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Once you are done changing the default sudo password timeout, use Ctrl+X to exit the editor. Great site btw, I come here often and have learned many things for someone new to ubuntu, keep up the great work, and thanks in advance for your help! Oh wow I wasn’t even paying attention, I blame it on being awake at 4 in the morning! Ubuntu ships with a slate of default apps handily pre-installed, including Mozilla’s hugely popular Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client.
While both of these have their fans neither app is — shock — to everyone’s tastes or needs. We’re not just talking about installing a different bit of software here but also how you set it as the system handler for a given file, link or content type.

It is super easy to change a whole slate of default application  including web, e-mail, text editing, music and videos players, in Ubuntu. To use a different default browser in Ubuntu you will first, rather obviously, need to install a new one. Open-source web browsers, like Epiphany, Chromium and IceWeasel, are available to install from the Ubuntu Software Center.
Major web-browsers, like Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi, must be downloaded from each project’s official website.
Whichever browser you choose, and however you choose to install it, once you have done so you can continue on.
We often get e-mails or tweets from people asking us how they can change the default browser in Ubuntu or set a different mail client as the handler for mail links, etc.

This means the app will open automatically when you click on an email address or a mailto link in most web-browsers, PDFs, instant messengers, and so on. If you think 15 minute is too short or too long you can even change the sudo password timeout in Ubuntu. For the subsequent commands, even if they need super user privileges, you don’t need to enter the password again.

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