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What began as a sideline business selling polished metal mirrors to pilgrims in Germany (to capture holy light) evolved into an enterprise that altered the course of art, religion, politics and industry: Johannes Gutenberga€™s movable type and printing press.
We judge ourselves by our noblest acts and best intentions, but we are judged by our last worst act. There are 10,000 species of ants, and for several million years they have coved the earth, except Antarctica [no pun intended]. Credit has existed globally since the early days of trading and mercantilism, but it wasna€™t until the 1920s that oil companies issued a physical card to repeat customers who purchased fuel for their new-fangled automobiles.
Therea€™s nothing so hollow as the laugh of the person who intended to tell the story himself. CHALLENGE #111: Why is the numeric keypad on a computer (7-8-9 at the top) upside-down from the numeric keypad on phones (1-2-3 on top)?
English belongs to the very large Indo-European language family [Germanic, Baltic, Slavic, Celtic, Latin, Hellenic, Iranian, Sanskrit et alia, which led to Polish, Welsh, French, Greek, Kurdish, Punjabi, and English, to name a few]. The real test of character comes when doing the right thing may not be in our self-interest. In the past 5,000 years the human genetic code changed 100 times faster than it had in any prevous period.
In the 1880s, Samuel Augustus Maverick was a Texas cattleman who refused to brand his cattle, seeing it as cruel. CHALLENGE #111 was: Why is the numeric keypad on a computer (7-8-9 at the top) upside-down from the numeric keypad on phones (1-2-3 on top)? Researchers gave cash to experimental subjects who were instructed either to spend it on themselves or on others. BIG Q #26: Pericles argued in his Funeral Oration that democracy stimulates excellence because all citizens are stakeholders with public responsibilities. When intensive-care units at Michigan hospitals followed a 5-step checklist for how to insert intravenous lines in patients, infections were virtually eliminated, saving the hospitals $175 million over 18 months.
The peace symbol began as the emblem of the British anti-nuclear movement 50 years ago on Good Friday: a combination of the semaphore positions for N and D [Nuclear Disarmament] within a circle [the earth]. CHALLENGE #114: He was a fighter who was obsessed with boxing and he abused drink and drugs.
BIG Q #27: Since poverty is deeper among children than the elderly, why does public spending on the elderly vastly outstrip spending on the young? E-mail and Web searches consume 1.5% of the nationa€™s electricity last year, and if current trends continue, by 2010 the power bill to run a computer over its lifetime will surpass the cost of buying the machine. Biologically speaking, humans have changed little in the 100,000 years [or 3,000 generations] since modern humans emerged on the African savanna--not enough time for serious adjustments.
Rembrandt was a master of chiaroscuro (kee-ahr-uh-SKYOOR-oh), the use of contrasts of light and shade to enhance the depiction of character and for general dramatic effect. CHALLENGE #114 was: He was a fighter who was obsessed with boxing and he abused drink and drugs. CHALLENGE #115: What proportion of the cells in your body are not actually yours but belong to foreign organisms? BIG Q #28: Why do girls, on average, lead boys for all their years in school, only to fall behind in the workplace?
Only 11% of CEOs of top 500 companies have an Ivy League degree, but 20% of the top 60 women in Forbes a€?most powerful womena€? list did. The hormone oxytocin is naturally released in brain after a 20-second hug from a partner, triggering the braina€™s trust circuits. CHALLENGE #115 was: What proportion of the cells in your body are not actually yours but belong to foreign organisms? CHALLENGE #116: A westerner and an easterner who each changed the world, but didna€™t want their names used to identify a religion--to no avail. Featured Quote: a€?The truth of the matter,a€? is that a€?we havena€™t sacrificed one darn bit in this war, not one.
BIG Q #29: Why are the most powerful people in the world old white men and pretty young women? When lima bean plants are attacked by spider mites, they release volatile chemicals that summon another species of mites to attack the spider mites. Funeral directors promote embalming: replacing body fluids with formaldehyde, a carcinogen that eventually leaches into the environment when the buried body decays [800,000 gallons annually]. In 2001, President Bush exempted some 3,500 plants that spew toxic chemicals from the Right-To-Know law. Consultants get paid up to $500,000 to name a drug, and insist that letters are imbued with psychological meaning: P, T, and K, they claim, convey effectiveness. CHALLENGE #116 was: A westerner and an easterner who each changed the world, but didna€™t want their names used to identify a religion--to no avail. CHALLENGE #117: His father a€?bluffeda€? his way into law school using a faked transcript, and went on to finish first in his class and become a successful labor lawyer. Spoken language is instinctual, the brain collects the phonemes and abstracts the rules from what it hears, but written language must be taught. Busha€™s tax cuts for the rich have reduced annual tax revenue avaiable for public needs by $300 Billion each year. CHALLENGE #117 was: His father a€?bluffeda€? his way into law school using a faked transcript, and went on to finish first in his class and become a successful labor lawyer.
FACTOID: Unusual English spelling shows the way the words were pronounced 100s of years ago.
Chinoiserie (sheen-WAH-zuh-ree) is a style of ornamentation using motifs identified as Chinese. CHALLENGE # 118 was: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? CHALLENGE #119: Which a€?booka€™ won the Pulitzer Prize for literature and drama, in successive years? This year marks seven years that I’ve been providing tools that help coaches build successful coaching businesses. Through the coaches I have had the good fortune get to know at a more personal level, and through my own experiences as a coach, I have seen a common trend among us. There is something that is preventing too many talented coaches from feeling complete and authentic in heart and soul.
For this reason, I have decided to write this article on the three most common dis-empowering beliefs that you must overcome to run a successful coaching business. It is my hope that if one or more of these old beliefs plague you, you’ll get to work on them TODAY! Journal Exercise – Record all the things you are proud of in your past, present and dreamed future. Not trusting yourself results in constantly comparing yourself to others and a self-induced feeling of fear. At the end of the day, YOU must choose to filter in the ideas that together will make your perfect coaching business. If there was a “higher purpose” for why you were “intended” to have this problem, what do you think it would be?

Is there anything your unconscious mind wants you to get, which if you got it would cause the problem to disappear? If you’ve done all the exercises above and still feel like there is more to shed, invest in some intervention type work. Transformational intervention technologies help you tap into your unconscious mind and release the old beliefs in a semi-trance like state. Try Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), EFT, Rosen Therapy, deep mediation, intensive yoga, etc. The Define Your Own Reality ebook set outlines the steps I took and changes I made to discover my own inner strength - the essential first step to finding your true calling as a coach!
Somewhere in the late 1800s a group of British explorers stumbled upon a peculiar tribe of Indigenous Australians. Their habitat was just this; trees and trees and trees, they had never seen anything further than 2 meters.
The anthropologists guided them to an open field, and for the first time in their lives they experienced a far view. I wonder how limited current human perception is, and if some future explorer will guide us to another kind of open field. Perhaps the computer added interactivity, after we got used to depictions in sound and moving image. When I visit art fairs or read art magazines, most of what I see is so ugly and boring I just want to cry. It is a depiction because it looks like a diamond, but it is not a diamond, it is a representation of a diamond in 2-dimensional space.
It is interactive because it uses your webcam to create the illusion of light reflecting through a diamond.
I was invited to a dinner with some Important Art People; collectors, curators, and the star guest, Picasso’s granddaughter. It was a series of experimental websites by artists such as Peter Luining and Han Hoogerbrugge, exploring what a website could be, and playing with the slow connections of the internet, turning it into a strength.
The place itself was already very psychedelic; a very small island rising high from the sea covered with strange colored plants and thousand of seagulls flying right over our heads. A man is sitting in a room surrounded by a life-sized plastic llama, an indoor slide and a disco tunnel. Mind Candy, the company behind children's game Moshi Monsters, has an office that encourages employees to think like its customers. Earlier this year, US firm Ticketmaster opened the doors to its new overseas head office in London.
Coming into work through a "disco tunnel" might be calculated to dissipate Monday morning blues. The social network Badoo's office has a huge chalkboard updated with invitations to parties and product news, as well as swinging seats, a pool table and a roof terrace for natural light. Former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove says Europe will face a "populist uprising" if it is unable to show its citizens it can control the migrant crisis. Researchers say it is far less powerful than people believe, serving as a passive conduit rather than an active force that exerts control. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
In the better sets, the traditional flaws of plasma (burn-in) and LCD (limited viewing angle, weak blacks, weak fast motion) have been largely eliminated. In 1958, Dinera€™s Club launched the first card available for payment to general merchants: 27 participating NYC restaurants.
Kugel, an Orthodox Jew and author of a€?How to Read the Biblea€? says that there is essentially no evidence--archaeological, historical, cultural--for the events in the Torah.
Koerner which he said depicts: a€?a horseman determinedly charging up what appears to be a steep and rough traila€?--representing his own political journey against steep odds and naysayers. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all; they decided 1 had to leave, or all would fall. According to the Energy Department, vampire gadgets account for about 25% of total residential electricity consumption in the U.S. Guppy submitted a fish to the British Museum that was already classified, but the name stuck [and the fish is still in a jar at the museum]. Or if you want to grab the audio and listen later, click the link below, then, right click to save file onto your device. For me, it’s been a wonderful journey which has not only helped me get to know myself better but has also helped me meet lots of awesome coaches.
As a result, this is preventing them from being able to run successful coaching businesses on their own terms. We all need to be out there, ourselves fulfilled and successful (by our own definition), making this planet a better place! I also provide some simple coaching exercises that I have found helpful with my clients in overcoming these three business demons. It also helps you procrastinate on the business side of things like getting out there and getting paying customers. So, if you suffer from this dis-empowering belief, chances are good that your coaching business just feels stuck. It also means that you will never find your true calling as a coach, and even worse, you’ll never be able to fully serve your clients.
There are plenty of good ideas (like effective business models, marketing campaigns that get high conversions, great strategies to attract new clients, etc.) but these are just tools.
As a toddler, if you never allowed yourself to fall down, you’d never have learned to walk. I believe that when you are truly ready to let go the transformational method doesn’t really matter! She runs her business totally online while traveling the world with her family (husband, toddler and 2 dogs). It implies that we’ve moved one step further, beyond the internet, into new territory.
There is no institutional structure, no publisher, no one between the artist and the audience.
Google is a company founded by the Oogles, a lifeform that started in a multiverse far far away, somewhere in the dimensional continium, a place beyond our conception. But this infinity runs up against the limits of attention, of the time the viewer is willing or has to spend. But, sometimes this action leads to destruction, to an annoying noise, to a disturbing image.
Interactivity is an important dimension of representation, and an important part of our perception. It was the first time I stayed in a hotel for an exhibition and even if it was just ibis I was very excited.
Art Dinners were new to me and I was trying hard to make polite conversation with people I did not relate to.

Steven, a tall and experienced friend, planned the adventure, provided the chemical and made sure I was OK the whole time.
Marcel Duchamp is in my room and asks me to teach him how to use a computer and the internet.
It might sound like the beginning of a strange dream, but these are all objects found in some of the UK's "coolest" offices, writes Kate Magee.
It is based at the Silicon Roundabout at London's Old Street and has a wooden treehouse and gingerbread house as meeting rooms, a colouring-in wall and quiet areas that look like hobbit holes.
Advertising agency Karmarama also has a collection of strange objects inside its offices including a huge red Buddha, a VW camper van and a life-sized plastic llama.A recent study at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota suggests that these wacky offices could help people be creative as researchers. The main kitchen area is filled with natural light, bunting and benches for people to sit together. The co-working space was founded by a photographer and interior designer who disliked other office spaces offered in the city. Employees at advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy have a green leather padded cell at their disposal. Its office has a full-length indoor pier, its meeting rooms are beach huts and one of them is decorated to look like a forest. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. No man spoke, but the woman said she would voluntarily let go of the rope, because, as a woman, she was used to giving up everything for her husband, kids and men in general, and was used to always making sacrifices with little in return. It also means that you waste tons of energy and brain power trying to prove yourself to others.
So, the sooner you start amassing the evidence you need to prove to yourself that you are indeed good enough right now, the sooner you will find success in your business and start moving forward.
Before you allow yourself to spend more money on coach training, achieve an important milestone in your business first, like launching your website or signing up your 10th client or 100th client. Tune out all media that makes you feel sick inside with envy, fear, or any other negative emotion.
Get in touch with the feelings you get in your body when you allow one or the other to be in control. Make it real – your unconscious mind will love the instructions and will start the process of manifesting it without you even realizing it’s happening. So, choose one that will enable you to relax into the process, trust the process and let go. She's been coaching professionally since 2006, has a Diploma in Life Coaching, is an NLP Practitioner and has an extensive background in business analysis and high-end, IT system development.
I really do think that many of your articles can be applied to any of the areas in ones life, not just business.
Cave paintings, frescos, oil paintings, photographs, cinema, they are all used to depict things we’ve seen before.
For their stained glass windows they used a new blue pigment, a blue color no one had ever seen. They will always allow humans to start their own companies, and just for fun they will let these companies thrive for a while. Companies, particularly in the creative or tech industries, are ploughing money and energy into designing offices that look more like adult playgrounds than a place of work, in the hope that it will make their employees more creative.It's a trend that had its genesis in the US, with basketball hoops and jelly bean machines cropping up in creative offices. Its standout feature is a metal slide that staff can take to reach the bar area, where table football, a jukebox and pinball machines await.Playfulness is a vital part of creativity, says Matt Kingdon, co-founder of an innovation consultancy that styles itself ?What If! It found that people working in orderly environments were more likely to conform to expected behaviours. Inspired by Google and Pixar, they created their dream office last year, which now houses 42 small creative businesses. MD Neil Christie says the cell was installed after someone told his creative director Tony Davidson, "The way you carry on, you should be in a padded cell." Workers there suggest that as well as being an offbeat fixture, it also turned out to have great acoustics for conference calls. Monica Parker, workplace director at Morgan Lovell, says companies need to be careful about placing too much importance on collaboration because "you can only be creative if there is also a period of contemplation, but this is still perceived as skiving by many firms". So, plasma has truer color and does better in darker rooms, and LCD has more vivid color and does better in bright rooms. Unless you use the tools in your business within this year, more training is not a smart investment in your business. Lastly, if you have any dis-empowering beliefs around money, you need to do everything you to replace the old dis-empowering beliefs with ones that will better serve, support, and nurture you, your clients, and your coaching business.
You have to know that you have value no matter what your coaching rates are now, or will be in the future. I am very excited to find out what the next step will be, when the true post-internet will be invented. Having a fun environment, they believe, will help spark conversations and collaboration, encourage people to be playful and, crucially, generate great ideas. One of the report's authors, assistant professor of marketing Joe Redden, says, "Our work supports the notion that funky offices aid creativity. The pair made the office open-plan to ensure people spoke to each other, and have a strict application process to maintain its open culture."The benefit of talking to other people is that you are exposed to ideas you wouldn't otherwise have come across," says co-founder James Abbott-Donnelly.
Fill all the hours that you use to spend comparing yourself to others with time with your loved ones, and to listening to and following your heart. But, therea€™s no such thing as a 1080p TV broadcast (cable, satellite, anything), and wona€™t be for years. Actually, it was an illustration for a Saturday Evening Post short story, a€?The Slipper Tongue,a€? about a slick-tongued horse thief fleeing a lynch mob. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. Athens, to honor god of wine & drama, Dionysus [Baccus], where comic actors wore padded phalluses as part of their costumes. Google recently released early design plans for its new UK headquarters in King's Cross that included a climbing wall between floors, a swimming pool and a running track on the roof. It is much better to create a space or opportunities that encourage colleagues and different teams to bump into each other. Recognise there are different triggers for creativity and don't make assumptions on behalf of an individual," Parker says. It withdrew the plans shortly after, saying it wanted to challenge itself to be even more ambitious. A less organised office helps people do this." There is a scientific excuse for a messy desk after all. I think most of my work is exactly that, a browser window that behaves like a window in a moving vehicle.

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