young teenage girl who appears to be shy, but DO NOT underestimate her, Cassie can be a major force to be reckoned with if you so much as mess with her, cross her or hurt the people she loves under any capacity. Max's comparative dangerousness is made more explicit in the Nelvana series, where Max is always the one holding the gun while Gustav cowers behind him. In perhaps an inversion, despite his uncle's congratulations when his supernatural side finally awakens, Yuuichi is horrified at becoming "normal". The former shrinks as you fight it, while the latter continues to grow and grow and grow with each hit. Just because Cassie appears to be the loveable young and shy teenage girl who would gladly befriend you, does not mean that Cassie would not kick ass and make sure that you pay if you so much as hurt or cross her or the people she cares about.
Lost in Character: Haddock gets so wrapped up in the tale of his famous ancestor he runs off some visitors at cutlass-point in the belief they're pirates, and demolishes his room while relating the battle with Red Rackham. Cassie also has dark magic, which also makes Cassie very intimidating if she is provoked in any way. Kitsch Collection: Silk the pickpocket has a huge collection of stolen wallets, sorted alphabetically. Badass Boast: Cassie has her moments when you anger her, cross her or piss her off in any way, you better watch out.
Booby Trap: There's a chance that chests dropped by enemies are trapped, potentially causing damage or status ailments (or just being a Chest Monster). Cassie has shown that she is not above threatening others in order to get what she wants and that if you do not give her what she wants, she is capable of resorting to either a dangerous use of her own magic or physical violence. Pirate Booty Ransacked Room Red Herring: Sakharine the ship model collector is accused by Tintin of stealing his model, but he is actually innocent. Her mother, Amelia Blake, was once a powerful witch back in the day but she stopped practicing because magic was abolished and was no longer allowed to be practiced due to the tragedy that had happened. Spell My Name with an "S": In the original French, the name of Captain Haddock's ancestor is Chevalier Francois de Hadoque.
Francophone readers have theorized that this Haddock family left England because they supported the Stuarts during the English Civil War and James II after the Glorious Revolution and for a time gave their name a French spelling before reverting back to the original English one. Jane had become sort of a mentor or a teacher for Cassie and she helped Cassie to learn and understand her identity as a witch and help her to control her abilities. Stab the Scorpion: Haddock saves Tintin from Gustav Bird in this manner (with a thrown whiskey bottle).
Her father is John Blackwell, a very dark, dangerous and powerful warlock who has immense power;. Villain Exit Stage Left: One of the Bird brothers escapes, but Tintin got his car's license plate number and the Twins were able to arrest him at the border. Because John is descended from dark magic, this makes him excessively more powerful and more dangerous than other warlocks like him. Cassie had inhabited White Magic from her mother and Black Magic from her father, making her the most powerful witch within the Circle.
Although Cassie is normally capable of taking care of herself and even those that she cares about when she has to, she has shown that she falls vulnerable more than anyone else in the Circle. Her dark magic abilities are highly powerful and Cassie would sometimes let her dark magic overtake her.
Cassie admitted to Diana that she liked using her dark magic and she got a a thrill and excitement out of it. Later on in the series, Cassie was seen to be starting to overuse her dark magic; Diana would often warn her to stop overusing her dark magic and letting it overtake her.
It showed that Cassie was strongly capable of becoming very dangerous if she did not stop overusing her dark magic and she let it overtake her. Sometimes her dark magic would consume Cassie so much that her logic and her morals would slip right out the window and she would therefore, become unpredictable and unrecognizable.
Diana also possesses dark magic just like Cassie, however, Diana is able to keep it under control and instead, keep her morals and her logic in tact.
This is because unlike Cassie, Diana is seen to be more levelheaded, more calm and more practical in how she approaches things in general, while Cassie has been seen to be more impulsive, more unpredictable and more hotheaded. She and Adam are said to be soul mates who are destined to be together and are "written in the stars".
When Cassie first met Adam, she had felt a strong and magnetic pull or connection towards him. This is because according to a legend, the Blake's and the Conant's were destined to be together and that it has always been that way. Interestingly enough, although destiny has panned for Adam and Cassie to be together, there have been numerous obstacles and endless problems that try to keep the two from being together or even staying together. It seems that although destiny has planned for them to be together, fate seems to disagree as Adam and Cassie can never seem to find some semblance of happiness and peace with each other due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship. It's made even more complicated by the fact that Adam was the boyfriend of Diana, who happens to be Cassie's friend (and later discovered to be hear paternal half sister). Adam and Cassie could be considered the epitome of Starcrossed Lovers, two people who love each other and feel such a strong connection to each other but cannot be together due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship, not to mention the endless obstacles thrown in their way of being together. Cassie and Jake have always shared a loved hate relationship, which involved lots of bickering, arguing and teasing. Through all of that, it was obvious there was a mutual attraction on both sides, much to Adam's dislike or disapproval.
Berserk Button: Messing with Cassie's loved ones, especially her family and Adam, in any capacity is a huge no-no. Big Damn Heroes: Cassie is pretty much the one who always saves the day, since she is the heroine of the story. They are all witches who share a lot of things in common in terms of family life, personality and outlooks.
Black Magician Girl: Cassie possesses Dark Magic due to her Balcoin bloodline and ancestry. Although Cassie primarily practices White Magic and uses her powers for good, sometimes she will dabble in using her dark magic.
Blessed with Suck: Cassie sees her magical abilities, her gift of magic as more of a curse than a gift at the beginning of the series. She had lost her mother in a tragic fire, her father died shortly after she was born, she discovers that she is a witch, she discovers that her real father is John Blackwell who is said to be a man with bad intentions, she discovers that she has Dark Magic ancestry, she had been manipulated into making Adam forget his love for her and then she lost her grandmother Jane, her only blood family aside from her half-sister (Diana) and their father (John).
A lot of trials and tribulations surrounding her destiny as a witch seem to cause Cassie un-safety as well as everyone around her. Character Development: Goes from being a reluctant and naive ordinary teenage girl who discovers she's a witch to a very powerful witch who is highly accepting of her magical abilities. However, she does possess Black Magic and when she lets this dark magic overtake her, she becomes not so cute. Damsel out of Distress: Cassie occasionally finds herself in trouble from time to time, but she has proven that she is perfectly capable of defending herself against other dangers.
She has also shown to be effective in the use of combat when she has to resort to doing so. Cassie has shown that she doesn't need either Adam or Jake to save her or help her defend herself as she has shown that she is capable of doing so very effectively without their help.
Hell, Cassie has shown that when it comes to the use of magic, she is more powerful that both Adam and Jake and the rest of the Circle overall. Although not as sassy and sarcastic as Faye, she can certainly hold her own during a Snark-to-Snark Combat with anyone, namely Faye. Deus Angst Machina: Cassie is constantly going through a rough ordeal and always has problems, issues, and obstacles thrown her way that prevent her from being happy or finding any kind of sanity and peace. However, it turns out that Cassie's actual father, John Blackwell, was still alive, however, Cassie had no knowledge of him whatsoever.
But, he is killed at the end of the series when Cassie and Diana use their combined magic in order to reverse the spell put onto the skull, which resulted in John's death.
Distressed Damsel: Cassie is perfectly capable of taking care of herself but there are times when she does need help from others and there are plenty of moments where Cassie finds herself in peril or in deep trouble. Everyone Loves Blondes: Cassie has blonde hair and she is the primary object of affection for all of the males in the series including Adam, Jake, Nick, and Luke. Extraordinarily Empowered Girl: Cassie happens to be a witch with ultra strong witch powers and abilities.
However, just because she is powerful and strong, Cassie is capable of severe vulnerability emotionally. She is still a normal teenager with normal teenage problems and the fact that she is a witch doesn't make everything easy for her either. Fate Drives Us Together: Her romance or relationship with Adam is centred on fate and destiny. Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Cassie is the Foolish Sibling to Diana's Responsible Sibling.
While Cassie is capable of being reckless, impulsive and careless, Diana is more logical, sensible and responsible, especially when it comes to the use of magic.
Girly Bruiser: Cassie is very feminine but she is also very tough and very much a fighter that is not to be underestimated. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Cassie is blonde and by personality, she is young, innocent and has a heart of gold. Hair-Trigger Temper: Cassie has always had a short fuse, even before she discovered her dark magic, which made it worse. Heartbroken Badass: Cassie has been through a lot of pain, loss and grief during her very young life.
Cassie loses her mother, Amelia, in the beginning of the series after she is murdered by Charles in a fire.
She discovers her true identity as a witch and that her mother had lied to her her whole life and kept the secret that she was a witch. She becomes depressed and withdraws into herself and she starts to lie to her grandmother about not being aware of who she is.
On top of it, Cassie falls in Love at First Sight with Adam, who happens to be the boyfriend of the girl who befriended her when she first came to town (and later, revealed to be her paternal half sister), Diana. Because of this, Cassie struggles to keep her attraction and her connection with Adam a secret as her and Adam's lover for each other is forbidden.
When Cassie and Adam do manage to get together, they never end up having any lasting moments of happiness or peace. So, for Adam and Cassie, it seems as though destiny does want them to be together as their love is written in the stars, fate seems to disagree and does everything to keep the two from being happy in any capacity.
Cassie also discovers her father, John Blackwell, after 16 years of not knowing him or who he is.
Eventually, she starts to trust him but this turned out to be bad or poor judgement on Cassie's part, as John had proven that he had evil and bad intentions the whole time. There is also the fact that Cassie's friends are always in constant danger and she has to do everything that she can to protect them and keep them safe as much as possible. The Heroine: Cassie is the heroine of the series whose primary role is to save and protect everyone.
Hero Protagonist: Cassie serves as both the heroine and the protagonist of The Secret Circle. Her primary role is to save and protect everyone and she is the protagonist as the story centres around Cassie's development as a witch.
However, as the series progresses, she goes from being a classic heroine with very good intentions to someone who is more dark in nature due to her dark magic ancestry. Innocent Blue Eyes: One of Cassie's defining physical attributes, along with her blonde hair. At first, not only is Cassie skeptical of witches and witchcraft, but when she does eventually come to accept her witch heritage, she wants nothing to do with it and tries to escape it as much as possible, feeling that it brings nothing but trouble and pain. Also, Cassie is the Dark Feminine to Diana's Light, especially after they discover that they are half sisters who share the ancestry of dark magic. While Diana refuses to let her dark magic overtake her and has strong principles and morals regarding the use of her magic, Cassie happens to think that using her dark magic is highly effective, especially during desperate times. Diana is also opposed to killing people at all, while Cassie doesn't seem to be completely opposed to killing someone, mostly the bad guy.
Little Miss Badass: Cassie appears to be small and petite, but she can kick major ass when she has to. She has also shown that she can be very dangerous and scary especially when she is crossed.
It also helps that Cassie possesses Black Magic and that she can prove very deadly when she overuses it. Cassie has shown that she is highly capable violence and of killing other people whenever she loses control of her dark magic. There are times when Cassie has displayed very disturbing and creepy behaviour while using her dark magic, especially for one who appears and looks so young, fragile and innocent. She has shown that she even poses a possible threat and a possible danger to her friends or her fellow members in the Circle.
Cassie could be considered a Waif-Fu and a Cute Bruiser who is not to be underestimated and who is not to be provoked to the point of anger.
It is revealed in the middle of the season that Cassie and Diana share the same father (John Blackwell) and are therefore, long lost half-sisters. When Cassie first laid eyes upon Ada, she said that she felt a strong connection and pull towards him. It was so intense for Cassie that she would lose control of her magic whenever she was in Adam's presence. This is because it was revealed that the Conants and the Blake's are "written in the stars" and their families have always been destined to be together. Cassie has a special connection with Adam, but she also develops a romantic connection with Jake.

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